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thelbald; thelberht; thelred; thelstan; thelwulf; thema; thematic; theme; themes; themperour
  1. Now with this glorious vindication, I wonder how many of them are still alive to feel the twinge of conscience.

  2. When he died his friends mourned for fond remembrance of things past, but privately many of them felt that he had outlived his best days.

  3. His messages to Congress have been universally commended, and even unfriendly critics have pronounced them careful and well-matured documents.

  4. One or two men, clergymen or laymen, are appointed to take charge of the meeting, while from six to ten men go with them to lead the singing.

  5. Then follows the "appendix," an invariable feature of city histories, which makes of every one of them a huge anti-climax.

  6. The accounts of its riots remind one too forcibly of the worst days of the French Revolution, and all of them read more like the incidents so plentiful in the sensational stories of the day, than like the cold, dispassionate record of history.

  7. Let us do unto our descendants as we would that our ancestors had done by us, and tell them the truth about ourselves.

  8. While with them it means freedom in the management of local affairs, beyond them it means a relation to the State and the National government which they did not.

  9. Colonel Waring himself, though a clear thinker and good writer, furnished comparatively little manuscript to the volumes, but he has revised them thoroughly, and has stamped them with his individuality.

  10. As to provisions, I have plenty in yonder barn, but you must affect to take them by force.

  11. After the first rush they followed bravely, although virtually weaponless, and I am happy to be able to call them my sister's sons.

  12. She inspires her readers simply by bringing them in contact with the characters, who are in themselves inspiring.

  13. I had said to myself that we could hope to do little less than die in the vain attempt to rescue Percy; but now it seemed as if, should our lives be demanded as a sacrifice, we might sell them dearly.

  14. Those who were thus plundered saw all their belongings swept away by fire, and they, even to the women and children, were held forcibly back to prevent them from saving the smallest article of value.

  15. By stratagem the Zulus capture Dick and Bob and take them to their principal kraal or village.

  16. We had shown them what a man could do whose cause was just, and it would have been folly to continue on to the useless sacrifice of our own lives.

  17. The overhanging mass of roots formed a certain sort of shelter which served to protect them from the dew.

  18. Men were hanged without semblance of trial, and when their loved ones pleaded for mercy, the British soldiery rode them down.

  19. Longbeard, who acquired the names of the Advocate and King of the Poor, is affirmed to have had above fifty thousand of the lower orders associated with him by oaths which bound them to follow whithersoever he led.

  20. He gave them the blood of an ox to drink, and made his way to Pluto's throne, where he asked leave to take Cerberus to the upper world with him.

  21. Precedent or no precedent, the citizens were omnipotent, he invited them to declare his colleague deposed.

  22. Louis set the example of enforcing the laws personally, and none was fitter to administer them than he.

  23. When Eric threatened them all with his master's wrath, the shrewd old burghers laughed.

  24. It was the king's policy to let them depart, but so harass them by the way as to produce disorder and rout, which meant absolute destruction.

  25. She received Æneas most kindly, and took all his men into her city, hoping to keep them there forever, and make him her husband.

  26. Enough to say that, having by promises of peace and pardon got all the leading Swedes into his power, he had them murdered, and then he and his soldiers went on slaying the common people right and left in mere wanton savagery.

  27. No man in his day and generation ever had more extensive dealings with the uncivilized tribes of the earth than Captain Cook, and none ever treated them with more enlightened humanity, or with more even-handed justice.

  28. For a moment the young man stood looking at them as though hesitating what to do; then he turned, went to the roadside and placed them carefully upon the top rail of the fence.

  29. Ashton-Kirk carefully gathered them up and spread them upon the table.

  30. But they never came more than once or twice; he generally called them thick-heads after a little, and told them they'd better go back to the grocery or butcher's shop where they belonged.

  31. He took off his eye-glasses, placed them in a case and, in turn, carefully slipped this into his pocket.

  32. Not until he was well upon the two did he make them out; then he halted, lifted the light above his head and surveyed them intently.

  33. The policeman on guard in the hall examined them carefully.

  34. The delicatessen dealer unfolded his hands and waved them significantly.

  35. The little man apparently did not see them until he was almost beside them; then he paused with a start, and his eyes grew owlish behind the magnifying lenses as he strove to make them out.

  36. As they proceeded down the street toward the house in which the newspapers had informed them Spatola lived, the investigator paused suddenly.

  37. Each of them forms itself into a wild note of interrogation," said Pendleton.

  38. Someone has torn them down and smashed them.

  39. And the first of them is to keep our tempers--the second to keep cool.

  40. He was fumbling with a coat pocket as though to stow them away, when there came a swift, light rush, the packet was torn from his hands, and Edyth Vale was darting toward the hall door and the stairway beyond.

  41. Directly they appeared in the square the Wigs seized hold of them and ran them into the kitchen once more, which by now had been built up again.

  42. Then with a brisk movement he lowered the scissors, opened them and shut them again, and the head of Djorak tumbled to the ground.

  43. They are made of solid ebony, and some day when you have reflected enough on life you will have them mounted on glass rims and will always put them on before you speak.

  44. Djorak and the Son of the Magician begged him to advise them what to do next; but the Rabbit only held its sides with laughter, and made no reply.

  45. Peering about them they discovered her where she had been left forgotten under the table, still sitting in her oyster-shell.

  46. I myself can quite well remember meeting them last springs taking their morning walk in the park of their town.

  47. Mistigris and Papylick came running up with a cord, and, each taking an end, they held it in front of the row of Wigs to keep them straight.

  48. All these creatures had asked nothing better than to leave the sea, which had become unbearable for them during the past few years because of the submarines.

  49. As to Smaly and Redy, once more returned to the world of men and women like ourselves, they installed Kisika, Laptitza, and Fritilla in the three little bedrooms prepared for them before ever the quest began.

  50. There are some men whose only mission amongst their fellow-men is to serve as go-betweens; people use them in the same way as if they were bridges, by stepping over them and going on further.

  51. Men from the faubourgs were marching past armed with guns and old swords, some of them wearing red caps, and all singing the "Marseillaise" or the "Girondins.

  52. The attacks made on it appeared to them a sacrilege; almost a species of cannibalism.

  53. The only sounds that reached them were the blowing of the horse in the shafts with the faint cry of a bird more than once repeated.

  54. He would repeat to one the oath which he had just uttered to the other, send them bouquets of the same sort, write to them at the same time, and then would institute a comparison between them.

  55. Some of them even tumbled off the benches to the ground with convulsions of laughter.

  56. In the middle of the hill of Chailly, the sudden breaking of a cloud caused them to turn up the hoods of their cloaks.

  57. Those who had vanquished them hated the Republic; and, in the next place, they had treated them very harshly.

  58. He raised his head and watched them as they passed.

  59. The people who were passing came up to them and informed them that the Duchesse d'Orléans had been appointed Regent, and that it was all over.

  60. The sound of a footstep, the creaking of the wainscoting, filled them with as much terror as if they had been guilty.

  61. He sent the chambermaid to look for his box of colours; then, having a chair under his feet and another by his side, he began to throw out great touches with as much complacency as if he had drawn them in accordance with the bust.

  62. In some instances dainty objects had remained in them quite intact.

  63. Frederick mixed himself up in the discussion, describing them as commercial establishments just like any other house of business.

  64. He received numerous degrees and honors from learned bodies and institutions, among them the Lyell medal of the Geological Society of London, in 1882.

  65. His long, slim bill is not made for cracking things as the sparrows can with their short, strong bills, but he punches holes in them very much as the woodpeckers do.

  66. At the same time the dark expanses become more distinct, as if the melting of the polar snows had supplied them with a greater depth of water, or the advance of the season had darkened them with a heavier growth of vegetation.

  67. Most of us are so used to thinking of birds, if we notice them at all, as belonging to spring and summer that we easily fail to see or hear the comparatively few feathered winter visitors.

  68. We are only beginning to learn the means which are provided for our defense against the countless swarms of enemies of this class, some of them exceedingly dangerous, among which we have to live and move.

  69. Although it requires a very large telescope to magnify their disks to measurable dimensions, yet the smallest glass differentiates them at once from the fixed stars.

  70. The peculiar qualities of Japanese paper, most of them excellent ones, and the great variety of uses to which it is applied, are known everywhere.

  71. From the foregoing it is seen that there are two ways in which the force of magnetism could be utilized to keep up a continuous rotation, and the question now is, Can either of them be made available in practice?

  72. They then conduct them to the surface of the intestine and discharge them there.

  73. You will find them in the woods, in old yards, along the fences.

  74. The cause was injured at the outset in Berlin by the fact that women, often foreigners, who had not the required preparation, rushed into lecture rooms which were open to them from motives of curiosity.

  75. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal spend their winters regularly in Central Park, and I hear or see them every time I go there.

  76. They seem to be the direct result of the physical and chemical properties of the protoplasm that composes them, so that the mysterious side of those vital functions nearly vanishes when we scan them in these their very beginnings.

  77. They had on their winter coats of yellowish brown, but their song and dipping flight made them easily recognizable.

  78. What is particularly noticeable about them is their cosmopolitanism, and this has contributed much to their success.

  79. Whenever they need his services they call upon him and get his advice gratis, or he calls upon them at their homes for half price.

  80. Soon we pass through the Hither Woods, and with them leave behind the last remnant of the forest that formerly covered Montauk.

  81. I scribbled two pages of description in my note-book this morning, but when I read them over, and then looked out of the window, I tore them up.

  82. In 1876 they were, however, affected by the excitement that prevailed throughout the whole United States, and which fairly reached them in December.

  83. Percival, though he was quite conscious of the relative greatness of small sums to his narrow means, retained the old habit of thinking them small, and never bestowed an anxious thought on the little hoard in his desk.

  84. Oh, where Wilis live you see them dancing together in the woods and fields by moonlight and starlight, their white arms wreathed about each other and their long hair floating.

  85. But I don't like them at all," she retorted, shaking her head.

  86. He sugared her strawberries and creamed them generously, and she sent them to her parrot.

  87. Just step over and say I will send them a barrel of watermelons and cantaloupes, and those Mrs. Brown sent me too, if they will get up a dance or make any kind of cheerful noise.

  88. He had bought them at a mere song, and sold them again at a price so reasonable that any purchaser might be suited, yet still at a profit of five hundred to a thousand per cent.

  89. You have strong religious tendencies at times, though the practical affairs of life make them recede into the background of your mind and thoughts.

  90. The use of them can be readily traced in the life and works of any great or successful man or woman.

  91. Be careful to see your own interests as well as the other person's in what you do and make them admit to start with that they DO need your help and will pay you for it in whatever manner you may now deem best.

  92. You have the ability to become practical and to deal with affairs as you find them in a capable manner.

  93. This gives you a special talent for organizing small groups, and to get them to support you.

  94. You are very much drawn to the opposite sex and will probably have a large number of love affairs, but none of them will prove serious, and you may never marry.

  95. It is the bridge between the emotions and the mind and governs them until self-control is secured.

  96. If you cannot help them in a way that they can be caused to compensate, then you are not the ONE who should help them.

  97. Jot them down on a slip of paper till you can get to your dictionary.

  98. We made furrows two and a half feet apart, and spread rich, well-rotted manure in the furrows, and planted the potatoes on top of the manure, and covered them with a plow.

  99. When the man comes back from the field, he places his empty wagon by the side of the heap in the yard, and takes off the horses and puts them to the loaded wagon, and drives to the heap in the field.

  100. By taking a few forkfuls of the latter, and placing them on the top of the “chimneys,” they checked the escape of steam, and had a tendency to distribute the heat to other parts of the heap.

  101. It is one thing, however, to grow crops in a lecture room, and quite another to grow them in a field.

  102. We ferment manure for the same reason that we decompose bone-dust or mineral phosphates with sulphuric acid, and convert them into superphosphate, or for the same reason that we grind our corn and cook the meal.

  103. He has been liberal with his crops and his animals, and has ever found them grateful.

  104. I want them to pick out what they like, and then throw away what they leave in the troughs for bedding.

  105. He examined them with the greatest interest.

  106. But these manures contain all the elements of plants, and we can not know whether the effect produced by them is due to the ammonia, phosphates, or any other ingredients.

  107. And if I was going to sow them myself, I would much prefer sowing them unmixed.

  108. Kamehameha drove them back step by step; the priests fought in the front rank and exhorted them both by voice and inspiriting example to remember their oath--to die, if need be, but never cross the fatal line.

  109. It was found a hard matter to convince them that this was rather indelicate.

  110. He had the good taste to make one of them substitute black crape for the ordinary hempen rope he was about to tie one of them to the frame-work with.

  111. And this was the reason why he was always sure to be present at the trial of any universally execrated criminal to oppress and intimidate the jury with a vindictive pantomime of what he would do to them if he ever caught them out of the box.

  112. To this day the natives are able to lie down and die whenever they want to, whether there is anything the matter with them or not.

  113. The priests told them that death and everlasting punishment would overtake any who violated the oath, and the march was resumed.

  114. Come lay them by; Let them agree at leasure.

  115. Come, lay them by; let them agree at leisure.

  116. But all of this I only learned when many leagues distant from the soft-eyed senora who sold them to me in the little shop on the Calle Obispo.

  117. The driver called two cargadores, who seized my steamer trunks, loaded them on their backs and ran along beside us.

  118. As we entered he hastily signed them, pushed them toward the clerk and rose to greet us.

  119. While in imagination I behold her, at no distant date, taking her proud place among the galaxy of States of the great Republic of the North and vying with the most splendid of them in opulence and power.

  120. Here are famous prehistoric ruins, among them those of the ancient pyramid and temple of Xochicalco and many hieroglyphics dating back to an antiquity more remote than the memory of even the Aztec people.

  121. The orange of Cuba is sweet, juicy and luscious, and some day Americans will here raise them and sell them in New York, and in this way win back the money they have lost in Florida.

  122. There were acres of them with scarcely a white face to be seen.

  123. My hat, a comfortable slouch of the trooper type, also seemed to them of wonderfully little cost--"Only five dollars for a hat!

  124. The Indians paddle among them with torches or in the moonlight, and club them to death, or gather them in with nets or even by hand, so easy a prey do they fall.

  125. These exquisite shell-fish I have never before seen alive, and I have watched them with keenest interest.

  126. Such fakers as them is too good for my Rosie, Mawruss.

  127. If a concern gets a run on a certain garment, Abe, them two highway robbers makes a duplicate of it before you could turn around your head.

  128. I just run into Aaron and Uncle Mosha coming out of a coffee house, and the way them two suckers cussed me out, Mawruss!

  129. In one of them Abe recognized with a start the tanned features of the young lady of the Café de la Paix.

  130. Actually, Mawruss, them fellers thinks they are doing you a favour if they ruin ten garments a day on you in exchange for learning 'em English.

  131. Besides, Abe, he practically started them two greenhorns in business.

  132. Ike," he said, when Abe had completed the giving of a small order and had left them alone together, "a young feller like you ought to get married.

  133. All I says was that Leon Sammet is another one of them philantro fellers too, Abe.

  134. But we would get lots of business out of them now that they are married, Abe," Morris protested.

  135. But Saturday came and went, and although in the meantime old and young shipping clerks of every degree of uncleanliness passed in review before Abe and Morris, none of them proved acceptable.

  136. No one asks them suckers they should have children.

  137. He's a gentleman, Abe, and them boys respects him.

  138. Them suckers would like to know everybody's business.

  139. They brought them from a near tree, and covered them up in the grass, putting but one in a place.

  140. It is said that it will track them through the water as a hound tracks a fox on land.

  141. An old Michigan farmer, an early settler, told me of a famous pair of oxen he once had; he spoke of them with great affection.

  142. Probably it was those stately, open forests, with their clear, grassy vistas where a tournament might be held, and those superb breeds of horses wandering through them upon which it was so easy to fancy knights and ladies riding.

  143. The snow was covered with the yellow chaffy scales of the buds and still the birds sifted them down, till I was compelled to "shoo" them away, when they moved to a tree nearer the house beneath which they left more yellow chaff upon the snow.

  144. They would draw any log he hitched them to.

  145. There is only one among them whose wildness I cannot understand, and that is the common water turtle.

  146. He would lift them straight up and hold them expanded, and they would seem to quiver with excitement.

  147. The words seemed to be full of meaning to her, though she had never heard them before in her life.

  148. II In May two boys in town wrote to me to explain to them the meaning of the egg-shells, mostly those of robins, that were to be seen lying about on the ground here and there.

  149. They have more than one entrance to them, because I've tried to drown them out, and soon I would see what I took to be my gopher, that I thought I had covered so nicely, skipping off.

  150. On the fifth day the moose began to show signs of fatigue; he rested often, he also tried to get around and behind his pursuers and let them pass on.

  151. My correspondent says: "I watched them for several days; sometimes the bluebird would visit his own nest several times before lending a hand to the vireos.

  152. Several years ago a downy woodpecker excavated a retreat in this branch, which the following season was appropriated by the bluebirds, and has been occupied by them nearly every season since.

  153. Why should she do anything, why should she raise her hand, to bring them to each other?

  154. The thing is done in half of the great hospitals of Europe every day, and men and women are cured in that way of diseases that paralyse them in body as well as in mind.

  155. She scarcely gave them a glance, and she certainly gave them no thought.

  156. She had been laughed to scorn in the moment of her deepest humiliation, and she had lost the foundations of friendship in the attempt to build upon them the hanging gardens of an artificial love.

  157. In astronomy they call them comets, and astronomers would be much happier without them.

  158. Neither your gifts nor his knowledge of them can change dreams to facts.

  159. As he had said once to Unorna, the dead things reminded him of many failures; but he had never before been able to laugh at them and at the unsuccessful efforts they represented.

  160. Draw back the bolt and take me into the church," said Unorna, who could see nothing, but who knew that the nuns fastened the door behind them when they returned into the convent.

  161. At rare intervals a strong breath of icy wind stirs the dead branches and makes them crack and rattle against the gravestones and against each other as in a dance of death.

  162. How can you foretell what may happen when a skilful hand has restored the tissues of the body to their original flexibility, or preserved them in the state in which they were last sensitive?

  163. It is usual for them to attend Mass, Vespers, the Benediction and Complines, but when there are midnight services they are not expected to be present.

  164. And yet it seemed as though it was not they who moved, but the city about them which changed.

  165. His heart was filled with forebodings which his wisdom bade him treat with indifference, while his passion gave them new weight and new horror with every minute that passed.

  166. To dismiss a congregation is to send the people (or allow them to go) apart to their homes.

  167. To collect botanical specimens is to gather them together.

  168. That branch of mathematics which treats of the relations of sides and angles of triangles, and applies them to other figures.

  169. To detain the wages of a laborer is to hold them from him after they are due.

  170. There are, however, certain tendencies which mature pupils might profitably consider, but the limited scope of this book will not permit me to attempt to set them forth.

  171. Since the rule given for the work of the first month, seventh year, and that given for the second month, are counterparts, each of the other, I prefer to take them together.

  172. While the above words serve to illustrate the use of y as a suffix, to analyze them would not be profitable.

  173. Pronounce them and see if they do not represent explosive sounds.

  174. Cut salt pork into very small square pieces, put them in a saucepan, and cook them till they are crisped.

  175. When the loaves are baked, do not lay them flat upon the table; good housewives think it makes them heavy.

  176. If you wish to make a nice addition to your dinner on short notice, prepare this batter, and butter little cups that hold about a gill, fill them three quarters full, and bake in the stove.

  177. Put them together in the preserving kettle, the fruit first, and the sugar on the top.

  178. If you have turkey gravy, or the remnants of chickens, add them also, and boil them two hours or more.

  179. After soaking two hours, put them into a preserving kettle in the same water, and with a lemon or orange cut up; boil them till very tender; when they rise up in the kettle press them down with a skimmer or spoon, but do not stir them.

  180. Lay three or four slices of salt pork into a spider, and fry till they are crisped; take them out, and put the chopped fish and potato into the middle, and press it out equally, so that the fat will be at the sides.

  181. Just before you take them up, add salt and butter, and dredge in a little flour.

  182. Pare the apples, and take out the cores; arrange them in a buttered dish that will just receive them (one in the centre and five around it).

  183. Pour it on the nuts, and let them lie in it twelve days.

  184. Boil them twenty minutes, and pour off the water entirely; then put in equal parts of hot water and milk, or skimmed milk alone, and boil them twenty minutes more.

  185. If it is not convenient to put boiling water at once on the stains, put them in cold water; do not let them become dry.

  186. Take them from the shells and eat them cold, with vinegar and mustard.

  187. Over the cold black nothingness that separated them she was calling his name, her voice riding on the mournful wind sighing in his ears.

  188. She came back and told him she had begged them to give her a little more time to try and do it herself, but she was afraid they were going to give her something to knock her out.

  189. We'll get both the prisoners together and Perk, you stand guard over them while I taxi our boat around here so as to save ourselves the job of moving them along the trail.

  190. Never would athought o' anything like that myself--my old bean don't work along them lines I guess.

  191. This big Mex gulf hides a heap of secrets and has ever since old Blackbeard and that crowd of buccaneers used to sink Spanish galleons after looting them of their gold cargo and sending hundreds of poor wretches to a watery grave.

  192. Managing to pull out the handcuffs, Perk first tested them for size, and finding he could snap them shut after circling the ankles of his prisoner he did so with a vim.

  193. They need them big in their line of business," Jack went on significantly.

  194. Wish now I had my old leather huntin' leggings with me to ward off them terrible fangs, each one an inch long, seemed like to me.

  195. It was indeed a long morning for them both.

  196. I 'member, about them bein' able to give us a few pointers concernin' them higher-ups the Government is so anxious to cage so as to break this whole gang up for keeps.

  197. If only he could lay hands on them they might be made to serve again but the darkness would make this problematical.

  198. They listened to all that terrible racket and just made up their minds it was too hot out this way for them to make the riffle.

  199. Thus it was that they took flight, and that several noblemen amongst them of high rank were made prisoners.

  200. Before he was nine years of age he would often leave the castle without their knowledge, and collect all the children he met with on his way, and then fight them one by one, or try his strength against a number of them together.

  201. Some of them saw what it must be confessed gave them still greater pleasure, and that was the gold which sparkled in the sands of the streams.

  202. The tubs of wine they had piled one upon the other, until they looked like great barns; and the wheat and the barley lay in heaps in the fields, green on the outside, where the warm rains falling softly upon them had made them sprout.

  203. Some of them wore little ornaments of gold in their noses, and when the Spaniards asked them by signs whence they got the gold, they answered by pointing to the south.

  204. The Protestants in Germany fared very little better than those in Flanders, for when the Emperor Rudolf the Second began to reign, he forbade them to worship according to their faith.

  205. By this means the garrison were enabled to work against them until the mine was pierced, and the besiegers found a body of troops ready to beat them back.

  206. Be kind and charitable to the poor, the weak, and those who are in trouble, and aid them according to thy power.

  207. Soon they began to enter the gardens, and Ruy Diaz told a very brave man to go down thither with two hundred knights, and show them a little play.

  208. Put on the lid and let all simmer gently for four hours; strain off the soup, pick out the pieces of kidney and put them aside to keep hot.

  209. A donkey-cart came towards them laden with ferns and plants in bloom.

  210. Whoever saw a pair of scarlet hands before them when they were alone?

  211. They refused them with scorn, and so would I, if one were offered to me.

  212. After that the work for them was infinitely easier.

  213. Granny 20 was getting well fast--a credit to them all.

  214. She was very conscious that a biting sarcasm in her fault-finding had often alienated the confidence of her nurses, and she was now striving hard to mete out to them a more kindly and less impatient justice.

  215. She who looks for cobwebs in the garden will find not only them but spiders as well.

  216. These courses of reading are prepared under the direction of the Advisory Board of The Mentor--all of them prominent educators.

  217. Their picturesque and varied attractions pronounce them the true and natural offspring of the parent land.

  218. In the poem Fitzjames has become separated from his companions, and his bugle call is to summon them to his side from the hunt on which they are engaged.

  219. The Mentor Association will also secure books for members, supplying them postpaid at publishers’ prices.

  220. Even her executioners knelt and begged her to forgive them for the sad duty that they were forced to perform.

  221. Not many men, weakened in health and used to all the comforts, would attempt to do this--especially when the debt was incurred through no fault of their own, and when the law does not force them to pay.

  222. It amused him to state such complexities in simple language; to bring them down, by some homely metaphor, to the comprehension of this adorable little coquette, who tried with so many childish arts to dazzle and ensnare him.

  223. They brightened at the name of Adair for the unexpected pleasure it gave them to say "No.

  224. He tried to buy them wine, cigars--inveigle them into promises, and his lunch often went in a tip to some greedy understrapper who guarded their portals.

  225. They are a power for mischief, and they weren't much wrong in the old days to run them out of town--vagabonds and strolling players, you know.

  226. What did it matter that several of them were women?

  227. But it is not kind to your companions to dress better than they do, and I am sure you do not wish them to feel envious or resentful.

  228. If men hadn't degenerated so terribly, they'd be whipping them now!

  229. Phyllis fondled Watch's ears, which were long and silky, and tried the effect on dog-beauty of overlapping them on his head.

  230. Marston, however, saw that his thoughtless words had done more (sic) than he had intended them to do, both upon the company and upon the sensitive mind of his friend.

  231. She often took him with her to see poor or sick persons, and so interested him in them as to create a desire in his mind to afford relief.

  232. If any one had come to her and talked to her after that manner, she would have rejected the allegations indignantly, and confidently pronounced them false.

  233. The Allenders were of far more consequence than they had believed, and their estimation of them rose correspondingly.

  234. Ben, do you get four good rails and put them firmly into the gate-posts on Mr. Halpin's side.

  235. From the time old Mr. Page considered himself insulted by Jordan, all intercourse between them had ceased.

  236. From the height they had gained in a few years, it was but natural for them to cast their eyes below, and to note how far beneath them were certain individuals with whom they had once been on a level.

  237. Let them look after them, then, as I am looking after mine.

  238. Neither of them ever knew the authors of the wrong they had suffered.

  239. And he tore it into shreds, and scattered them on the floor.

  240. The minister's eyes were still upon the pavement, from which he lifted them as soon as his monitor was done speaking.

  241. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "them" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    administration; authorities; bureaucracy; directorate; ego; her; hierarchy; him; ins; interests; itself; management; ministry; officialdom; oneself; self; she; them; themselves; they; top; you; yourself