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Example sentences for "drowse"

Lexicographically close words:
drowne; drowned; drowneth; drowning; drowns; drowsed; drowsie; drowsily; drowsiness; drowsing
  1. I will not let thee drowse the hours away in such unseemliness, .

  2. On them too was the drowse of blood-intimacy, calves sucking and hens running together in droves, and young geese palpitating in the hand while the food was pushed down their throttle.

  3. For this house was always quivering with darkness, they put off their puppet form when they came home, to lie and drowse in the sun.

  4. Brangwen continued in a kind of rich drowse of physical heat, in connection with his wife.

  5. His bed seemed to promise all the dreams and restful drowse which the books on outdoor life had described, and close by in her tiny little canvas house he could hear the girl in low-voiced conversation with her sire.

  6. He yielded again to the force of her will, and fell back into a luxurious drowse hearing the stove roar and the bacon sizzle in the pan.

  7. Drowse not as you keep watch and ward in the heart of this tree (umbi).

  8. From glory unto glory gleam; And I will gaze and pity those Who on their pillows drowse and doze .

  9. Not that, for the Sleeping Wood should be a gray wood, a wood of twilight, with the birds a-drowse in their nests .

  10. And surely, I was laid very nice upon somewhat that did be soft, and there went a sweet quietness about me, and an healthful drowse did grow in my bones.

  11. The drone and whine of the mysterious, untranslatable words pierced the drowse of the day, lived for a moment with the echoes of the drums among the surrounding hills, and languished from a whisper into silence.

  12. Those who watched from the shade were absorbed in an intense silence, which, with the drowse of the sultry day, made every sound a paradox!

  13. Be theirs to drowse Trammelled, and ours to watch the trammel-trick!

  14. The auditors, who had begun to drowse over the technical details of the case, were stirred to attention at once by this declamatory opening.

  15. Her rambling drowse naturally brought back the whole trip to Hillsborough and her conversation with Bertha.

  16. They seem to drowse And dream of one they lost, a paler-blown.

  17. And if they add "on Earth" they deem Thee impotent, Seeing Thee drowse thus long and leave men to their bent.

  18. Cattle crop and neatherds drowse On the floors of Caesar's house.

  19. Time and again he attempted to smoke, or in his drowse simulated the motion of placing a cigar to his lips and puffing in the old way.

  20. XIII ~'Mid glad green miles of tillage And fields where cattle graze; A prosy little village, You drowse away the days.

  21. Neihardt] I 'Mid glad green miles of tillage And fields where cattle graze, A prosy little village, You drowse away the days.

  22. What would be the joy of heaven to a soul full of energy and love, condemned to such luxurious apathy, forced to drowse through the ages in epicurean ease?

  23. We must not drowse and brood in our own sombre corner, when life is flowing free and full outside, as in some flashing river.

  24. Seek you where the woods are cool, Would you know the shady pool Where, throughout the lazy day, Speckled beauties drowse or play?

  25. The day is one to drowse and dream And list the thrush's throttling note.

  26. W'y, Brother Jones, dat drowse come on, An' laws!

  27. Drawn from your drowse by the Seven famed Hills, Thought you to find all just the same Here shining, as in hours of old, If you but came?

  28. O viol, my friend, I watch, though Phosphor nears, And I fain would drowse away to its utter end This dumb dark stowage after our loud melodious years!

  29. Halleck woke at daybreak from the drowse into which he had fallen.

  30. The old man started up from the pleasant after-supper drowse into which he was suffering himself to fall, content with Halleck's presence, and willing to leave the talk to the women folk.

  31. Freshened up by his two bottles, he was apt to spend the evening in an amiable drowse and get early to bed, when he did not go out on newspaper duty.

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