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dengue; denial; deniall; denials; denie; denieng; denier; deniers; denies; deniest
  1. It has been denied that the early church contained lay members as well as monks, but Oldenberg appears to have set the matter right (p.

  2. He denied that he had accepted divine honors, but there is no doubt, as Williams insists, that his Vishnuite tendency led him to believe himself peculiarly the recipient of divine favors.

  3. The poor weaver denied his divinity, but that made no difference.

  4. It is not denied that the Hindus made gods of departed men.

  5. Sun-myths, though by some denied in toto, appear plainly in the Vedic hymns.

  6. The wise men of London did as they generally do in such matters--first denied that it was a nuisance at all, and when they were driven from that position, and compelled to yield to public indignation, moved it a little further off.

  7. You had better pay, as otherwise admission will be denied you.

  8. Together, "by sheathed sword since blade was now denied him," they would prove his right to the Sword of Conquest.

  9. By sheathèd sword, since blade is now denied me," he swore.

  10. It is too cruel that everything the dear boy wanted most should be denied him.

  11. It seemed so hard, when she was ready to make any sacrifice for him, no matter how great, even to exchanging her strength for his helplessness, that the means should be denied her.

  12. Aldebaran would have turned aside on yesterday to press the barbed thought still deeper in his heart that he had been denied the joy of fatherhood.

  13. But such an inference was explicitly denied by Charles Darwin,[15] and has no biological foundation.

  14. So Park and Miller in their discussion of immigrants' attitudes say: "The peasant did not know that he was a Pole; he even denied it.

  15. All this is showy if not new; yet, in defiance even of Curran's authority, its argument is practically denied by all human nature.

  16. He went often to the parsonage, often to the Hall, and by degrees the sweets of the social domestic life, long denied him, began to exercise their enervating charm upon the stoicism of our poor exile.

  17. And thou hast scoffed at saint and shrine, Denied the Queen of heaven, And opened up with impious hands The Holy Book unshriven.

  18. Here we have a reappearance of George Fox confuting the doctor in America who "denied the light and Spirit of God to be in every one; and affirmed that it was not in the Indians.

  19. This was immediately denied by every American in Paris, as an impossible thing; and though it was disbelieved by the French, it imprinted a suspicion that some underhand business was going forward.

  20. If the evidence be denied, the authenticity of the Scriptures is denied with it, for it is Scripture evidence: and if the evidence be admitted, the authenticity of the books is disproved.

  21. The preservation, therefore, of the French treaty became of great importance to England, as by that means she can employ American ships as carriers, whilst the same advantage is denied to France.

  22. New Testament; and we know also from the same history that the authenticity of the books of which it is composed was denied at the time.

  23. The Parliament of Paris not only refused, but denied the authority; and the contest renewed itself between the Parliament and the Cabinet more strongly than ever.

  24. However, Malichus, when lie was suspected ef poisoning Antipater, and when the multitude was angry with him for it, denied it, and made the people believe he was not guilty.

  25. Such usage among southern Californians was denied by all of Drucker's informants (Drucker, 1937, p.

  26. The trait was specifically denied for Humboldt Cave (Heizer and Krieger, 1956, p.

  27. There are those who would have been far more qualified in these respects than myself, and, above all, in that full and sympathetic masculine grasp of a man's powerful mind, which is necessarily denied to me.

  28. He did thoroughly enjoy a real talk with one or two friends at a time, but even this he denied himself.

  29. It comes to this, though of course it is denied by the planters and the Queensland Government, which is concerned in keeping up the trade.

  30. So it was his prime pleasure and glory that he thus denied himself, though not with total abstinence, for he played occasionally.

  31. It is not to be denied that the want of such occupations as we are employed in is a large cause of their troubles.

  32. He has brought us within sight of the future: he has been our guide in the wilderness; but he died there and was denied the view from Pisgah.

  33. The great stream of modern thought has advanced; the theory of evolution has been universally accepted; nations, it is acknowledged, produce kings, and kings are denied the faculty of producing nations.

  34. He began not only by sympathising with the people, but by believing in their capacity to manage best their own affairs: a belief that steadily waned as he grew older until he denied to them even the right to choose their rulers.

  35. This is the first instance we have been able to discover in which the suffrages of the youth of the University have been sought for a candidate who denied in his writings that the revealed Word of God is "the way, the truth, the life.

  36. It is not to be denied that he was profligate in his habits and violent in his temper.

  37. It was not to be denied that Miss Jillgall had discovered a good reason for writing to her friend; but I was at a loss to understand why she should have been so anxious to mention the reason.

  38. It was not to be denied that she had felt, and had expressed, misgivings, on being informed of the circumstances under which the Minister's act of mercy had been performed.

  39. Just as he had denied shaking hands with the stranger, which Mrs. James Ashton insisted upon.

  40. And in a postscript she added what she had apparently forgotten to say before--that Captain Tanerton denied it.

  41. We felt equally certain we had passed them in Dip Lane, sitting together in the gig; but St. George denied it in toto, affirming that the person with him was a stranger.

  42. Stephen Radcliffe was asked about these noises; but he positively denied having heard any, except those caused by the wind.

  43. Jack denied his guilt, but denied it in a very tame fashion.

  44. But now, Mr. St. George denied that it was Brook.

  45. But St. George denied that he did, Ellin," I said.

  46. I denied it because it was not he," said Mr. St. George, not appearing to be in the least put out.

  47. The woman-servant denied him--over the chain.

  48. The contention of those that denied copyright was, “Ideas are common property.

  49. Yet no one has denied that jumping-jacks must be paid for.

  50. Sozun could hardly bear their intense gaze; ‘he cannot have denied me!

  51. But it was denied him; and he could only gather from the leader of the party that further suffering was in store for him.

  52. If thy master, or he who will be so, has denied my existence, and broken his solemn treaties in my detention, and that of the other poor fellows who are with me, thinkest thou he will allow me to write word that I am here?

  53. It required all his self-possession to restrain a violent outbreak of passionate emotion; for his heart was full even to bursting, and could he have shed tears, he thought it would have relieved him, but they were denied him.

  54. And one who is loaded with rich gifts, while we are denied new clothes,’ said Hoormut, joining in.

  55. What is denied is that such consequences are rightly to be described as "punishment.

  56. At the same time, the knowledge that our Father is wiser as well as greater than we will forbid us to clamour for what in wisdom is denied us, and will in general govern the spirit and scope of our petitions.

  57. Probably the earliest to arrive in America were the Labadists, who denied the doctrine of original sin, discarded the Sabbath, and held strict views of marriage.

  58. In some States the free negroes were so restricted in settling as to be virtually prohibited; in others they were disfranchised; in others they were denied the right of jury duty or of testifying in court.

  59. The Chinaman was denied the privilege of citizenship, was excluded from the public schools, and was not allowed to give testimony in proceedings relating to white persons.

  60. But it was felt throughout the country that such arbitrary checks would be merely quantitative, not qualitative, and that undesirable foreigners should be denied admission, no matter what country they hailed from.

  61. A strict interpretation of the Civil Rights Act denied the application of the equality clause of the Constitution to social equality, and the social as well as the political separation of the two stocks was also accomplished.

  62. No access to her was given me, and I gave notice that if access were denied me, I would sue for a restitution of conjugal rights, merely that I might see my children.

  63. Gladstone and Bright are for Liberty, and the help denied them within the House must come to them from without.

  64. One betrayed Him for thirty pieces of silver; a second denied Him.

  65. To deny this is to be about as sensible as was the Hindû prince who denied the existence of ice because water, in his experience, never became solid.

  66. Even when the Penal Code denied representation to the majority of the Irish population, military service was never enforced against them.

  67. An officer to replace Gough had actually been appointed and sent to Ireland, though Mr. Asquith denied in the House of Commons that the offending generals had been dismissed.

  68. Lord Morley, in the House of Lords, denied that he had ever underrated the Ulster difficulty, and said that for twenty-five years he had never thought that Ulster was guilty of bluff.

  69. An open trial, indeed, was not denied him; but with hasty rites he was branded a base and false traitor and doomed to be hanged, drawn, and quartered at Tyburn.

  70. To-day we hear of Infinite Love and Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Life, and all personality denied to God.

  71. He felt the same mild surprise at hearing religion denied as he would at the denial of the sun by a blind man.

  72. At her age, with her ambitions, with her artistic temperament and creative instincts, she was yet to be denied all coherent means of expression.

  73. You denied it at the time--but unfortunately I have proof.

  74. You denied it, remembering that I had called myself Anna.

  75. And yet," he murmured, "one of the greatest of our writers has declared that the true spirit of Bohemianism is denied to your sex.

  76. He has denied all knowledge of everything about it.

  77. The supernatural can only be denied by the atheist, who maintains that there is nothing superior to what the Theist calls second causes, or by the Pantheist, who either identifies God with nature, or nature with God.

  78. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the influence of the old, orthodox Protestant tradition has remarkably diminished, and that the minority of nominal Protestants have lapsed into a state of indifference to positive Christianity.

  79. Revelation may be denied as to its complete conception, but the idea expressed in revelation cannot be utterly denied.

  80. This is persistently denied by a certain class of writers, who never do justice to the Catholic Church except under compulsion.

  81. Nothing else, except that Mr. Atherton denied all knowledge at once of the paper found.

  82. Exactly," said he, when I ended by saying that Mr. Wilmot had denied all knowledge of De Vos and the rendezvous in Swain's Lane.

  83. I strove to speak, but utterance was denied me.

  84. I must admit that I believed her ladyship guilty, even though, when we met on the following day and she spoke to me on the promenade, asking me to preserve silence, she again denied her guilt.

  85. The duke gave orders that he should be denied to all visitors, though there was little likelihood of any calling upon him, except perhaps the vicar of Greencombe church.

  86. I had intended, secretly to return the jewels upon the first opportunity, but the unfortunate woman secreted them, and denied all knowledge of them.

  87. My unhappy mistress denied all knowledge of them, but her words availed her nothing.

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