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Example sentences for "incurred"

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incurables; incurably; incurious; incuriously; incurre; incurrere; incurring; incurs; incursion; incursions
  1. Schmalz returned to Sweden, where his misconduct being made manifest, he incurred the displeasure of the Ministry[347].

  2. The free cities of Lombardy no longer remembered their foreign benefactor, and without preserving the friendship of Ancona, he soon incurred the enmity of Venice.

  3. To the Greek the action seemed quite in order; the persons who really incurred his reproof were Admetos' parents, who in spite of their advanced years refused to anticipate their approaching death in their son's favour.

  4. While holding an appointment on his mother's West Indian estate, he braved the fierce resentment of the whole colony by teaching a negro-boy to read; and finally incurred disinheritance rather than draw a livelihood from slave-labour.

  5. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

  6. The statement was received with startled protests by those present who had themselves incurred that charge when they deserted Catholicism for Protestantism some time earlier.

  7. Another remains, which has incurred from opponents the charge of pantheism, viz.

  8. By the improper concessions however which they have made to save the vital part of religion, they have themselves incurred the charge of sharing the rationalism of the country with whose literature they are acquainted.

  9. Hence these two writers incurred a danger unknown to their predecessors.

  10. Reginald Pecock was a bishop of Chichester about the middle of the fifteenth century; who in his rigour against the Lollards himself incurred the charge of deism.

  11. Then a great change came over his fortunes; Pope Clement VII died and was succeeded by Paul III, a Farnese and no friend to Cellini, who had also incurred the bitter enmity of one Pier Luigi, the new pope’s nephew.

  12. Sir Charles Dilke was never a clubman, and had incurred the remonstrances of Sir M.

  13. It was among the satisfactions of Sir Charles's last years of life that the principle, for which he had incurred odium by contending forty years earlier, now came to be fully recognized as that most respectful to the Crown.

  14. We have before us a Bill for the largest naval expenditure that our country has ever incurred in time of peace.

  15. The probable annual expenses which must be incurred in a war with England, and the resources for defraying them, are the next objects of inquiry.

  16. Thus Van Buren's New York campaign met defeat even in the legislature, where his friends had incurred odium rather than surrender the choice of electors to the people, while his forces were being thoroughly beaten by the people at the polls.

  17. It is not its legitimate object to make men rich, or to repair by direct grants of money or legislation in favor of particular pursuits, losses not incurred in the public service.

  18. There were more than a hundred men in the ranks who had voluntarily met more dangers in their escape from slavery than any of my young captains had incurred in all their lives.

  19. Having subsequently incurred the displeasure of Catherine de Medicis, he retired to the Court of the Duke of Savoy, and became the leader of the malcontents in Languedoc during the reign of Henri III.

  20. Marie de Balzac d'Entragues, in pursuit of whom the King incurred the risk of assassination.

  21. The size of this machine rendered it unsuitable for experiment in any but very calm weather, and it incurred such damage when experiments were made in a breeze that Pilcher found it necessary to build a fourth, which he named the 'Hawk.

  22. This hill was made with earth taken from the excavations incurred in constructing a canal, and had a cave inside in which Lilienthal stored his machines.

  23. I do not understand how I can have incurred your displeasure, or in what respect people can occupy themselves about me.

  24. He who has incurred your displeasure may be a friend of ours, but he is an enemy to the state.

  25. I cannot help suspecting he has incurred the enmity of the council, and has been secretly removed.

  26. You have incurred the displeasure of the Privy Council, and I have a warrant, under the hands of its chief members, for your execution.

  27. By so doing he incurred the risk of Sulla's enmity, but at the same time established his own position.

  28. While senator, Seneca incurred the jealousy of Caligula, and in A.

  29. Thus he incurred the displeasure of the Grand Duke.

  30. He entered the allied army in a volunteer corps of young men, and endured the fatigues and incurred the dangers of those battle-fields, on which were witnessed the death-throes of the first Napoleon’s ambition.

  31. To this work of patriotism, as well as benevolence, therefore, we addressed ourselves so long as the terrible chastisement which our nation had incurred was delayed.

  32. Nor could internal borrowings in India (though the success of the Indian war loans was a phenomenon hitherto undreamt of) suffice to finance the expenditure incurred in India on behalf of the Imperial Government.

  33. Gustave Chaudey, one of the principal editors of the Siècle, and a literary man of some eminence and high character, who had incurred the displeasure of the Communists, has been shot by them.

  34. I did not conceal from myself the dangers to which my curiosity would expose me; but had I not, and that too without any advantage, incurred as great dangers in escalading Mont-Blanc and in going up along the borders of the Nile?

  35. The latter pointed out to Arabi the risk which he and those with him incurred by the menacing attitude they had assumed.

  36. This is the cost incurred over and above the normal charge for the maintenance of the troops concerned.

  37. One of these was declared to be "extraordinary expenses incurred with the previous sanction of the Commission of the Debt.

  38. The attainment of independence freed the island from this debt, and from enormous contemplated additions to cover the expense incurred by Spain during the last insurrection.

  39. He retired into private life, heavily burdened with debts incurred during his tenure of office and narrowly escaping arrest even before he quitted Whitehall.

  40. He incurred no unnecessary expenses, and made few debts, although his annual allowance was only L1,000 for some years after he had attained his majority.

  41. I incurred the odium of the landlady by coaxing the maid of all work to learn a part and act it with me.

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