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  1. The big bay snorts and trembles in every fibre, terrified at his bonds, the first he has encountered in his wild, free life--he cannot understand it.

  2. Why he didn't use it on me I cannot understand--perhaps I didn't give him time.

  3. When we consider the character of the two kings who formed its sole dynasty, we cannot refrain from thinking that it deserved a better fate.

  4. The horsemen mentioned in the same connexion are regarded by some critics as an interpolation, because they cannot bring themselves to think that the Philistines had cavalry corps in the Xth century B.

  5. The Phoenicians erect an altar and call upon their Baâlîm with loud cries, and gash their arms and bodies with knives, yet cannot bring about the miracle expected of them.

  6. Surely such a rich and fertile land cannot be permitted to remain idle, to lie as a tenantless wilderness, while there are such teeming swarms of human beings in the overcrowded, over-peopled countries of the Old World.

  7. I believe it afterward died, but unfortunately I have mislaid my notes and cannot now remember the details of the incident.

  8. One mourns sincerely, but mourning cannot interfere with labor.

  9. They cannot be employed at steady work; but they do occasional odd jobs, and are excellent at hunting up strayed mules or oxen; and a few of the men have begun to wear clothes, purely for ornament.

  10. In an exploring trip like ours, through a difficult and utterly unknown country, especially if densely forested, there is little time to halt, and game cannot be counted on.

  11. He is not only unable to escape, but he is unable to strike, for he cannot strike unless coiled so as to give himself support and leverage.

  12. Why they do not grind off their noses I cannot imagine.

  13. Too much emphasis cannot be placed upon the need of being provided with good weapons.

  14. These coral-snakes are not vicious and have small teeth which cannot penetrate even ordinary clothing.

  15. Why it should have shown such truculence and heedlessness I cannot imagine, unless perhaps it was a female, with eggs near by.

  16. Jaguars also stalk and kill the deer; in this neighborhood they seemed to be less habitual deer-hunters than the cougars; whether this is generally the case I cannot say.

  17. Beermann turns around so that Stroebel cannot see his face.

  18. Shall I then tell our sick friend that we cannot count on your support?

  19. Here is a fine mess, which I cannot solve--at least not I.

  20. You cannot realize what suffering you are inflicting upon me right now.

  21. I am somewhat nettled but you cannot be surprised at that.

  22. Someone has been telling you tales and I cannot defend myself, because I don't know what I am accused of.

  23. That's something I cannot stop you from doing.

  24. If all the Liberals combine with the Conservatives, the result cannot be in doubt.

  25. I simply cannot follow you so quickly, A moment ago you mentioned a diary, didn't you?

  26. I cannot continue to live this life of worry and hypocrisy.

  27. A complete bibliography cannot be given within the limits of this paper, but a number of the most important printed titles and manuscripts have been cited.

  28. It cannot at present be stated whether or not this opening increased during firing, but the defect has been noted and will be carefully observed.

  29. You certainly cannot get more power by deepening present fire-boxes, except by an enormously increased waste of fuel, which all will concede is already sufficiently extravagant.

  30. But,” she continued, “when I said just now that I told you every thing, I forgot that there is one thing I cannot tell you.

  31. She cannot make the change, Matilda, she can only tell you what is right; and you cannot do it either, of yourself.

  32. No, Matilda, I cannot say that, though you have been very wrong; but how can I blame you even for that, when I was as bad?

  33. Leila then said, “Selina, we cannot be quite certain that Matilda is deceiving us; Lydia may have done this.

  34. I was so glad; but though I cannot earn a sovereign, I might earn something if you would only tell me what I must do to dry them as you do.

  35. Indeed I do, Matilda; but it is such a deep joy I cannot find words to utter it; it does not make me merry, but do not think it is because I am sad.

  36. For it is the expression of a righteous indignation which cannot condescend to humour and which cannot even condescend to pathos.

  37. Dickens (accused of superficiality by those who cannot grasp that there is foam upon deep seas) was really deep about human beings; that is, he was original and creative about them.

  38. I cannot express my regret that the words of this poem are not given; for Dickens would have been quite as capable of writing "The Blood Drinker's Burial" as Miss Petowker was of reciting it.

  39. If he is dull it is hardly ever because he cannot think of anything; it is because, by some silly excitement or momentary lapse of judgment, he has thought of something that was not worth thinking of.

  40. He is still the splendid Cockney Orlando of whom I spoke above; he cannot but suppose that any strange men, being happy in some pastoral way, are mysterious foreign scoundrels.

  41. But he sees the solid bulk of definite badness simply because it was there; and Froude cannot see it at all; because Froude followed Carlyle and played tricks with the eternal conscience.

  42. A good joke is the one ultimate and sacred thing which cannot be criticised.

  43. He cannot endure the truth, because it is subtle.

  44. One cannot express the real value of this book without being irrelevant.

  45. Dickens was at least more of a man than the brutalitarian who claims to wrong people because they are nasty, or the humanitarian who cannot be just to them without pretending that they are nice.

  46. Somebody said, with great wit and truth, that treason cannot prosper, because when it prospers it cannot be called treason.

  47. As a fact it is not described at all; so it cannot be objectionable.

  48. A duke may become a navvy for a joke, but a clerk cannot become a navvy for a joke.

  49. I judge freely of the actions of others; I give little of my own to judge of, because they are nothing: I do not find so much good in myself, that I cannot tell it without blushing.

  50. Indeed, he is running away whilst he is there, and naturally makes haste to escape, as from a place where he cannot stand firm, and where he is afraid of sinking.

  51. Our justice cannot expect that he, whom the fear of dying by being beheaded or hanged will not restrain, should be any more awed by the imagination of a languishing fire, pincers, or the wheel.

  52. Others have been encouraged to speak of themselves, because they found the subject worthy and rich; I, on the contrary, am the bolder, by reason the subject is so poor and sterile that I cannot be suspected of ostentation.

  53. If my posterity, nevertheless, shall be of another mind, I shall be avenged on them; for they cannot care less for me than I shall then do for them.

  54. This also, said he, the sables cannot abide.

  55. It cannot die of itself, and no one can catch it; therefore I cannot die, and you need have no anxiety.

  56. In a South Slavonian story a dragon tells an old woman, "My strength is a long way off, and you cannot go thither.

  57. For the strongest of all oaths is that which is accompanied with the eating of a sacred substance, since the perjured person cannot possibly escape the avenging god whom he has taken into his body and assimilated.

  58. The notion of the life of a species as distinct from that of an individual, easy and obvious as it seems to us, appears to be one which the Californian savage cannot grasp.

  59. Now, it cannot be said that in the times known to us the Egyptians worshipped bulls in general, for they seem to have commonly killed and eaten them.

  60. In another story from Cashmeer an ogre cannot die unless a particular pillar in the verandah of his palace be broken.

  61. But the question is an obscure and difficult one, and cannot be here discussed.

  62. But the savage clearly cannot afford to spare all animals.

  63. Dear child," he said, "I cannot die, and I have no heart in my breast.

  64. There they had been viewed with astonishment as strange animals, and the sables cannot abide that.

  65. As all the doors and windows, except the one in the roof, are shut, the devils cannot get into the house again.

  66. In Puy-de-Dome when a binder cannot keep up with the reaper whom he or she follows, they say "He or she is giving birth to the Calf.

  67. Such being my practice, I cannot be accused of cultivating the Heapian dialect, which I hold to be equally abominable with the improper use of the letter h.

  68. A reduction made in favour of permanent libraries on application, it being obvious that the works cannot thence return into the market to the detriment of original subscribers.

  69. Still I cannot think that these functionaries were low or contemptible.

  70. Now, after giving this work a most careful perusal, I cannot but think that the title of the book is, in this instance at least, a misnomer.

  71. It is often necessary to connect pieces of apparatus which are too heavy to be freely handled before the blow-pipe, and which, therefore, cannot be welded together as described on p.

  72. The melting point of vitreous silica cannot be definitely stated.

  73. If the tube cannot be sufficiently expanded at one operation, it should be re-heated and the process repeated.

  74. If the dirt cannot be removed in this way, the interior of the tube should be moistened with a little sulphuric acid in which some bichromate of potassium has been dissolved.

  75. Too much attention cannot be given to cleanliness by the workman.

  76. Why the discovery of gold there should have produced so much excitement cannot be fathomed.

  77. We cannot afford to run the risk of having the institutions of our country injured by an emigration that is uncongenial to it.

  78. It cannot be determined how far this additional force will be behind that designated for the Santa Fe expedition, but it will not probably be more than a few weeks.

  79. Of course, as regards her feelings I cannot speak, as I know nothing of them, but we will assume that she is not indifferent to you .

  80. You cannot pretend that you really imagine that an engaged girl is behaving with perfect correctness when she allows a man she has only just met to take her to supper at the Savoy, even if she did know him slightly years and years ago.

  81. If he is not rich, if he cannot give you everything of which I .

  82. Charming," began Uncle Chris in measured tones, "is an adjective which I cannot .

  83. We may say what we will against the upper strata of Society, but it cannot be denied that breeding tells.

  84. Those who have studied the subject have come to the conclusion that the boorishness of theatrical managers' office-boys cannot be the product of mere chance.

  85. Things, we feel, cannot go on as they are.

  86. Tell Mrs Peagrim that I shall be calling later in the afternoon, but cannot be spared just now.

  87. I absolutely cannot stick it at any price!

  88. Even from the security of later happiness we cannot contemplate them without a shudder.

  89. I tell you, Mrs Peagrim, that there is nothing, there is no lack of vitality which Nervino cannot set right.

  90. How often might the rich greatly alleviate the sufferings of sickness in poverty, by timely gifts of luxuries, which at such a time are almost necessaries, yet which the poor cannot buy!

  91. Such a belief, fully realized, would soon relieve most of us from the fretting cares and corroding anxieties that arise from our "taking thought" about things we cannot control.

  92. But you know you cannot dress here exactly as you did at Ashleigh, and I want you to look as well as your cousins.

  93. There are certain occult forces in this world, Mr. Warren, that science cannot classify or fathom.

  94. Surely, if life is so uncertain for you at best, you cannot lose by a trial.

  95. But, Mr. Warren, I cannot rest or even sit still until I know what has become of him.

  96. Beware, your Highness, of men who cannot sleep o'night--they think altogether too shrewdly!

  97. I will not set him at liberty no more than a plagued man or a mad dog, who though he cannot bite will foam.

  98. Will any man venture to assert,” asks Colonel Hanger, “that a man can live on such a stipend, for a sufficient quantity of bread and small beer to satisfy appetite and thirst cannot be purchased for that money.

  99. The title to the land is intact and cannot be assailed.

  100. If you were endowed with the average foresight you would be able to see that things cannot always go on the way they have.

  101. Therefore, as we cannot secure justice by appealing to you we will be forced to adopt other means.

  102. I believe Captain Cline and some of his men were not even dismounted during the fight, but cannot assert positively.

  103. He said: So grand a subject cannot fail to inspire a writer able to do justice to the theme; and when such an one draws Brown, he will produce one of the most attractive books in the language.

  104. We cannot fight, and of course, cannot prevent our enemy from voting.

  105. A "raid" upon a place may be successfully executed but it cannot be, properly, called a victory over anything.

  106. Colonel Lee represents to them, in all frankness, that it is impossible for them to escape; that the armory is surrounded on all sides by troops; and that if he is compelled to take them by force, he cannot answer for their safety.

  107. Then there was Hazlett; but the record as to his actions is so meager that one cannot estimate with any degree of accuracy how "Christ-like" he really was.

  108. I cannot tell you of anything in the first Four years of John's life worth mentioning save that at that early age he was tempted by Three large Brass Pins belonging to a girl who lived in the family & stole them.

  109. I should hate to spoil these carpets, too, but you know I cannot be taken alive.

  110. She considered the matter a few moments and then said: 'I cannot turn them away.

  111. Wages alone would amount to seven thousand five hundred dollars; loss and suffering cannot be estimated.

  112. I shall grow better upon it I cannot tell.

  113. And by and by comes my uncle Wight to bid us to dinner to-morrow to a haunch of venison I sent them yesterday, given me by Mr. Povy, but I cannot go, but my wife will.

  114. The Turke goes on mightily in the Emperor's dominions, and the Princes cannot agree among themselves how to go against him.

  115. Myself in pretty good health now, after being ill this month for a week together, but cannot yet come to .

  116. Up, I bless God being now in pretty good condition, but cannot come to make natural stools yet .

  117. Whether that or anything else of my draught this morning did it I cannot tell, but I had a couple of stools forced after it .

  118. Should any one come again to borrow a horse, he ought to say, "I much regret that I cannot comply with your request.

  119. The first describes that kind of men who from day to day do add new sins to the old, because they cannot bear the weight of those which they already have.

  120. Then the bystanders said, "He cannot be dead, seeing that he yet speaks.

  121. The reader cannot fail to remark the close resemblance there is between the first parts of the Arabian and Russian stories; and the second parts of both reappear in many tales of the Silly Son.

  122. So she bids him go and see whether he cannot find some lass who will take him for a husband.

  123. Garth cannot make scenes before his foster-mother, for the very shame of it!

  124. She had the same fear of him that one has of an impersonal force like electricity, which cannot be counted on, and of which little is known except that it may strike without considering one's feelings in the least.

  125. So stooping down, as needs he must Who cannot sit upright, He grasped the mane with both his hands, And eke with all his might.

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