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Example sentences for "bedtime"

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  1. Downstairs her father was smoking his bedtime cigar.

  2. But she was disturbed by the breach of bedtime rules.

  3. Moya had put aside their foolish tiff as unworthy of another thought; she was embarrassed when at bedtime Christine came humbly to her door, and putting her arms around her neck implored her not to be cross with her "poor pussy.

  4. And now we must go in and have prayers; for it is near bedtime for my eldest daughter," remarked the captain, rising and taking Lulu's hand in his.

  5. It had grown cloudy and by bedtime a steady rain was falling, but unaccompanied by much wind, so that no one felt any apprehension of shipwreck or other marine disaster, and all slept well.

  6. Bedtime was one of the hardest parts of her hard days just now, for that was when regrets rose up and assailed her, and she had neither the strength nor the philosophy to keep them at bay.

  7. So the evening, which might have been so restful and pleasant, was spoiled for both of them, and they were thankful when bedtime came.

  8. Her music is melancholy this evening, and Cecil is difficult to please, so she is glad when bedtime comes and with it a résumé of the times of the wonderful Haroun al Raschid.

  9. Floyd has letters to write this evening, and when Cecil's bedtime comes, Violet goes up with her.

  10. Mr. Mills is going to tell us a bedtime story.

  11. At bedtime she always asks: "Would you like to come down to breakfast, or will you have it in your room?

  12. In the Bedtime Story Manner of Thornton W.

  13. This leaves the periods of dull care at the office, hoping and waiting for the hour of getting away and bedtime and later night.

  14. Femina vaginal capsules are a great assistance towards accomplishing the same end; one capsule introduced into the vagina at bedtime should be combined with the other treatment.

  15. Belladonna, of each 10 grains Vaseline 4 drams Mix and make into an ointment; apply to the piles at bedtime or whenever they come down and have to be returned; a few days in bed will materially aid in the recovery.

  16. Glycerine, of each 1 ounce Mix and apply by means of gentle friction every night at bedtime or night and morning.

  17. At last temptation again overcame him, and at bedtime one night he was missing.

  18. There was a three-cornered discussion at bedtime about where our new pet was to sleep.

  19. At bedtime we would suddenly remember that we had heard nothing of him since he had been let out.

  20. I'll tell you what it was on the next page, when, in case the iceman brings me some hot chocolate to put on my bread and butter, the bedtime story will be about Uncle Wiggily and the chickie.

  21. But, in case I see a little pig with a pink ribbon tied in his curly tail, I'll make the next bedtime story, about Uncle Wiggily and the bluebell.

  22. But, Phebe, I must know what you said," cried Rose, like a child defrauded of half its bedtime story.

  23. It was evening prayer time ere we got from the mouth of the valley, bedtime prayers when we reached the village of Auleng.

  24. We usually start a pot of oats at bedtime for the next morning.

  25. Melatonin taken at bedtime really does help me get to sleep and may have remarkable life-extending properties.

  26. No marmalade, remember; and mother has a great mind not to come up at bedtime and lean over you.

  27. Nina and Austin are in the nursery telling bedtime stories and hearing assorted prayers.

  28. The hour before bedtime is almost universally the most interesting of the whole day for the child.

  29. Nevertheless, there were times when both he and Dede were not above confessing tiredness at bedtime after seventy or eighty miles in the saddle.

  30. Again enters the man at the desk, whose physical efficiency would be more hurt by a cup of coffee at bedtime than could Daylight's by a whole night long of strong drink and excitement.

  31. Many young people become familiar with Hawthorne as a teller of bedtime stories long before they meet him in the role of famous novelist.

  32. Kingsley had a rare talent for writing for children (his heart never grew old), and his Heroes and Water Babies are still widely read as bedtime stories.

  33. At bedtime his grandmother told him tales of the clans; and when he could read for himself he learned by heart Percy's Reliques of Ancient Poetry.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bedtime" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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