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  1. Then he turned away, walking fast, and was soon invisible among the light shadows of a beech avenue, just in leaf.

  2. The chalk down fell beneath her into a sheath of beech woods; the line of hills, slope behind slope, ran westward to the sunset, while eastward they mounted to a wooded crest beyond which the cottage could not look.

  3. And round them closed the great beech trees, in a marvel of young green, sparkling and quivering under the shafts of light that struck through the wood.

  4. Then he whacked the wet flank of his horse with a worn beech bough, and off he went.

  5. A road of fine gravel led through groves of beech and oak and pine to a grassy terrace under the castle walls.

  6. I felt better, having got my breath, and a rod of beech to bite upon--a good thing if one has been badly stung and has a journey to make.

  7. The foliage of the Beech is so thick that scarcely anything will grow under it, except those spring plants, such as the Anemone and the Wood Buttercup or Goldilocks, which flower early before the Beech is in leaf.

  8. This argument is well illustrated by comparing the leaves of the Beech with those of the Spanish Chestnut.

  9. Three years ago and on that day and hour it shone through the branches and leaves of the beech wood and its beams flickered upon the countenance of him whom I then beheld for the last time.

  10. Above these came a third stratum made up of fallen beech trees; and the beech is now, and has been since the beginning of recorded history, the most common tree of the Danish Peninsula.

  11. She picked up fir cones and beech nuts and acorns and filled her pinafore with them, also frosted fern leaves and dry grasses exquisitely outlined with hoar frost went into her apron.

  12. Three tall fir-trees raised their heads among the beech and oaks.

  13. From their camp among the beech and chestnut woods of Roncesvalles, the invaders directed their march across the mountain spurs and down the valley of the Zubiri, between hills clad to the summit with beech and ash.

  14. The road had now plunged into a vast forest of beech and oak, and through the vistas Olvir pointed out to his companions the glittering white crest of Mount Altobiscar, toward which they were steadily ascending.

  15. Marching through the wild beech forest, the Norse band came upon Fulda late in the day.

  16. Olvir half frowned, and drew a little apart, as he recalled his encounter in the wild beech forest.

  17. The cheerful green of the beech and mountain-ash was sometimes seen, like a gleam of light, amidst the dark verdure of the forest; and sometimes a torrent poured its sparkling flood, high among the woods.

  18. It was a grey autumnal evening towards the close of the season; heavy mists partially obscured the mountains, and a chilling breeze, that sighed among the beech woods, strewed her path with some of their last yellow leaves.

  19. The road wound along the feet of the mountains through a pastoral valley, bright with verdure, and varied with groves of dwarf oak, beech and sycamore, under whose branches herds of cattle reposed.

  20. She took his arm, and they started at a brisk pace for the Beech Walk.

  21. I was out in the park, in the direction of the Beech Walk, and there I must have dropped it.

  22. There is some one talking in the Beech Walk.

  23. You and Mr. Parmalee will not be alone in the Beech Walk to-night.

  24. At eight this evening I will be in the Beech Walk, and alone.

  25. The distant Beech Walk looked black and grim and ghostly in the weird light.

  26. In the Beech Walk," she answered, promptly.

  27. It was by the merest chance we came upon them in the Beech Walk.

  28. The Beech Walk is watched by night and by day.

  29. She had met Mr. Parmalee, by night and by stealth, in Sir Everard's absence, in the Beech Walk.

  30. He will be in the Beech Walk precisely at eight.

  31. About the secret--about that meeting in the Beech Walk.

  32. What will he be when he finds his wife of a month has lied to him to meet you alone and in secret at the Beech Walk?

  33. My answer was, 'I will be in the Beech Walk at eight tonight.

  34. During his illness at Beech Island, his brother Abraham Jones and sister Sallie Jones came to visit him.

  35. Her house on her plantation, near Augusta, Beech Island, she converted into a refuge and hospital for the patriots and Continental Soldiers, where they were cared for and nursed back to health.

  36. It owes its name to its supposed preference for the cones of the pine tree, as the Beech Marten is thought to select the fruit of the beech.

  37. The Beech or Stone Marten is found in all parts of Europe, not only in the woods, but often in thick hedges and vineyards wherever there is shelter for it to creep along and hunt its prey.

  38. There are three species of Marten that make their home in Europe and Western Asia—the Pine Marten, the Sable and the Beech or Stone Marten.

  39. The timber of the Beech is valuable for making wheels, and is applied to many other useful purposes in domestic oeconomy.

  40. The seeds of the Beech are very useful for fattening hogs.

  41. The truffle is mostly found in beech woods: I have mentioned this, because it is very generally met with at table, although it is not in cultivation.

  42. The river lost itself in a forest of beech trees that still held their trembling leaves that the summer sun had turned to a rich russet brown.

  43. Perhaps from religious antagonism, or perhaps merely from local usage, some provinces of Gaul and of Italy preferred the beech and the elm.

  44. He cut his runes on beech tablets; if he had gone a step farther, he would have invented printing long before Guttenberg.

  45. These sticks are best made of hickory, but ash or beech or any hard wood that can be worked smooth and which does not swell much when treated with water may be used.

  46. Others may find the chief beauty of the hill in the bronze and yellow of the changing leaves of October; there are no hills where the beech glows with a deeper fire than over Albury and the Tillingbourne.

  47. All I found was what will perhaps some day grow into another lion--a beech tree and a holly apparently growing from the same root.

  48. There was nothing to do but to tend the fire, and Zorzi pushed in the pieces of Istrian beech wood with his usual industrious regularity.

  49. Zorzi lay quite still where he had fallen, with one hand on the billet of beech wood, the other arm doubled under him, his cheek on the dusty stone.

  50. He raised one of the slabs with difficulty, turned it over, propped it with a billet of beech wood, and began to scoop out a hole in the hard earth, using a mason's trowel.

  51. Nevertheless, I heard," answered Zorzi, pushing a small piece of beech wood into the fire through a narrow slit on one side of the brick furnace.

  52. The young man selected his pieces of beech wood, laying them ready before the little opening just above the floor.

  53. When a real bird falls in flop, he spreads out his feathers and pecks them dry, but Peter could not remember what was the thing to do, and he decided rather sulkily to go to sleep on the weeping-beech in the Baby Walk.

  54. Thereon Bagtor woods extend in many a shining plane--from wind-swept hill-crowns of beech and fir, to dingles and snug coombs in the valley bottom a thousand feet beneath.

  55. Beneath, the mass of the beech wood took on wonderful colour and the streamlet, emerging into meadows, flashed back the last glow of the sky.

  56. There beech and pine are prosperous and sleek compared with the unhappy, time-foundered wights above them; but if the spruces perish, they rule.

  57. Beech and ash spring horizontally from the precipices, and great must be the bedded strength of the roots that hold their trunks hanging there.

  58. Wind-beaten oak and larch, beech and ash twine their arms together and make a great commotion where the woven texture of their boughs is swaying and bending.

  59. Then, fortified by the contact, they climbed on across the dusky upland, where it rolled and fell and lifted steadily to the crown of the land: a flat-headed clump of beech and oak with a fosse round about it.

  60. There are not carpenters enough to fashion the wood; leafy prisons are constructed of unhewn beech and elm.

  61. I turned the angle of the clump of beech trees from whence the first view of the house is caught--I perceived to my inexpressible delight that gleams of light shone from many of the windows, and could trace their passing from one to the other.

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