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  1. The climb began, up the face of the hills to the region of the moon.

  2. Do you ascend the cliff, one on either side, and as the enemy attempt to climb the barrier cast snow into their faces.

  3. The soldiers have a hard climb before them yet.

  4. The astonishment of the Frenchmen gave time to the lieutenant and his three men to climb on board and to prepare their firearms and cutlasses.

  5. The Spaniards bore down upon the small English ships with loud shouts and great noise; the English shouted in return, but were unable to climb up the lofty sides of the Spaniards.

  6. The crew were saved, and treated by the French with great humanity.

  7. They engaged her furiously for three hours off the island of Cyprus, when the large ship was run ashore and her crew fled up the country.

  8. As soon is his van had weathered the British, he bore away along the line to windward, discharging his broadsides, but at such a distance as to do little execution.

  9. It was a seven-or eight-foot dam, and of course the fish could not climb it.

  10. I frequently climb into the cupola of the barn during the winter, and bring down a dazed junco that would beat his life out up there against the window-panes.

  11. As the sound of the discharges died away, they saw their father climb to the summit of the divide, in full view of all, and wave his hat.

  12. Presently he stopped again and tried to climb on the top of a shelving rock, but he was very weak, and just as he was making the attempt a second time, I raised my rifle and sent a bullet into his heart.

  13. One evening being so near her, and obliged to climb a steep mountain, I took out my knife and cut off all the silver trimmings of my buckskin suit, so that nothing could jingle and scare her.

  14. The climb was so stiff, and in places so dangerous, that for some time after no word was spoken.

  15. For them no more the blazing hearth shall burn, Or busy housewife ply her evening care; No children run to lisp their sire's return, Or climb his knees the envied kiss to share.

  16. I had been the last to climb on to the straw and the others had so settled themselves that I had no room to lie flat.

  17. It seems that as soon as I climb out of one fear I tumble into another.

  18. Very slowly we began to climb the hill down which I had come this afternoon.

  19. When we had crossed the river and began to climb the hill I knew that I hated the Forest.

  20. You must get dressed, climb down that acacia tree, and join us in our yard.

  21. There's a mystery here," said Jerry, "but Miss Ponsonby shall explain it to us before we let her climb up that acacia tree tonight.

  22. He left her to the ministrations of the farmer's wife in the stiff green silk, and hastened out to climb on the running-board of the count's little car, which was already under way.

  23. So Bobby had to climb meekly in to be ignominiously dumped at the yard gate while Douglas was whisked off in the count's natty little red roadster.

  24. Hath he let vultures climb his eagle's seat To make Jove's bolts purveyors of their maw?

  25. There was no other course open than to climb up after them, though I was quite exhausted by this time.

  26. I started forthwith to climb to a ledge about 200 feet above the one on which the goat appeared.

  27. This was a mountain climb that proved thoroughly enjoyable, for all the conditions of atmosphere, of weather, and easy ascent were in our favor.

  28. Peyto was overwhelmed with the magnificent panorama, and said that he now appreciated, as never before, the mania which impels men to climb mountains.

  29. The result of our consultation was the decision to climb a short way up the couloir in order to see if it were possible to reach the gentle slope above.

  30. The first snow on a mountain climb is always pleasant to a mountaineer.

  31. I took aim, but could not keep the sight on him long enough to make sure of a shot, as my rapid climb had made my nerves a trifle unsteady.

  32. Should you think," she asked me, "that a man would climb the Matterhorn the very first year he was married?

  33. Climb you the snowy peaks whence come the streams, where the atmosphere is rare, where you can see the sky nearer, from which you can get a commanding view of the landscape?

  34. The rock itself may be ascended by the bold and agile: half-way up is a niche, to which those who are neither can climb by a ladder.

  35. Byers, founder of the Rocky Mountain News, made the first attempt to climb Longs Peak in 1864.

  36. The Fall River Road displays it, but not dramatically; the forest approach is too long, the climb into the Hudsonian Zone too short, and not typical.

  37. I can never climb mountains in this rarefied air," pleads one, and in most cases this is true; it is important that persons unused to the higher altitudes be temperate and discreet.

  38. But above them you will have to climb over steep rocks overhanging deep gorges, where a misstep would hurl you far down--down to certain death.

  39. To climb these low mountains, wandering by the hour in their hollows and upon their sea-horizoned shoulders, is, for one interested in nature, to get very close indeed to the secrets of her wonderful east.

  40. Finally three of the men determined to desert; they believed they could climb the walls and that their chances would be better with the Indians than with the canyon.

  41. Often there was nothing to do but to climb into their boats and run down long foaming slants around the corners of which death, perhaps, awaited.

  42. The struggle of the greater trees to climb the hills is exemplified as fully as in the great exhibits of the north, which spread over many miles of hill slope; here one may see its range in half an hour.

  43. In 1903 Judge James Wickersham, afterward Delegate to Congress from Alaska, made the first attempt to climb McKinley; it failed through his underestimation of the extensive equipment necessary.

  44. You will perish if you try to climb Takhoma.

  45. It is my proud boast that I can climb any mountain, no matter how high and difficult, up which my horse can carry me.

  46. Your plan to climb Takhoma is all foolishness.

  47. A half-hour's climb to the summit of Swiftcurrent Mountain close at hand (the chalet is most of the way up, to start with) and all of Glacier lies before you like a model in relief.

  48. The richer he got the stronger his passion grew for hiaqua, and, when a spirit told him in a dream of vast hoards at the summit of Rainier, he determined to climb the mountain.

  49. His object was to make it a foothold by which to climb from municipal functions to the coveted position of deputy.

  50. Cerizet laid hold of the rope which served as a baluster, to climb the species of ladder leading to the room where the so-called beggar was dying,--a room in which the odious spectacle of pretended pauperism was being played.

  51. An arduous and perilous climb it was ere the old islesman at last neared the summit, and felt Ranald grasp him by the shoulder and help him and his burden over the edge.

  52. Again and again she begged him to come into the green shadowy woods, or even to climb to the Ridge of the Stags on Iolair; but he would not.

  53. She feared she had not the strength to move downward in the dark through that dense jungle of white blooms: still less to climb homeward again.

  54. And the wicked woman having boxed the ears of the poor little fellow, made him climb up into the loft where he had his wretched cubbyhole.

  55. It's easy enough to slide down, but it's quite another matter to climb up again!

  56. Gretchen always claimed the right to put the shawl over her Granny's head, even though she had to climb onto the wooden bench to do it.

  57. We were too far gone to climb out," Ricardo went on.

  58. They can climb trees, and spring down on their prey.

  59. I started to climb the ridge, remarking over my shoulder to the baffled cowboy, "You'll find your things in the pine, where I told you.

  60. There was a green little valley over the ridge, and I resolved when the storm slackened, to climb up and have a look into it.

  61. Climb right in, then, and we'll get well started before midnight.

  62. Get your hat and climb in here, youngster.

  63. Joe, who had already started to climb into the reaper seat, came back and looked in at the door, the better to look reproachfully at us.

  64. A rat might climb up the side of the window, and come in that way," was the reply to this.

  65. At zero minus ten the word went down the line "Ten to go" and we got to the better positions of the trench and secured our footing on the side of the parapet to make our climb over when the signal came.

  66. Rolfie would climb on the table in the estaminet and sing numerous unprintable verses of his own, entitled "Oh, What a Merry Plyce is Hengland.

  67. You know how to climb down it," whispered Marvin, as he cautiously opened a door in the partition.

  68. I guess he can climb down if we can go the other way.

  69. Then began a climb that is talked of to this day in the Cousin Jack Mine.

  70. He learned that all was being done that could be done to repair the hoisting apparatus in the shortest possible time, so there was no necessity for him to climb the rest of the way up.

  71. He began to climb faster, when all at once he received a shock that wrenched his hands loose from the rungs of the ladder.

  72. Thank you, sir," answered Rush, beginning his long, dark climb up the slender ladder to the unknown regions above him.

  73. And to a monkey, the climb down the tree into the courtyard did not take half a minute.

  74. You had better shut your eyes or you may get giddy,' said the bird; and the cat, you had never before been off the ground except to climb a tree, did as she was bid.

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