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Example sentences for "impugned"

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imps; impudence; impudent; impudently; impugn; impugning; impugns; impulse; impulses; impulsion
  1. My lord, I cannot answer for the effects of my indignation against a rascal who dared to come and insult me in my own house, but I do know that if I had given him security I should have impugned my own honour.

  2. Valmarana, who told me that, if he had been aware that the sanitary line could be eluded, he would never have impugned my veracity, and thanked me for the information I had given him.

  3. The Duke of Wellington met these resolutions by a direct negative, and contended that repeal agitation originated in the time of the later ministers; the acts impugned were forced upon the present administration.

  4. On his veracity being impugned by the editor of a newspaper, he called him out, and shot him through the arm.

  5. The Stoics (especially Chrysippus), in times somewhat later, impugned the opinion of Diodorus, though seemingly upon grounds not quite the same as Aristotle.

  6. Antisthenes especially was engaged in controversy, and seemingly in acrimonious controversy, with Plato; whose opinions he impugned in an express dialogue entitled Sathon.

  7. We know that Chrysippus impugned the doctrine of Diodorus, but I do not see how.

  8. He assumed the aggressive, impugned the theories of his opponents, and exposed the contradictions in which they involved themselves.

  9. Antisthenes probably invented them, to present the doctrine which he impugned in a dress of greater seeming absurdity.

  10. At first I thought your idea was erroneous; and on looking into the subject, I see that an Act was passed, in the time of King William, for the punishment of those who impugned the doctrine of the Trinity.

  11. Mr. Carlile denied that he had impugned Christianity.

  12. For those who are really attached to the Christian religion must believe Jesus to be a part of the Godhead; which doctrine is now impugned by this Act.

  13. Droz, and in doing so impugned not less the opinion of M.

  14. Protagoras, his doctrine, "Homo Mensura" impugned by Aristotle as adverse to the Maxim of Contradiction, 430 seq.

  15. Hamilton has impugned this doctrine, and has declared the definition to be both absurd in itself, and not countenanced by Aristotle.

  16. No breath of scandal touched her fair name, or impugned her devotion to Henry.

  17. He never impugned the validity of mathematical reasonings, nor experimental truths concerning matters of fact; in regard to the former his thought is rationalistic, in regard to the latter it is empirical or, more accurately, sensationalistic.

  18. Mr. Seddon, rebel Secretary of War, thinking his honor impugned by a vote of the Virginia delegation in Congress, resigned.

  19. The sincerity of the fathers of the Republic was impugned he justified them.

  20. But when the legate presented his credentials, at the instance of the chancellor, who impugned his powers, the estates protested against the entry of any of the Pope’s bulls or letters without the King’s consent and seal.

  21. Those of the King replied that to make such demands impugned the King’s honor, that the prince of Condé ought to trust the crown without requiring guaranties of assurance.

  22. He subsequently defended a woman of Arretium, whose freedom was impugned on the ground that Sulla had confiscated the territory of that town.

  23. Some critics have impugned his legal knowledge, but probably without justice.

  24. The Speaker again essayed to calm the House, and again standing up in his place, he recapitulated his attempts to preserve order, and vindicated the correctness of his own conduct--seemingly impugned by many.

  25. Of course she impugned the statement, which, to a young lady framed for flirtations, must indeed have appeared incredible.

  26. He also impugned the character of the governor, charging him with drunkenness and the habitual use of foul language, and indirectly reflecting on the three inspectors, who in permitting such malpractices had culpably neglected their duties.

  27. Yet this is the main feature of the Platonic philosophy, and the main doctrine most frequently impugned by Aristotle as Platonic.

  28. The validity of a marriage which has been contracted without the free consent of both parties, or without the free consent of one of them, can only be impugned by the parties themselves or by the party whose consent was not freely given.

  29. It must be always carried in mind that to constitute a valid marriage under French law which cannot be impugned by anyone all the statutory conditions imposed by the Civil Code must be complied with.

  30. When there has been an honest mistake as to the personality of one of the parties the validity of the marriage can only be impugned by the person who was misled.

  31. All who feel that their powers as conversationalists have been impugned by the silence of Simpson, please say ’Ay.

  32. It impugned his judgment as a man of the world.

  33. If God's holiness and wisdom and power are not impugned by the actual existence of moral evil, they are not impugned by the original decree that it should exist.

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