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lowborn; lowd; lowde; lowdown; lowed; lowercase; lowered; lowering; lowermost; lowers
  1. It is that control of the lower degree of intelligence by the higher of which I have spoken in my Edinburgh Lectures.

  2. Their colonies and those of neighbour-animalcules may be detected by the naked eye existing on the surface of pond-weeds as a delicate white nap, looking like some lower vegetable growth.

  3. After a time, however, it settles down, develops a stalk from what was originally its mouth extremity; whilst the opposite or lower extremity with its fringe of cilia comes to represent the mouth of the new animalcule.

  4. Then we shall plant pot-herbs on the mud bottom, and after we have gathered them in, return the fish and water once more from the lower pond, so that they may fatten among the rich stubble.

  5. A mile or two lower a huge drove of horses were to be seen assembled upon the bank.

  6. The lower classes spoke the English of the original Piers Plowman text, which would be considerably more obscure than their superiors' French if the two were now reproduced or imitated.

  7. Nigel was the first to lower himself down the hole; then Simon; then the priest, who was instantly seized by the other two.

  8. The sun had sunk behind the western ridge, but the glowing sky was fringed at its lower edge by a score of ruddy twinkling points.

  9. And should he be the first to lower their spirit or their traditions?

  10. But indeed it is only truth that no knight is second to Chandos, nor would I draw my sword to lower his pride of place.

  11. No; but we must stand by to lower the sail pretty sharply if a squall comes off one of those pointed hills there," observed Higson, "and that is not at all unlikely to happen.

  12. That would be much better, for you can have no idea of the set of ruffians you would have to meet in the lower prison, and I am very sure that the colonel would not allow you to be among them.

  13. Adair, on going round the lower deck, found them in this condition.

  14. Old Higson also was in no hurry to get back to the ship to attend to the unpleasant duties of the mate of the lower deck.

  15. The bar once out we could, we thought, lower ourselves into the yard; the wall we might easily scale, as it was full of big holes worn by time, and it would not cost us much to climb over it.

  16. Lower the gig, Mr Higson, and go and meet her," he added immediately afterwards.

  17. Tom, however, very wisely thought of tying his handkerchief over the monkey's head, and now dragging him along they began to make their way down to the lower branches.

  18. The Supplejack had her lower yards across, and most of her stores on board.

  19. It became therefore necessary to make the men sharp when all hands were turned up to shorten sail; and he let it be understood that he intended on such occasions to punish the last man off the lower deck.

  20. We made a rope of the rugs which covered our beds long enough to let me lower myself into the yard.

  21. This has been upon the supposition that the higher would compel the rise of the lower with the undeveloped negro race as it does with the more highly developed white race.

  22. Women have talked freely since creation, but it remains true that a heavy, strong lower jaw is a distinctively masculine characteristic.

  23. I have noticed that the lower the thermometer sinks the more fiercely the north wind rages, and the deeper the snow is, the higher rise the spirits of the community.

  24. In a novel of mere action and adventure, a lower order of fiction, where all the interest centres in the unraveling of a plot, of course this does not so much matter.

  25. It is a favorite praying-place for the lower classes.

  26. A man ca'nt afford to lower himself in his own esteem, at my time of life.

  27. In what his opponents called his "policy of adventure," Lord Beaconsfield had the support of the lower populace.

  28. Toward the lower end, in the Odeon Platz, is the equestrian statue of Ludwig, a royally commanding figure, with a page on either side.

  29. Every character in it is of the lower class in England.

  30. It is my belief that the condition of the race in New Orleans is lower than it was several years ago, and that the influence of the higher education has been in the wrong direction.

  31. The lower part is merely brick, but this has been painted white with black stripes, in a more or less laudable attempt to imitate the genuine timber and plaster of the upper storey.

  32. The type and paper pages, being of the same shape, should as a rule be set on a common diagonal from the inner upper corner to the outer lower corner.

  33. If so, it belongs to the lower class, to Property.

  34. But these obviously belong to a different type of values from the other group--to a lower type.

  35. A piece of silk is pasted over the upper and lower corners of the back.

  36. I was confidently assured that it would go up--that it must go up--and here it is falling, and Heaven knows how much lower it will go.

  37. It was on one of the lower streets, near the lake.

  38. The lower edge of the page may represent the adjoining coasts of Germany and Holland, and the right-hand edge may represent the coast of the German province of Schleswig and the coast of Denmark.

  39. The Belgians had dammed the lower reaches of the canal; the Yser lipped over its brim and spread lagoons over the flat meadows.

  40. The Austrian navy made no appearance while the allied fleets scoured the lower coast of Dalmatia, bringing down lighthouses, destroying wireless stations, and bombarding the islands of Pelagosa and Lesina.

  41. By noon the lower half of that once lovely city was in flames.

  42. To the northward and eastward it descends gradually into the still lower lands of East Prussia and White Russia, but in the south it lifts into the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains.

  43. It thus faced almost west, skirting the lower edge of the Forest of Argonne.

  44. As the growing light made objects visible, the extreme right division of the Serbian front, which was creeping northward to cut off Shabatz, discovered a strong Austrian column moving along the lower spurs of the Tzer Mountains.

  45. To add to the military value of such a barrier the edge of the scarp is heavily wooded, while the lower slopes are steep and grassy, with small woods at irregular intervals.

  46. On their sides beech and maple abound; while, mantling their lower slopes and darkening the valleys, hemlock formerly enticed the lumberman and tanner.

  47. His post-office was twelve miles below at the Lower Works, where the mail passed twice a week.

  48. The black and yellow warbler pauses a moment and hastens away; the Maryland yellow-throat peeps shyly from the lower bushes and utters his "Fip!

  49. Not finding the object of his search, he came streaming down from the nest to a lower limb, and commenced extending his researches in other directions, sliding stealthily through the branches, bent on capturing on of the parent birds.

  50. The lower branches of the higher growths and the higher branches of the lower growths are plainly preferred by the black-throated blue-backed warbler in those localities where he is found.

  51. He belongs to the class of ground warblers, and his range is very low, indeed lower than that of any other species with which I am acquainted.

  52. Then I caught, through the lower trees, a gleam of blue, which I first thought was distant sky.

  53. We brought them an illustrated newspaper, which was awaiting them in the post-office at the Lower Works.

  54. He has a preference for dense woods of beech and maple, moves slowly amid the lower branches and smaller growths, keeping from eight to ten feet from the ground, and repeating now and then his listless, indolent strain.

  55. At the Lower Works, besides the remains of the dam, the only vestige I saw was a long low mound, overgrown with grass and weeds, that suggested a rude earthwork.

  56. The nest of the orchard oriole is indeed mainly so, but this bird generally builds lower and shallower, more after the manner of the vireos.

  57. Our next move was a tramp of about twelve miles through the wilderness, most of the way in a drenching rain, to a place called the Lower Iron Works, situated on the road leading in to Long Lake, which is about a day's drive farther on.

  58. God suffers us to be sometimes a little blind; for He well knows that in this lower world a clear sight is not always profitable.

  59. We will not lay an unnecessary weight upon this movement of a portion of the lower classes, which may arise from the sentiments of a small minority, although perhaps more considerable than seems to be generally supposed.

  60. At the same time, and by similar means, a revolt of the Serbes on the Lower Danube was organised by Stephen Suplikacs, another colonel of a frontier regiment, aided by the Greek patriarch.

  61. If the lower had not an anterior existence, the higher were not developed from them.

  62. While the statement is received as true, it must be remembered that there is some diversity of structure in this lower division, and that the earliest molluscs are not the lowest, but the highest in the division.

  63. However fond my lord and lady were of the ballad, the place of the minstrel was at the lower end of the hall.

  64. It may be a higher or a lower power, but it is rarer.

  65. Is it a sufficient account of the genius of Cervantes and Scott that they combined in their romances a representation of the higher and lower classes?

  66. The long table was divided into upper and lower messes by a huge salt-cellar; and the consequence of the guests was marked by their seats above or below the salt.

  67. Conversation does not create this difference, nor remove it; for the development of a lower jaw in women constant mechanical exercise of the muscles is needed.

  68. The immediate result of this was to put power into the hands of the middle classes and to give the lower classes high hopes, so that, in 1839, the Chartist movement began, one demand of which was universal suffrage.

  69. The novel of mere adventure or mere plot, it need not be urged, is of a lower order than that in which the evolution of characters and their interaction make the story.

  70. The Conservative aristocracy seemed to form a secure alliance with the farmers and the great agricultural interests, and at the same time to have a strong hold upon the lower classes.

  71. Deprive a man of the advantage of his heredity, and we place him back to the plane of the savage, or perhaps still lower in the scale.

  72. The fullness of the eyes and lower eyelids, therefore, is its distinguishing mark.

  73. Combe says: "Its large development produces a square appearance at the external angle of the lower part of the forehead.

  74. It manifests outer form in the lateral and lower part of the forehead, above Order and Calculation, in front of Constructiveness, and back of Time (see group figure).

  75. This group manifests in outer form extending along the sides of the lower head from the back toward the temples.

  76. And a little further study and observation will show that what is true of these lower animals is likewise true of the human being.

  77. This group manifests outer form in the lower part of the forehead, in the region of the eye.

  78. It manifests outer form in the lower and frontal part of the temples, backward and upward from the outer corner of the eye-brow (see group figure).

  79. It manifests outer form on each side of Observation, but a little lower down (see group figure), in the angle formed by the root of the nose and arch of the eyebrows.

  80. Fowler says: "When it is large, the eyebrows flex downward at their nasal ends, and the lower part of the forehead projects.

  81. His neck was rather short; the lower part of his face was strong and firm.

  82. Cicely still laughed, lying in the lower berth; Eve undressed her; with soothing touch she tried to calm her, to stop her wild glee.

  83. Upon the lower bed in the very unstately white cell which was at last opened for them, her little figure was soon stretched out, apathetically.

  84. These lower windows opened on a long veranda.

  85. The house was less pleasant than another which Mrs. Cross owned at Putney, but it also represented a lower rental, and poverty obliged them to take this into account.

  86. Had Rosamund Elvan the right influence on her lover; in spite of Norbert's lyric eulogy, had she served merely to confuse his aims, perhaps to bring him down to a lower level of thought?

  87. In Lower Kennington Lane he stopped, as his habit was, at a little stationer's shop, over which was the name Potts.

  88. You see the ladies there," said Franks in a lower voice, "there, on the seat?

  89. Yet this may be only a temptation of my lower self, a way of giving ease to my conscience.

  90. She had half averted her look; her brows were knit in an expression of trouble; she bit her lower lip.

  91. And then, as he squeezed her hand, she added, in a lower voice: "How is that other matter coming along?

  92. Soon the car was in lower Broadway, and the boys watched out for Wall street, that narrow but famous thoroughfare opposite Trinity church.

  93. As the lower end struck the ground, Pelter commenced to slide down, closely followed by his partner.

  94. It was not long after this when the three Rover boys set out for the lower part of the great metropolis.

  95. At last the train swept around a curve into the Battery, as the little park at the extreme lower point of the great metropolis is called.

  96. In the lower hallway the boys found several men at work, cleaning and oiling the hardwood floor.

  97. By the time Dick reached the next floor the man was in the lower corridor of the big hotel.

  98. Sam and I can go down part of the way with you, and when you go in, we can hang around outside, one at the upper and one at the lower street corner.

  99. Rover boy, as he, too, gained the lower corridor.

  100. Possibly this reputation might have remained preƫminent had not the short-sighted manufacturers begun to sell at a lower rate their imperfect pieces, or seconds.

  101. As a result they began to turn out a blue and white pottery known as Delft, which they soon made in great quantities and sold to European nations at a much lower price than imported Chinese potteries and porcelains could be bought.

  102. But in most domains of human industry the Asiatic worker, in spite of his very much lower initial cost, cannot compete with the European.

  103. But they could not prevent Gengis Khan's lieutenants establishing themselves on the lower Volga, and the Grand Prince of Moscow had to be content to become a suzerain of the Grand Khan of Tartary.

  104. It springs rather from the consciousness that a higher race cannot live side by side with a lower race and preserve its national type.

  105. Once a type has won a step up it must be jealous and "selfish," and even brutal in its scorn of lower types; or must climb down again.

  106. The Huns later looked upon the White Men whom they conquered as something lower than animals.

  107. It is rather odd to read that at the time when Punch was started one of Thackeray's friends was rather sorry that he should become a contributor, fearing that it would lower his status in the literary world!

  108. So much could not be said now, for in the lower part the road is very narrow and is lined with inferior shops.

  109. The houses at the northern end of Allen Street are called Phillimore Terrace, and here Sir David Wilkie came in the autumn of 1824, having for the previous thirteen years lived in Lower Phillimore Place.

  110. If we take lower ground than this we must inevitably form a sect or an ism.

  111. It is often a source of sorrow to the heart to mark how the children of God dishonor him, and, as a consequence, lower themselves before the world by losing the sense of his sufficiency for every emergency.

  112. In life, and in death, the lower animals were to be at the service of man.

  113. We are sadly prone to take lower ground than that which the divine call would set before us.

  114. False humility, which is simply the fruit of unbelief, would lead the wanderer or backslider to take lower ground, not knowing the principle or measure of God's restoration.

  115. The lower orders of creation are next introduced.

  116. And it is a remarkable fact that, in the case of all those whom God has graciously taken up, we see that, when off the path of faith, they sank even lower than other men.

  117. For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor.

  118. Left to itself, it will ever find its objects in this lower world; it will ever "build beneath the skies.

  119. Mary Abchurch, a very beautiful canopied cover; it is in two stages, the lower being domed, and above are four seated figures of the Cardinal Virtues; it is railed in and is on the west side of the church.

  120. There was a rush for the boats that nearly overwhelmed the crews stationed to lower them from the sides, and the officers had all they could do to preserve order.

  121. The machine, which with the others had come lower down, was seen to dip and plunge.

  122. And while the hurried preparations went on for getting the passengers into the lifeboats, at the falls of which the members of the crew stood ready to lower away, there came from the port gun a rattle and barking of fire.

  123. Soon after they had passed into the lower bay word was passed that the passengers would be assigned to "watches," or squads, for lifeboat drill, in anticipation of reaching the dangerous submarine zone.

  124. As soon as I had done eating, we proceeded to inspect the lower floor.

  125. I examined all the windows on the lower story, but none of them had been tampered with; I tried the padlocks, but they were both secure.

  126. The seat which had been taken for him was only two or three numbers from the left-hand side, and directly opposite one of the lower boxes.

  127. In the lower ground, a streamlet ran among the trees, and, being dammed with dead leaves and clay of its own carrying, spread out every here and there, and lay in stagnant pools.

  128. In so doing he turned his face towards the lower end of the lane, and there, to his indescribable dismay, his eyes encountered those of General Vandeleur.

  129. Northmour; and then lower and to my private ear: "You had better say nothing of all this to her," he added.

  130. And he rose and paced the lower end of the apartment, struggling with anger and antipathy.

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