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Example sentences for "impugn"

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imprudently; imps; impudence; impudent; impudently; impugned; impugning; impugns; impulse; impulses
  1. If I impugn infinite wisdom when I pray for a change in the weather, do I not equally impugn it, when I pray for a change in the life or character of myself or of my friends?

  2. The Chief Justice: Neither would I receive any evidence meant to impugn the correctness of our authorised version of the Scriptures.

  3. The work in question does not impugn the opinion of any particular sect, but impugns the whole of the doctrines contained in the Old and New Testament.

  4. There was an Act in existence which allowed persons to impugn the doctrine of the Trinity, on which the Christian religion is founded; and by so doing, supported Deism, and admitted the nature of that religion to be investigated.

  5. Mr. Carlile: There is a statute by which it is enacted that to impugn the doctrine of the Trinity is not an offence.

  6. Wolsey had used Agostini to sound Chapuys is obvious from the latter's remark, "were the physician to say all that passed between us, he could not do anything to impugn me".

  7. People might cavil at the verdict of juries; for they were only the decisions of a handful of men; but who should impugn the voice of the whole body politic expressed in its most solemn, complete and legal form?

  8. He has enough, and more than enough, to shoot me or anybody else that would impugn it.

  9. But as you are about to stake your life on the issue, I cannot impugn your sincerity.

  10. It is proposed that "we thus neither impugn the generalizations of Philosophy, nor allow them to invade the dominion of Faith; and admit that what is not a subject for a problem, may hold its place in a Creed.

  11. Upon their face, the words of the constitution are sufficient to justify the President's recommendation, even as understood by those who impugn that recommendation.

  12. They who impugn this view of the question argue on the supposition that the act, performed or to be performed by the United States, is an inchoate gift of money to the States.

  13. He was very tenacious of his opinion, almost inexorable; and it required a courage nearly equal to his own, combined with a serene temper, successfully to impugn his conclusions.

  14. Such a conclusion would impugn the foundations of all faith.

  15. Such a tenet would sully and impugn the doctrine that is the corner-stone of our faith and hope.

  16. It is apparently his habit to impugn translations.

  17. But even the Greek could not be forced into such a meaning as this; and, moreover, there is no reason to impugn the Latin translation, except the peculiar difficulty presented by a comparison with the ninth chapter.

  18. By so doing he would directly impugn the Articles of our Church, he would make himself liable to deprivation, and would justly deserve it.

  19. These facts are mentioned that I may not seem unaware of what can be said to impugn the accuracy of the descriptions of the Fire Rite, as given by Mr. Thomson and other witnesses.

  20. In his successful advocacy of a national undertaking he was not afraid to impugn the authority of the senate, and reaped an immediate reward in being selected, despite his youth, as one of the commissioners for establishing the settlement.

  21. Neeld admitted that he had no reason to impugn the Major's character.

  22. No voice was raised, no murmur was heard, to impugn the right of the new Lord Tristram of Blent.

  23. But though those who see nature thus do indeed deny design of the prescient-from-all-eternity order, they in no way impugn a method which is far more in accord with all that we commonly think of as design.

  24. Far be it from me to impugn the divine commission of any of the seed of Abraham,' replied Tancred.

  25. Fakredeen decided upon everything, and no one was inclined to impugn the decrees of him whose rule commenced by conferring freedom.

  26. I merely asked a question," said Austere; "far be it from me to impugn any man who has held offices in the gift of the people for the last twenty years.

  27. We are not among those who seek to impugn motives, and while giving Mr. Crewe every credit that his charges against the Northeastern Railroads are made in good faith, we beg to differ from him.

  28. I impugn the literal as an erroneous reading: it claims to be local and temporal history, and is not.

  29. Though I may respect your opinions in my private capacity, for I do not wish to impugn for one moment the sincerity of your beliefs, in my episcopal, or what I may call my public character, I can only condemn them utterly.

  30. We do not venture for one moment to impugn his sincerity.

  31. It may seem rash to impugn a principle so universally adopted; and if perfection in art really depends upon an accurate imitation of nature, it would be folly to gainsay it.

  32. No one is more sensible of their piety, learning, zeal, and industry; and a very sad task it has been to me to impugn their conduct and controvert their views as I have done.

  33. And here I would observe that in using the word "imposture" I do not mean to impugn the motives of any of the good and benevolent people who support this Society.

  34. The learned were invited to impugn them, either in person or by writing; and to the whole he subjoined solemn protestations of his high respect for the apostolic see, and of his implicit submission to his authority.

  35. But God will have regard for the prestige of His reputation for justice, power, love and wisdom, which the apostate of Christendom shall impugn during the revolutionary order of things.

  36. I pray thee to understand that I impugn not the action of the judicious Deputy Governor; but wherefore gave you not--you who are so well acquainted with the nature of these heathens--advice to stop them for the present?

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