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  1. Over the side of the ship of state the young Emperor is leaning complacently looking down on the grim old pilot, who has descended the ladder and is about to step into the boat that is to bear him ashore.

  2. If two friends meet and pause to shake hands, they should step aside from the throng, and not blockade the sidewalk.

  3. If no chance seems likely to occur, and haste is imperative, a polite man has no recourse but to step outside the curb and walk rapidly ahead, returning to the sidewalk a few paces in advance.

  4. The next step is the laying of the covers; a cover signifying the place prepared for one person.

  5. The next step was to take hospital statistics of similar operations, and the general result appears in the table on page 183.

  6. Macintosh for the taking over of the part or whole of his lectures, and found it easy to step at once into his place at his death.

  7. The last step was the presenting of a thesis which was read by one of the faculty and was publicly defended by the candidate on the day of graduation.

  8. It was a bold step for so young a man--for Simpson was only twenty-eight--to apply for the professorship.

  9. He watched for his pull at the door bell; for his foot on the stair; for his step in the room; for the production of his dreaded instruments; for his few grave words, and his last preparations before beginning.

  10. The first step in examination took place at the house of one of the professors where the candidate was questioned in literary subjects, chiefly Latin, and in the different branches of Medicine and Surgery.

  11. The next step is to add a strong, biting acid known as sulphuric acid to the test-bottle into which you have just put the milk.

  12. Churning is only a second step to collect in a compact shape the fat globules.

  13. His first step was to see the chronicler himself.

  14. His next step was, almost inevitably, one of conjecture.

  15. On the other hand, O'Brien is always imploring the reader to follow his argument step by step.

  16. In the application of this rigid test, the very first step is a perfectly gratuitous assumption, ‘that it would require, at the very lowest calculation, one thousand steps to enable the normal Leptalis to put on its protective form.

  17. A stumbling horse, for example, that is generally beaten for stumbling, starts after a false step before the lash is applied.

  18. The movement which was to make the future nation a continental power was begun immediately after the hitherto separate colonies had taken the first step towards solidification.

  19. A little muzhik, who was mumbling in his beard, leant from the step of the carriage on to the line.

  20. With his usual light step unconsciously still further subdued he entered the pavilion.

  21. He blushed that she should see his weakness, and mastered himself sufficiently to step to her stirrup.

  22. His son came slowly to the table with the hesitating and uncertain step that was the accompaniment of his imperfect sight.

  23. Luc collected himself and took a step away from her while he looked at her with sudden flashing keenness.

  24. She had heard that he had left the army, and asked abruptly on the last line of her letter, “What is the next step in your career?

  25. You know if it is or no,” she answered, and took a sudden step towards him with her head high.

  26. Luc made a step forward, but Carola caught his arm.

  27. Every step of the way was interesting to her, full of fresh sights and sounds and smells.

  28. Sorrow must come to her, she would never take a step to meet it.

  29. That seemed all she could do, except to sit and watch him, getting up occasionally to put wood on the fire, or going to the door to listen, in hopes of hearing papa's step in the path.

  30. She left the door-step presently, and went upstairs to her mother's room, where she usually spent the last half-hour before going to bed.

  31. There was a conscious delight of her beauty in the swing of her step and the untamed glance of her eyes.

  32. He took one step into the house and stopped, seemed for a moment puzzled, dazed, sleepless, and then by a sudden impulse stepped quietly forward, pulled up the sleeve of his shirt and held out his arm.

  33. And now, that we may stride on the faster, we must step back a pace or two.

  34. Dark as was the night, he knew every step of the way.

  35. Four short benches were raised, step above step, against the farthest side, and on the highest of these the Bishop sat, with three of his colleagues on each of the three rows beneath him.

  36. And then Michael Sunlocks said, "I will ask your pardon, Lagmann, while I step into the next room with my wife.

  37. Then Stephen Orry, with a depth of languor in his slow gray eyes, made one step towards Michael Sunlocks, and half opened his arms as if to embrace him.

  38. Sunlocks, if you had your sight already, you could not see one step before you.

  39. His step was firm, and his face was defiant.

  40. His step was firm and steady, and gave hardly a hint of his blindness.

  41. At length, when the night had worn on towards midnight, an unsteady step came to the door, and Stephen reeled into the house drunk.

  42. Step this way, my son, and Miss, I fancy you'd best not follow just yet.

  43. You can step light through the ma'sh and 'twon't be so bad.

  44. They might have been veterans, instead of an awkward squad, so perfectly they now kept step and so fully they entered into the old man's whim.

  45. Now as Dorothy fell into step with the Captain, she realized that here was one thing, however slight, that she could do to prove her love for sweet Lady Gray.

  46. The first step to becoming a real 'wild westerner' is to know how to handle the 'irons.

  47. Here, Buttons, you find Mr. Ford and ask him to step here.

  48. The odd fellow led off with a military step and catching his humor the boys did likewise.

  49. Step right here, lady, and I'll show you the first position--how to hold your rifle.

  50. He faced forward again and even Leslie fell into step behind the others, willing to join in such "foolishness" as a temporary amusement.

  51. I'll send to inquire--step into the reception room please," bowed and explained the employee the gentleman had summoned.

  52. Jack thundered, "and don't you dare step toward me unless I tell you to do so.

  53. For answer Jack smiled slightly, and took a quick step forward.

  54. For Cutlip had taken a threatening step forward.

  55. I warn you," said the German, taking a step nearer the lad, "to be more choice in your words.

  56. You don't seem to catch my meaning," said Jack, taking a step forward.

  57. The German commander, after taking one step back at Jack's words, stepped quickly forward again.

  58. Almost every hour the fiercest battle raged, as step by step the assailants, with the utmost effort and difficulty, crowded back the valiant defenders.

  59. They were wandering through a dark and dismal wilderness, from which there was no apparent outlet, compelled with sword and hatchet to cut every step of their way through tangled shrubs.

  60. Step after step of violence succeeded, until Montezuma was humbled to the dust.

  61. He knew well the perfidy and the treachery which had marked every step of the invader's march thus far.

  62. As the Spaniards gained ground, step by step, they leveled every house, and left entire ruin and desolation behind them.

  63. And, as she spoke, a weary step ascended the steps to the door, and an uncertain, faltering hand raised the knocker.

  64. They now walked the deck step for step together in silence.

  65. No, let me go," cried Kellett, taking the candle from her hand, and leaving the room with the firm step of a man about to confront a danger.

  66. No man shall persuade me that this is just or equitable; no man shall tell me that the Legislature shall step in and decide at any moment how I am to deal with my creditors.

  67. This would at once lead me to the very step of the 'Order.

  68. This first step led to another and higher one.

  69. It's about the last step I 'd ever have thought of taking.

  70. Like other mechanical creations, no doubt its growth in idea and translation into material fact was a step-by-step process of evolution, culminating at last in its great fitness and beauty.

  71. He at once adopted the scheme of Gisborne as a preliminary step to the vaster undertaking, and promoted the New York, Newfoundland, and London Telegraph Company, to establish a line of telegraph between America and Europe.

  72. I found myself listening for the doctor's step in the house, while I felt equally certain that for his part he was wondering what move I should take, and was calmly preparing to meet such a move, whatever it might be.

  73. By this time George Rabbit had drawn nearer to me, and was shuffling along contentedly at my side, and with each step I was coming nearer to the house of Dr.

  74. I lay in the woods over there, and I waited; then I saw Harvey Scoffold walk in front with you, and I saw the doctor step back.

  75. She moved a step nearer to my chair, and now I turned my head and looked into her eyes.

  76. So it came about that Scoffold rang the bell, and on the coming of the servant requested that Miss Debora should be asked to step that way.

  77. Prudishly you step aside; with false modesty you refuse to look at facts as they are.

  78. But the doctor took a quick step towards me, and opened the door, and jerked his head towards the hall.

  79. Therefore, even when I heard footsteps coming towards the room I did not move, nor did it seem strange that whoever came seemed to step with something of a jaunty air, singing loudly as he moved, with a rather fine baritone voice.

  80. She was just turning away again, when I ventured to step up to the gate.

  81. I heard him move as though he took a step towards her.

  82. True, he made one step towards me, and then drew himself up, and turned with a smile to Debora.

  83. After looking at me for a moment or two doubtfully, he took a step or two in my direction, and lowered his voice to a whisper.

  84. I had taken a step towards her when she opened her eyes suddenly, and I saw a great anger and indignation blazing in them.

  85. The time had come for action, and I would step now into the matter, with no thought for myself, or for what might happen to me.

  86. His white hair hung wildly on his shoulders, and tossed defiantly with every step he took.

  87. Almost as he spoke there came a step without, and a loud tap on the outer door, at sound of which Ludar started to his feet, and his hand went by instinct to his belt.

  88. Once, when they had gone a step or two, Jeannette glanced round with tears in her eyes, and a look that seemed not all reproach.

  89. When I took a step it was to fall in a heap on the deck, faint with hunger, wrath, and shame.

  90. No one seemed ready to answer, so that I was fain to step forward.

  91. In the darkness I could see nothing; but I felt the thing swing away from my touch; and before I could step back, or put out my hand, it returned and struck me once more, harder than before.

  92. Whereupon he took a step up to his neck in the deep water, and started to swim.

  93. It was too dark to discern which was which; but a moment later, one of the two staggered a step backwards to the edge.

  94. His dirk was drawn and his face was thunderous as he took a step forward and spoke.

  95. Jeannette's gentle hand restrained me, as the old man, taking a step or two down the room as far as the end of the table, stood there facing the door.

  96. Step by step the ambitious Romans had been extending their power over Italy.

  97. The conquest of Asia Minor by Cyrus and his Persian army was the first step towards that invasion of Greece by the Persians which proved such a vital element in the history of the Hellenic people.

  98. The other thing was that step always taken in Greece in times of peril, to send to the temple at Delphi and obtain from the oracle the sacred advice which was deemed so indispensable.

  99. And now a new step in political progress took place in the Peloponnesus.

  100. It sunk, step by step, into the miserable village, in the midst of stately ruins, into which it has now declined.

  101. The next step was taken in the reign of Darius, the first of Asiatic monarchs to invade Europe.

  102. Harry as he advanced a step or two towards the officer.

  103. Hearing Harry's step just behind him, Aglionby at length halted, swung round, and fired his pistol.

  104. It was just as well, he thought, to take one step further from danger by changing their lodging.

  105. At length his foot touched what felt like a stone step in front of him; another moment, and he was sure he had come to the expected staircase.

  106. One careful step brought him to the fork of the horizontal stem and the parent trunk.

  107. Harry caught his arm and helped him to step on to the floor.

  108. He could not prevent the explosion, or raise further obstacles to the progress of the besiegers; he could but defend every inch of the staircase, and retreat, if it must be so, step by step to the top of the keep.

  109. After a few minutes' delay they were invited to step in, and conducted to a little room in the turret, where they found the squire in cassock and skull-cap, warming his withered hands at the fire.

  110. Standing now four feet away Torellas, to blind the charging bull as the capeadors had done, had to step close in.

  111. As I was about to step into the gig he whispered, "Take good care of her, won't you, Guy?

  112. A step nearer, Mr. Brown, and I go after the shoes.

  113. He thanked them again, at which one monk, looking up, set a finger to his lips and motioned him to step aside for the next.

  114. The banderilleros had to stand in front of the bull, with a stake in each hand, and, as he charged, to step in between his horns and reach over and plant a stake on each side of his neck.

  115. In one magnificent curve, and without touching a step on the way, Goles fetched up on the lower hall floor.

  116. No more side-stepping, no more swift shifting--just a straight step in, and they were clinched.

  117. Harty drew back, but the hurrying step drew nearer, and suddenly the hurrying form was beside him, and a pair of eyes were peering at him.

  118. There was no time to spare; for the step of Don Gonzalez, rendered more distinct by the clink of his spurs, was now heard at the door.

  119. Even when he did give a reluctant consent, he had nearly marred all, in Abigail’s estimation, by setting forward for the stable with his right foot, instead of taking the first step with his left.

  120. He was not there, but I had hardly time to lay the letter on the table, and hide me in a neighbouring closet, when his step was on the threshold.

  121. Here she might pause, but a single step more, with whatever caution it were taken, must be decisive and final, and could never be retraced.

  122. Thus left to himself, the cavalier, as if unmindful of their situation, lingered on the shore for several minutes, and took the final step of entering the boat at his own unbiassed prompture.

  123. Advancing a few paces, he held out a folded paper to Sir Edgar; and the latter, making a step forward, took it from him, and drew it open.

  124. She did not determine on this step without some hesitation.

  125. The United States was praised by all Europe for being the first nation to take such an important step in the advancement of peace.

  126. The Japanese think that the action of the Hawaiian government was suggested by the United States, and that it is only the first step to the annexation of these islands by us.

  127. We all three went into the street together, and from the door-step Wemmick turned his way, and Mr. Jaggers and I turned ours.

  128. As she withdrew her hands from it, she fell back a step or two, nervously muttering some excuse.

  129. Mr. Pocket did not object to this arrangement, but urged that before any step could possibly be taken in it, it must be submitted to my guardian.

  130. Chapter X The felicitous idea occurred to me a morning or two later when I woke, that the best step I could take towards making myself uncommon was to get out of Biddy everything she knew.

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