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Example sentences for "impugning"

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impudence; impudent; impudently; impugn; impugned; impugns; impulse; impulses; impulsion; impulsions
  1. I am obliged to quote these two passages, because my opponents have not shrunk from impugning (Cont.

  2. The second locus (after that bearing on the Prius et Notius) of argument for **impugning a definition is, where it does not enunciate the genus in which the definiend is really included.

  3. Whoever reads the Sixth Book of the Topica, wherein Aristotle indicates to the questioner Loci for impugning a definition, will see how little this definition of the Sophistic Syllogism will stand such attacks.

  4. In each of these three cases you may find arguments for impugning the definition.

  5. This is a locus furnishing many possibilities of impugning the definition.

  6. He had always felt deeply affected when those general remarks were made impugning the motives of patriotism of the senators.

  7. Like his Parliament, he was now impugning the jurisdiction of the clergy in the matter of heresy; they were doctors, he said, of the soul, and had nothing to do with the body.

  8. Six men were executed at the same time; three were priests, condemned to be hanged as traitors for denying the royal supremacy; three were heretics, condemned to be burnt for impugning the Catholic faith.

  9. Alder wrote to members of the Canadian Conference impugning Dr.

  10. The only way of evading the force of this testimony is either by directly impugning St. Paul's veracity, or by supposing that he made an assertion based on a vulgar rumour.

  11. There is no weapon which criticism has not employed for the purpose of impugning their veracity.

  12. Governor Stevens, in his speeches in Congress, severely criticised and exposed the mistakes and unfair findings of the auditor, without impugning his honesty.

  13. It is not competent for you to defend yourself by impugning the truth of the Christian religion, with which our hopes of eternal happiness are so nearly connected.

  14. I hold up that statute as the shield of my protection--I have stated the law which tolerated the impugning of the Holy Trinity.

  15. If you have done something that cannot be defended without impugning the law of England, then you cannot be allowed to go into that kind of defence.

  16. He also placed on the Index all books impugning the Immaculate Conception and likewise those which should tax unbelievers with heresy.

  17. I have chanced to meet with but few cases of prosecutions for impugning the Immaculate Conception, but they occurred occasionally.

  18. We may therefore speak of ten or a hundred races of man, without impugning their being descended from the same stock.

  19. Zeno is impugning the doctrine of absolute substances and absolute divisibility.

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