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Example sentences for "denial"

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dendrites; dendritic; denen; dener; dengue; deniall; denials; denie; denied; denieng
  1. Ponder for a moment, and reflect upon that which hath been the cause of such denial on the part of those who have searched with such earnestness and longing.

  2. To maintain that the testimony of Providence was incomplete, that it hath therefore been the cause of the denial of the people, is but open blasphemy.

  3. Whatever in days gone by hath been the cause of the denial and opposition of those people hath now led to the perversity of the people of this age.

  4. What could have been the reason for such denial and avoidance on their part?

  5. They generally think so much of themselves after having performed this wonderful act of self-denial that they become quite unbearable to their friends.

  6. Like, them, the name A-pollo is interpreted as a denial of manifoldness.

  7. Parts, actual division in, would be denial of the whole, iv.

  8. Stoic, in its denial of the evil of matter.

  9. There is no God; yet has my denial been heard in blackest Eblis, and has it not reverberated unto the very edges of Time?

  10. He should ask concerning his personal observance of the Master's counsel of prayer and self-denial and cross-bearing.

  11. Think of all the sacrifice and self-denial and self-surrender we are asking from men!

  12. To this denial we will add another to the effect that, in almost every instance, the dulness of the sermon does not proceed from a quality of dulness in the preacher.

  13. For I have heard it shrewdly said that to one man you may impart anything, since, unless you have been led to commit yourself by writing, your denial will go as far as his assertion.

  14. Defiance outweighed the old cast of melancholy that clouded her eyes; her lips were fixed in an expression which was denial in itself as she stood looking into the wind, her little brown hands clenched at her sides.

  15. He begged Rabbit to let him go and lie under the wagon, where the wind could blow over him, but she shook her head in denial and pressed him down on the bunk.

  16. His vehement denial of the charge was received with real or feigned incredulity; Irijah "hearkened not unto him.

  17. This time he had sought the crowd, rather to avoid than attract attention; but when he was challenged by Irijah, the accusation and denial must have been heard by all around.

  18. Like Jeremiah, he meets this denial in the strongest and most convincing fashion.

  19. Some of the parts was simply the confirmation of assembled data; much of it, denial of published rumor and conjecture--before the story came out as a whole.

  20. The big Sergeant's confirmation or denial is a smile and a playful, taunting silence that leaves conclusion in doubt.

  21. This is the greatest possible denial of the great misdeed with which society and the sense of guilt began.

  22. Their denial of fatherhood does not apparently rest upon primitive ignorance; in many cases they even have paternal inheritance.

  23. It will be remembered that the answers filed by the attorneys for the defense, was a complete denial of the charges.

  24. Thirdly, he denied on the part of Lord Carnarvon, and I accept the denial with all my heart, that Lord Carnarvon had ever used any words inconsistent with the maintenance of the Union.

  25. You will hear very strong denials that an attorney's being handsome could enter into the dislike he excited; but conversation consists a good deal in the denial of what is true.

  26. Prescott was sensible of a burning desire to grapple with him and extort a confession by force, but there was a risk of the crude method defeating its object, and with strong self-denial he determined to set to work prudently.

  27. Then he drove these thoughts away; to indulge in them would only make the self-denial he must practise the harder.

  28. A denial would serve no purpose and she was conscious of her guilt.

  29. But it is not merely the slave who will feel Mr. Carlyle's hand in the torture of his flesh, the riveting of his fetters, and the denial of light to his mind.

  30. Habits of luxury and the greed of gain took the place of the severe self- denial and rigid virtues of the fathers.

  31. His constant and consistent life of Christlike self-denial in the effort to bless them told even more upon the beholders than all these other things combined.

  32. There is no hardship or self-denial I am not ready to "go in for," but I want you to understand me and let me have your sympathy.

  33. He yearned for fruit in the conversion of souls, and he began to devote himself with more eager self-denial than ever to the winning of Chinamen's hearts for the Saviour.

  34. The position here taken up is frequently met by an outcry against the "denial of intelligence" to the highest power in the universe.

  35. Personal vice was freely charged in explanation of an action which no vicious man would have had the self-denial to undertake.

  36. Concerning Fowler it is not necessary to investigate: his denial may stand for what it is worth; but it is quite certain that scores of members had looked on gleefully.

  37. On the first denial Bradlaugh promptly offered to have the matter investigated before a Committee of the House of Commons.

  38. Holyoake, who wrote a denial of it as early as January 1854.

  39. Don't you yet know enough of me to see through that miserable denial of mine?

  40. Bathsheba, you are the first woman of any shade or nature that I have ever looked at to love, and it is the having been so near claiming you for my own that makes this denial so hard to bear.

  41. That there is something, we repeat, must be true, all dogmas or propositions being necessarily true whose denial involves an impossibility.

  42. The case is, that he, in the hope of converting Deists, ventured to insinuate arguments highly favourable to Atheism, whose professors consider an admission of utter ignorance of God, tantamount to a denial of His existence.

  43. This serious denial produced, of course, shouts of laughter--in the midst of which Alvar entered and joined himself to the group round the fire as they waited for the arrival of some friends of Cheriton's.

  44. The self-denial of missionaries seems to me incredible.

  45. There are several schools of thought: all schools of thought are, however, joined in the denial of the right of the head boy to report to the house master anything save a case of insubordination or disloyalty on the part of a brother prefect.

  46. After a denial that this is intended as a complaint about the past, he says: "Go on and do the best you can.

  47. A note to Mrs. Victor under date of October 16th explains this apparent denial of her authorship thus: "I do not want for myself the credit due to my assistants.

  48. Though so loud a denial is written on your face, I persist in my conviction, and that no idle delusion ensnares me I can prove!

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "denial" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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