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  1. While they were talking in this way, my messengers arrived at the court with the Zeeland gentlemen.

  2. When he had bound himself to do this, Reintja went with three maidens to Hals (Holstein).

  3. Although they knew that Jessos had taught that men should regulate and control their passions, they taught that men should stifle their passions, and that the perfection of humanity consisted in being as unfeeling as the cold stones.

  4. Ten years after that the seafarers came from Forana and Lydasburgt.

  5. Kvmth ned and tvang vs setma to jevane, stridande wither vsa ewa and plegum, sa mot manneska dva alsa hja askja; thach send hja weken, than mot man ammer to that alda witherkera.

  6. Formerly there existed also the same crawling animals, but our forefathers burnt all the underwood, and so diligently hunted all the wild animals, that there are scarcely any left.

  7. You have seen how speedily I have come to your assistance.

  8. They said they were his friends, and they pretended to show great sorrow by tearing their clothes and shaving their heads.

  9. Therefore he alone is the creator, and nothing exists without him.

  10. Of his first wife he still had two brothers-in-law, who were very daring.

  11. This event, which occasioned a great dispersion of the Frisian race, became the commencement of a chronological reckoning corresponding with 2193 before Christ, and is known by geologists as the Cimbrian flood.

  12. When he was settled there, they made him write to his family, friends, and connections that the country was so good and the people so happy that no one could form any idea of it.

  13. While all were disputing and quarrelling, he crowned the boy as king, and set up himself as guardian and counsellor.

  14. Dat geschenken geven is niet alleen een eerbiedsbetuiging, doch ook een voorbehoedmiddel tegen 't een of ander kwaad, dat den gever vandaag of morgen van de overheid treffen kan.

  15. On our way through Dieppe I notice blue-bloused peasants guiding small flocks of goats through the streets, calling them along with a peculiar, tuneful instrument that sounds somewhat similar to a bagpipe.

  16. If a Frenchman only sits down to a bite of bread and cheese he usually consumes a pint bottle of vin ordinaire with it.

  17. The captain finally advises the payment of the duty and the acceptance of a receipt for the amount, and takes his leave.

  18. The nature and method of the occupation must normally determine the mode of its organisation, e.

  19. There is a danger, too, in following this line, of fastening attention on one stage of evolution and leaving it there.

  20. Almost everywhere is a flow from the country town-ward.

  21. The preceding diagram, elaborating that of Place, Work, Folk (p.

  22. But I fancy the general idea of them all could be conveyed to the man in the street under the covering of "the human shell.

  23. He pass the word against me, he hunt me out of the mountains, he call--tete de diable!

  24. From de Healing Springs dey shall rise to walk,' he say.

  25. If I get Askatoon before de time for dat, I be happy in my heart, for dat brudder off mine he get out of purgatore bime-bye, I t'ink.

  26. Nom de diable, I will say my own Mass, light my own candle, go my own way.

  27. Léonard took me to see him late one evening at the Hôtel de Havane in Paris, where Sivori was staying.

  28. A year and a half later Alexander Fiedemann heard him play a De Bériot concerto in public, and induced him to study at the Stern Conservatory in Berlin, with Brodsky, a pupil of Joachim, with whom he remained for two years.

  29. In reply to some questions concerning his own study years Mr. Mannes spoke of his work with Heinrich de Ahna, Karl Halir and Eugène Ysaye.

  30. Then I take my little daughter and my hat and go walking in the Bois de Boulogne, where one meets people who have come from afar to bore themselves in Paris.

  31. I like it much better than I did the first time; and now I have taken for my morning book in bed (I always wake early) dear Madame de Sevigné for the 117th time.

  32. Château de Bilhère used to say in her odd pâtois.

  33. Our figures of this elegant species are somewhat larger than nature.

  34. He is the Lady Clara Vere de Vere and "rare, pale Margaret.

  35. In De Quincey's house yours is the only portrait.

  36. He sends cartes de visite of himself and his wife.

  37. The De Quincey family greatly desire to see Hawthorne, Ticknor says.

  38. Mr. Jerdan said that on account of some circumstance he was called Lord de Tableau for a pseudonym, and in the sense I have heard people exclaim to a good child, "Oh, you picture!

  39. Mr. Ticknor has been to see De Quincey, and says he is a noble old man and eloquent, and wins hearts in personal intercourse.

  40. In the evening my husband read De Quincey.

  41. I must tell you that there is a splendid show which Mr. Jerdan wants us to see at Lord Warremore de Tabley's; it is a vast salt mine of twenty acres, cut into a symmetrical columned gallery!

  42. Mr. Jerdan said that salt used to be the medium of traffic in those districts; and I think Lord de Tabley [1] is a beauty for having his mines cut in the form of art, instead of hewed and hacked as a Vandal would have done.

  43. From London an American traveler writes to Mr. Hawthorne: "A great day I spent with Sir William Hamilton, and two blessed evenings with De Quincey and his daughters.

  44. Het voorzitterschap van die commissie was in mijne handen geweest, het secretariaat in dat van Prof.

  45. But, we're wasting time with all this twaddle of mine.

  46. With the spasmodic tinkling of the telephone bell, the book-agent arose and made his way to the little office.

  47. Ask all the questions you please, my dear fellow.

  48. I wasn't very far away, you see, the climb being too steep for me.

  49. Every once in awhile he would turn to Paul, who stood beside him with a notebook, and say something to him.

  50. Listen," he said in a low voice, "I will tell you who they were looking for.

  51. As it is, however, if you were to go downstairs and proffer one of those bills to Putnam Jones he would make his most elaborate bow and put you into the best room in the house.

  52. They allowed a chance like that to get away.

  53. I will be everlastingly grateful to you, Mr. Barnes, if you'll fix things up with Jones.

  54. His interest in the sensational affair that had disturbed his first night's rest at Hart's Tavern must remain paramount.

  55. She would die before she would leave them behind.

  56. I--I really don't know what to say to you, sir.

  57. I suggest that you allow me to escort you at once to your friends, wherever they--" She was opposed to this plan.

  58. As a matter of fact, Mr. Rushcroft, I think she is quite right," he said flatly.

  59. Monsieur de Montmorine was recaptured and brought to the scaffold, through the trifling circumstance of some chicken bones being found near the door of his landlady--a woman too poor to indulge in such dainties.

  60. You are a creature of the darkness, and love the night," he said, his fear beginning to move again.

  61. At one time they seemed to disapprove of her; at another, not even to know she was there, and to be altogether taken up with their own business.

  62. She sprang to her feet to follow it, not in the spirit of the hunter, but of the lover.

  63. The design is doubtless borrowed from the Toiles de Jouy, printed by a Bavarian at Jouay, near Versailles, about this time.

  64. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "de" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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