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Example sentences for "disclaimer"

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disciplining; disciplinis; discipulis; disclaim; disclaimed; disclaimers; disclaiming; disclaims; disclose; disclosed
  1. E] This does not precisely tally with the Captain's disclaimer of feeling any apprehension when passing Execution Dock.

  2. I feel that my disclaimer notwithstanding the Bark of my Narrative is running down the stream of a Garrulous talkativeness; but I shall be more brief anon.

  3. I uttered no disclaimer then of the complacency he attributed to me; I merely asked where the English examination came in--whether at the commencement or close of the day?

  4. A disclaimer of the sentiments attributed to me burned on my lips, but I extinguished the flame.

  5. But surely this disclaimer is more insulting to our moral sense than the accusation.

  6. As no sufficient disclaimer appeared, the London partisans of the Indian "forward policy" sought to induce Lord Derby and Lord Salisbury to take precautionary measures.

  7. His disclaimer of any such intention to Mr. Charles Marvin (which will also be found there) shows that under his frank exterior there lay hidden the strain of Oriental duplicity so often found among his countrymen in political life.

  8. In the law of trusts, disclaimer is the refusal or renunciation of the office or duties of a trustee.

  9. In the law of patents, disclaimer is the renunciation, by amendment of specifications, of the portion of an inventor's claim to protection.

  10. Disclaimer of trust should be by deed, as admitting of no ambiguity, but it may be by conveyance to other accepting trustees, or orally, or by written declaration, or even by conduct.

  11. Was he not almost in honour bound to do so, to that lady from whom his evasive declaration of passion had elicited what was at least a strong disclaimer of indifference to himself?

  12. He made the inquiry, but interrupted her disclaimer of any locus standi in the matter, with an admission that he had asked a nonsensical question.

  13. After which disclaimer of a parentage no one had accused her of, she repeats, "She, indeed!

  14. At Balliol's homage indeed Edward had disclaimed any right to the ordinary feudal incidents of a fief, those of wardship or marriage, and in this disclaimer he was only repeating the reservations of the marriage treaty of Brigham.

  15. Perhaps the disclaimer which has been adopted by quarterly meetings in those places may require from me a remark or two.

  16. Ryerson's clear and dispassionate disclaimer of the doctrines which it officially laid down.

  17. In my whilom ignorance, in my lamblike innocence of the darker side of human nature, I actually thought that a disclaimer would settle the matter.

  18. When has a disclaimer ever been of any use?

  19. The disclaimer of the Major had, however, the effect of restoring to him the use of his tongue.

  20. He told others of the frequency and length of the plaintiff’s visits, and of his opinion of the case, without any disclaimer of liability.

  21. But the disclaimer of Jewish birth was for the moment a backward thrust of double severity, the particular disappointment tending to shake his confidence in the more indefinite expectation.

  22. It appeared as if the Russian disclaimer were final and a signal diplomatic success had been accomplished by Secretary Hay.

  23. My letter to Mr. Wall was a disclaimer of any intention of disrespect to him in our letter to Col.

  24. Mr. Lincoln answered this inference with a solemn disclaimer over and over again on the same 'stump' with that Senator.

  25. They resulted in a disclaimer of power in the President to have authorized General Jackson to take possession of Pensacola.

  26. The disclaimer of power in the executive is of dangerous example, and of evil consequences.

  27. You must keep intact all notices that refer to this License and to the disclaimer of warranties.

  28. Here we find no disclaimer of the ability to do what she apparently wanted Him to do, but the plain implication that He would act only when the time was right for the purpose, and that He, not she, must decide when that time had come.

  29. This startled Jefferson, and he thought it necessary to put in an immediate disclaimer of all participation in the matter.

  30. Washington--disclaimer by, of any agency in furnishing to the Aurora certain confidential matter, iii.

  31. Royce's action in this matter as showing the sincerity or insincerity of his disclaimer of all malice in his original article.

  32. Royce disclaims all malice in the publication of the original article I complain of, and because I am willing to test the sincerity of his disclaimer before resorting to other measures for my self-protection.

  33. This pretended disclaimer of any essential relation between the American struggle and British institutions was not long persisted in.

  34. Immediately in Parliament a clamour was raised against the Government for the "sacrifice" of a British right at sea, and Lord Aberdeen promptly made official disclaimer of such surrender.

  35. Robert Jones had turned off towards his own home, with his team and his return load, after a very curious disclaimer of thanks.

  36. He began a fresh disclaimer at the mention of Elain Lloyd, but stopped short, and she could feel him wince and hold his breath when the name of Cate Griffith followed.

  37. The disclaimer of the major had, however, the effect of restoring to him the use of his tongue.

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    Other words:
    abjuration; abnegation; abrogation; annulment; contradiction; crossing; declension; declination; declining; denial; deprivation; disagreement; disavowal; disclaimer; disobedience; disproof; dissent; nay; negation; negative; nullification; palinode; protest; recantation; refutation; rejection; renunciation; repudiation; retention; retraction; revocation; withdrawal