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Example sentences for "bold"

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boke; bokes; bokys; bola; bolas; bolde; boldely; bolder; boldest; boldlie
  1. Certainly, with all earnestness, I make bold to say that Human Nobility, so far as many of its fruits are considered, excels that of the Angel, although the Angelic may be more Divine in its unity.

  2. Modern biology, as the science of life, has in the eyes of many accomplished the bold deed of demonstrating the superfluity of a soul distinct from matter.

  3. Orthodox Protestants have openly praised this bold deed of the Pope as highly meritorious for the preservation of the Christian faith.

  4. Nay, more; on one of the books seen on his monument is chiselled in bold letters the word "Encyclopedie.

  5. The truth is, that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella referred the plans of the bold Genoese to a council of scientists and ecclesiastical dignitaries, which was held in the Dominican Monastery of Salamanca, Columbus being present.

  6. The pedestrian's next move was a bold one.

  7. Numberless stories are told of their bold robberies, both from individuals and from banks.

  8. Is there no one brave enough or bold enough to interfere with them?

  9. No one was ever bold enough to invite them into a photographer's to have their pictures taken," he said.

  10. Footnote 19: On this proceeding of the Romanists, Stillingfleet observes, "Methinks for the sake of our common Christianity you should no more venture upon such bold and unreasonable comparisons.

  11. While he did this, the woman who had already spoken, threw her bundle on the floor, and sat down in a flaunting manner on a stool; crossing her elbows on her knees, and looking with a bold defiance at the other two.

  12. Scrooge reverently disclaimed all intention to offend, and then made bold to inquire what business brought him there.

  13. He smiled on those bold Romans A smile serene and high; He eyed the flinching Tuscans, And scorn was in his eye.

  14. In the long line of ancestors on either side were fearless knights and bold chiefs of the Scottish Border whose adventures became a delightful heritage to the little boy born into the Edinburgh family of Scott in 1771.

  15. After eight bold introductory bars with piercing dissonances begins the first subject, which, with its rhythmically differently-accompanied repetition, is the most important constituent of the movement.

  16. The martial strains, the bold challenges, the shouts of triumph, which we heard so often in the composer's polonaises, are silenced.

  17. The young girl now stood behind the closed window, watching Georg, who with a bold spring dashed at the leathern figure and ran the sword in his right hand through the phantom's red heart.

  18. We haven't heard of his bold deeds and expeditions for a long time.

  19. But who so bold and merry as this elfin Leo an hour afterwards?

  20. To put a bold face upon it when no one challenged the face was easy, but it was another matter to--her pulses beat a little faster.

  21. Charles the bold duke of Burgundy causes one of his noblemen to be put to death for offending in the manner that Angelo would have done; but he is first compelled to marry the lady.

  22. The above discourse is a very bold and libellous address to King James I.

  23. Then that without the knowledge Either of king or council, when you went Ambassador to the emperor, you made bold To carry into Flanders the great seal.

  24. It tells me this--that a bold face, a smooth tongue, and an easy conscience are worth more in our business than any other qualities.

  25. Governor Tompkins--being a politician--hesitates at the bold step.

  26. He takes off his hat with a gravely accurate flourish, whereat the bold eyes glance their pleasure at the polite attention.

  27. Our Rob Roy at the head of his bold Bucktails is sought for and deferred to by both the Clintons and the Livingstons--the Campbell and the Montrose.

  28. Bold at once and bad, there is nothing too high for his ambition to fly at, nothing too low for his intrigue to embrace.

  29. The woman is dashingly handsome, with cheek full of color and a bold eye.

  30. Is my presence an exception to the bold creature?

  31. He was no jester upon sacred things: poor Mr. Wyerley's fault; who seemed to think there was wit in saying bold things, which would shock a serious mind.

  32. I could not contain myself: I was never so bold in my life; for I went on with my plea, as if Mr. Solmes had not been there.

  33. Thus the bold and forward, not being sensible of their defects, aspire; while the modesty of the really worthy fills them with too much reverence to permit them to explain themselves.

  34. For, my dear, you never knew so bold a supposer.

  35. His steady, bold step, and the whole air of his person, bursting as it were from a cloud, pleased her, and gave an outline to the imagination to sketch the individual form she wished to recognize.

  36. At last they make up their minds, swoop down on the sill, stretch their heads, give a bold look to see if I am about, and then snatch a crumb and fly off with it.

  37. She has been fenced up, so to speak, her whole life, and, consequently, was dumbfounded at the bold stand I take.

  38. I assented to everything with outward alacrity, but with some inward trepidation, for I thought it rather a bold stroke to get up at a large ball and attempt to dance a string of things I had never heard of!

  39. None of them had the least fear, and they laughed and chattered between the pieces, and when their turn came they marched up to the piano, sat down as bold as lions, and banged away so splendidly!

  40. She also played his Fourteenth Rhapsody with orchestral accompaniment in most bold and dashing style.

  41. We only use sugar at Grangewood House, young gentleman," answered Mrs Pike, looking angrily at the bold assertion of the new boy.

  42. Well, you are a bold young ruffian," exclaimed the man, fairly exasperated at Digby's coolness.

  43. Soon the voices of the once bold and hardy smugglers were silent.

  44. Ever cheerful, honest and upright, and bold and fearless, he quickly gained the kindly feeling of all the better boys in the school.

  45. It must be a bold man who would dare to argue along such lines, after all the manly things Hugh and his comrades of the khaki had successfully carried out.

  46. Indeed, when the next morning came, and Gus drew up in his big seven-passenger car, Billy proved the truth of his bold assertion.

  47. Each is obliged to forego something in order to humour the other; neither has the pleasure or the credit of taking a bold line on its own responsibility.

  48. It may be a bold experiment," we said to one another in the lobbies; "there are serious difficulties in the way, though the case for it is stronger than we thought two years ago.

  49. But he felt himself too weak to show fight, and we agreed that our best course was to put a bold face on the matter, and to bid them go on their way, while we continued our course to the southward.

  50. Well, it is a bold scheme, Horace, but I should think it might succeed," Martyn said when he concluded.

  51. The suspension of Governor Wanton was a bold step resolutely persevered in.

  52. This was a bold casting off of the new government.

  53. It was a broad field for diplomacy, wherein Indian not Christian ethics prevailed, and was well suited to his bold and wily nature.

  54. The bold but aged Henry Bull was chosen in his stead.

  55. During this same eventful month of June the waters of Narragansett Bay were the scene of another bold enterprise.

  56. Rhode Island was held to be a favorite resort of these bold adventurers.

  57. Of these bold exploits one of the boldest was the capture of the Pigot galley, a vessel of three hundred tons, mounting eight twelve-pounders, protected by strong boarding nettings and manned by forty-five men.

  58. The other Colony, as if to illustrate the varieties of human opinion, was founded by Samuel Gorton, one of those bold but restless men who leave doubtful names in history because few see their character from the same point of view.

  59. This William Harris, as we have already seen, was a bold thinker and an energetic actor.

  60. An upright and conscientious man, who had drawn from books and men those lessons which make men wise in judgment and firm in principle and bold in action.

  61. Smugglers were as bold and as successful as ever.

  62. From the beginning of her civil life she had been contemptuously refused admission to the league from which Massachusetts and Connecticut derived the strength that made them bold both for aggression and for defence.

  63. Again and again, by a bold offensive, it arrested the Federal movement to fasten on its communications.

  64. The translation is as truthful as powerful, and faithfully represents the imagery and rhythm of the bold original.

  65. Somehow, Glory had grown strangely bold in her own behalf since she had come to feel there was a bit of sympathy somewhere for her in the world.

  66. The bold explorer of untrodden paths must cut away the underbrush that others may follow him; he must himself create the taste in the masses, by which he is afterward to be judged.

  67. Such was the fear entertained of foreigners, that a bold and unscrupulous man could do anything with impunity.

  68. The bold and energetic resistance of the day previous had led the enemy to expect a renewal of the contest on Monday morning.

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    Other words:
    abrupt; adventurous; aggressive; ambitious; arch; arrant; arrogant; assertive; audacious; barefaced; blatant; bluff; bold; bossy; brash; brassy; brave; brazen; breakneck; challenging; cheeky; chivalrous; confident; conspicuous; contemptuous; contumelious; cool; courageous; daredevil; daring; dauntless; defiant; derisive; disdainful; display; disregardful; downright; embossed; eminent; enterprising; familiar; fearless; flagrant; foolhardy; forward; fresh; gallant; game; glaring; hardy; harebrained; headlong; heroic; immodest; impertinent; impudent; independent; indiscreet; ingenuous; insolent; intrepid; jutting; knightly; madcap; maneuver; manly; nervy; notable; noticeable; notorious; obtrusive; officious; ostensible; outspoken; outstanding; pert; plucky; plunging; precipitous; presumptuous; projecting; prominent; pronounced; protuberant; raised; rapid; rash; resolute; rude; rugged; salient; sassy; saucy; shameless; sharp; sheer; smart; snug; soldier; spirited; spunky; stalwart; staring; steep; stiff; stout; striking; strong; swaggering; swashbuckling; tender; unabashed; unafraid; unashamed; unblenching; undaunted; unembarrassed; valiant; valorous; venturesome; vertical; waterproof; watertight; wild; wise

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    bold enough; bold front; bold relief; bold stroke