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Example sentences for "hustler"

Lexicographically close words:
hussy; husting; hustings; hustle; hustled; hustles; hustling; huswife; hut; hutch
  1. Isn't this Issy-Ferrault rather a hustler in his way?

  2. It required this undaunted hustler to put the thing in plain terms--he liked Trevelle none the less for his effrontery.

  3. The hustler returned to his victim instead.

  4. The Bald-faced Kid, who lived by doing the best he could and preferred to be called a hustler rather than a tout, spoke from the tack-room interior.

  5. The tenth was Jeremiah and the most reckless hustler at the track refused to consider the black horse as a contender for anything but sanguinary honours.

  6. Old Man Curry and the hustler were friends, each possessing trait which the other respected.

  7. A tout is guessing all the time, but a hustler is likely to know something.

  8. Even the ridges of the Hustler Lunch's imitation steel ceiling, running in parallel lines, jeered down at him that he was a prosaic man whose path was a ruler.

  9. In contrast to the lonely dingy meal at the Hustler Dairy Lunch of his Zapp days, he sat next to a trimly shirtwaisted Nelly, fresh and enthusiastic after nine hours' sleep.

  10. He had awakened with Defiance as his bedfellow, and throughout breakfast at the hustler Dairy Lunch sunshine had flickered over the dirty tessellated floor.

  11. Maybe he had a little bad luck in the past but he is a hustler and sinks deep into the velvet every time he takes a step now.

  12. Of course, a poor man would not prosper in the busy streets of Cairo, but the best sort of a hustler would starve to death doing business on the Sahara.

  13. The same year Captains White and Hustler arrived and brought the first pilot boat to operate on the Columbia-river bar, the Mary Taylor.

  14. Norwich, the presentation to a small exhibition of £20 a year, which Mr Smyth had placed in Mr Hustler's hands, and which Mr Hustler immediately conferred on me.

  15. I applied to Mr Hustler to be lodged in rooms in College: and was put, first into rooms in Bishop's Hostel, and subsequently into rooms in the Great Court.

  16. Early in December Mr Hustler sent for me to say that one of the Company of Fishmongers, Mr R.

  17. Hustler, tutor of Trinity College, Mr Hustler urged upon him that I was exactly the proper sort of person to go to Trinity College.

  18. You're ther same old hustler yeou useter be when yeou was at Fardale.

  19. I vos a hustler ven I started out, und don'd you forget him!

  20. The cattle were being "hustled," and the hustler must be the half-breed Retief.

  21. Well, we'll allow that this man is the hustler you speak of," went on Horrocks, bending his keen eyes severely on the unfortunate cowboy.

  22. This hoss- hustler is that eccentric he's ediotic, an' is known as 'Locoed Charlie.

  23. Having gotten a mouthful at the grub-wagon the Tomcat thoughtfully walked his tired bronco towards the band of ponies which the horse-hustler was holding in the bottom grass that bordered the Canadian.

  24. This was a lie, but the horse-hustler never mistrusted.

  25. As the Tomcat was shifting his saddle from the weary one to the pony freshly caught the horse-hustler came riding out from the shadow of a cottonwood.

  26. The horse-hustler did not believe that the Tomcat would intromit with the possessions of Mr. Cook lacking that gentleman's consent.

  27. The horse-hustler had found Inez and her little mustang mother visiting among the ponies when he went to make his morning round-up.

  28. The American hustler in my opinion does not represent the highest type of human efficiency.

  29. Bartlett knew a gold- standard hustler when he saw one.

  30. That ethical question, he had decided, he would leave to Grant Hampton, Bartlett's hustler of a CFO.

  31. Straight had brow-beaten and insulted me an hour before--let Hustler try if he dare.

  32. First charge, larceny in taking glue from factory of Hustler & Co.

  33. I took the paper and entered a herdic, telling the driver to hurry as I wanted to go to Hustler & Co.

  34. With best wishes for the continued prosperity of Hustler & Co.

  35. Everything goes,” said Hustler as he looked on approvingly.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hustler" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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