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Example sentences for "disclaimed"

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disciplines; disciplining; disciplinis; discipulis; disclaim; disclaimer; disclaimers; disclaiming; disclaims; disclose
  1. Self-evidently, the Wittenberg theologians disclaimed any knowledge of, or any connection with, the origin of the Exegesis.

  2. This I disclaimed and said we had not heard politics mentioned since we left Washington, that we were tired out after Congress completed its work and made up a party and started off merely for rest and recreation.

  3. I met Foraker, and he promptly disclaimed any knowledge of such a requirement in legislative nominations.

  4. Lord Aberdeen disclaimed all knowledge of such messages, though he acknowledged to have been very friendly to Lord Derby.

  5. If the anecdote were true it would be a singular circumstance that Mr. Browning senior was always fond of drawing negro heads, and thus obviously disclaimed any unpleasant association with them.

  6. He neither claimed nor disclaimed the more remote genealogical past which had presented itself as a certainty to some older members of his family.

  7. The Southern papers are copying it extensively, and most of them charge us with having disclaimed in it our real motives--a proof that our real sentiments were before misunderstood.

  8. By this order, the pretensions of England, heretofore disclaimed by every other power, to prohibit neutrals disposing of parts of their cargoes at different ports of the same enemy, is revived, and with vast accumulation of injury.

  9. In this act, the British Government evidently disclaimed all regard for neutral rights.

  10. Of course we all disclaimed any expression of thanks; but later on what does this prince of good fellows do but send for a first-rate gun to replace my missing piece.

  11. Conolly, throughout May, held a series of councils with the Delawares and Iroquois, in which he disclaimed and regretted the outrages, and sought for peace.

  12. They disclaimed any responsibility for what might be done by a few wayward young men; and requested the Delawares and Shawnees to do as they had promised, and to distribute the Iroquois "talk" among their people.

  13. Of that he had far other notions; for though he honestly disclaimed the title, yet his dream was always to be a poet.

  14. Though he disclaimed any such sentiment as patriotism, and called himself a cosmopolite, it is plain enough that his position was simply that of a German.

  15. Upon this the deputies presented another memorial, in which they disclaimed any intention of disrespect, and wished to be allowed a hearing in order to explain.

  16. Cornwallis complained bitterly to Louisbourg that Le Loutre was stirring up trouble; but Des Herbiers disingenuously disclaimed all responsibility for the abbe.

  17. The same Council of Trent, which had disclaimed authority or blame for the acts of church officials regarding the scandalous traffic in indulgences, prescribed most rigid regulations forbidding the reading of the scriptures by the people.

  18. It is true that Luther strongly denounced, and vehemently disclaimed responsibility for, the excesses to which this teaching gave rise, yet he was not less vigorous in proclaiming the doctrine.

  19. Steele, in reply, disclaimed the article, and promised to introduce Pope to its real author, the great Addison himself.

  20. Pope, as I have said, though most closely connected with the Tories and Jacobites, disclaimed any close party connexion, and had some relations with the Whigs.

  21. It is since known, however, that this account was a bookseller’s compilation from, it is believed generally correct sources, but it was disclaimed by Tonti.

  22. In all negociations such absolute power is disclaimed by them.

  23. They likewise dwelt upon the cannibal propensities of the Happars, a subject which they were perfectly aware could not fail to alarm us; while at the same time they earnestly disclaimed all participation in so horrid a custom.

  24. I realized at once that a man holding my office could not afford to be quoted as an exponent of Winters's innocence, and therefore disclaimed any such expression of opinion.

  25. Oh, I'm not crazy about it," disclaimed Oscar, piqued.

  26. If Perry felt disappointment he hid it, and when Phil declared that in his opinion Perry should have been elected instead of him, since Perry was, so to say, a charter member, Perry promptly disclaimed any desire of the sort.

  27. He disclaimed all intention of making war upon Southern institutions, yet he was still firm in the belief that the public mind would not be easy until slavery was put where the fathers left it.

  28. He disclaimed any other wish or intention than to secure the principle which the compromise measures of 1850 had established.

  29. Mr. Gladstone eagerly disclaimed any intention of accelerating by the pressure of fiscal enactment changes in the tenure of landed property, and the letters which the reader has already seen (pp.

  30. Count Buol on his part disclaimed all aggressive tendencies in respect of Turkey, and stated emphatically that the views and conduct of Austria in her Eastern policy were in the strictest sense conservative.

  31. Most egregiously had the lady infringed it; appropriating to herself various objects previously disclaimed in favor of Samoa.

  32. I disclaimed the knowledge, saying that at that time I was in Cawnpore.

  33. But he disclaimed any wish on the part of this country to obtain exclusive advantages there.

  34. But the French government maintained its reserve, even after England disclaimed for herself the intention of acquiring Spanish-American territory.

  35. In a manifesto, issued a few days later, the Czar disclaimed any intention of conquest, and justified his occupation of the provinces as a material guarantee for the fulfilment of his demands on behalf of the Christian population of Turkey.

  36. Proudly she disclaimed any need for money, and not until her visitor departed did she read Billy's note: Dear Saxon--Bud Strothers is going to give you this.

  37. I'm not any more," he disclaimed hastily.

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