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  1. They passed cheerfully over the fact that the articles had been stolen, and were indignant, not because I had accused a Japanese general of pilfering, but because I had accused the wrong general.

  2. We found some selfish consolation for the Boer repulse, in the fact that it shortened our railroad journey by one day.

  3. To this handicap was also added the nature of the ground and the fact that our men could not see their opponents.

  4. I shouted back that no one regretted the fact that he was not more keenly than I did myself.

  5. He was a mile or two miles away from the trenches, but the fact that he was there, and that it was Smolenski who was giving the orders, was enough.

  6. We advanced, talking in that fashion and in high spirits, and congratulating ourselves in being shut of the transport and on breathing fine mountain air again, and on the fact that we were on horseback.

  7. The advantage of this arrangement is in the fact that it can be quickly put together and that it keeps the sleeper clear of the ground and safeguards him from colds and malaria.

  8. Viewed from that point, and leaving out the fact that God ordered it all, the fortunes of the game of war seemed as capricious as matching pennies, and as impersonal as the wheel at Monte Carlo.

  9. No, of course we had no idea where the press-censor was, and unless he said that Ladysmith was relieved, the fact that twenty-five thousand other soldiers said so counted for idle gossip.

  10. It was the first one I ever witnessed that did not require you to calmly smoke a pipe in order to conceal the fact that you were scared.

  11. Beyond the fact that he had six thousand dollars in Seth Long's iron box, and drank somewhat persistently, little was known of him.

  12. He realized that with the valley lying twenty feet deep in snow he couldn't take Tacoma to Bucking Horse; in fact with him that was not the real desired point.

  13. As a matter of fact there are more slayings over strained friendships than over the acquisition of gold.

  14. Snaky Dick had jumped to his feet, startled by the fact that Carney was about to break in on his preserve.

  15. He was rather a diffident chap, never merging harmoniously into the western atmosphere; what saved him from rude knocks was the fact that he was lean of speech.

  16. The fact that I was a woman only simplified matters with them.

  17. The situation struck him as strange, and stranger still was the fact that it did not seem strange to the girl at all.

  18. The fact that the boxes yielded nothing excited Sheldon's suspicions, and he gave orders to dig up the earthen floor.

  19. Only too true, and that fact is responsible for my being here.

  20. Nor did they talk like gentlemen, despite the fact that there was nothing offensive in their bearing and that the veneer of ordinary social nicety was theirs.

  21. He knew that just as readily as the other would he dive among ground-sharks to save a life, but in that fact he could find no sanction for the foolhardy act of diving among sharks for the half of a fish.

  22. Yet he found consolation in the fact that the task of making Oleson drunk had been turned over to the three scoundrels.

  23. You are better off and safer on Berande, in spite of the fact that I love you, than anywhere else in the Solomons.

  24. The fact that none had offended was in itself suspicious.

  25. From the fact that each was attired in a new, snow-white lava-lava, Sheldon knew that they were recruits.

  26. The fact of Margaret's means being, for the present at all events, so much larger than his own, he would not allow to trouble him.

  27. Momentarily it might be diverted by outward things, but always it came back with a sharp shock, and a bitter sense of deprivation, to the fact that Margaret Brandt had passed out of his life and left behind her an aching void.

  28. In fact it was militantly red and vastly indignant.

  29. But one likes to stick as close to fact as possible.

  30. In fact I believe he goes so far as to say that they are one and the same.

  31. It is an undoubted fact that though you might forget the exact lines of Mr. Pixley's face and even his words, you never forgot the fascinating evolutions of his heavy gold pince-nez.

  32. The fact is, I want a quiet place, and the same things.

  33. I could not help that; neither could I leave the great fact out.

  34. She had grown quite used to this fact that she had faced for herself, and scarcely remembered that it must be a pain to Miss Kirkbright for her sake to hear it.

  35. This trip by automobile in fact was a forced attempt to cheer each other up on the part of the chums.

  36. The miller could not help showing what Aunt Alvirah called "his stingy streak" in spite of the fact that he truly was interested in the Indian maid and liked her.

  37. But gradually the fact that demobilization would take a long time was becoming a fixed idea in the girls' minds.

  38. All three of the ponies showed signs of trepidation, and this fact added to Ruth's easily aroused anxiety.

  39. It was a fact soon proved, however, that the Westerner had made it his business in some way to keep track of the movements of Wonota and her friends.

  40. The purring of the engine of Helen Cameron's car betrayed the fact that it was tuned to perfection.

  41. Then Bill Day was suddenly impressed with the fact that the duty of persuading Mrs. Wehle to consent to her husband's execution devolved upon him.

  42. And no spectator could look upon them, bowing silently in prayer, awed by the expectation of the sudden coming of the Lord, without feeling that, however much the expectation might be illusory, the emotion was a fact absolutely awful.

  43. He had, besides, a little intuitive perception of the fact that a smile which breaks against the rock-bound coast of cold cheek-bones and immovable eyes is a mask.

  44. She was stung at every thought of August and his letter, of Betsey Malcolm and her victory, of the fact that her mother had read the letter and knew of her humiliation.

  45. In fact she went from one fit of religious catalepsy to another, falling into trances, or being struck down with what was mysteriously called "the power.

  46. Julia could not conceal from herself the fact that his opinion had no ground.

  47. But it is an unfortunate fact that goodness and self-sacrificing piety do not always go with practical wisdom.

  48. Is it not a significant fact that the slackness evidenced in every phase of industry manifests itself at a time when it becomes more and more difficult to get a decent drink?

  49. It is a fact beyond all dispute that, when the scent of carrion has drawn together hundreds of the common vultures, they all retire from the carcass as soon as the king of the vultures makes his appearance.

  50. The fact is he had sat down upon an intervening body of coushie-ants.

  51. Even the fact that in six months she will become the bride of a grand-duke--even that can make no difference to me.

  52. The fact is, every young poet has got to have a princess to love.

  53. I and my children, madame, were aware of the fact that we were acting contrary to the usual procedure; but the impulse of loyal hearts is guided by no rule.

  54. It is a noteworthy fact that most of the plays of the Irish dramatic movement are one-act plays.

  55. Jimmy's tenderness for Sabra began at rehearsal, when he saw a good deal of her, and felicitated himself on the fact that they were on in the same scenes.

  56. And this in spite of the fact that he gave her infinitely less trouble than the younger man.

  57. There was a subtler sweetness in this sense of a secret, apart from the fact that neither cared to break the news to the master-tailor--a stern little old man.

  58. Had she been a fact it would have been all the same.

  59. I could offer no proofs of the value of my work, not even printers' proofs, and even the fact that the manuscript was concealed behind a sliding panel availed not to bring it into the coveted category.

  60. It is in fact a better story than "Hurrish," and that is saying a good deal.

  61. As to this fact I have not yet made up my mind, though it must be confessed that there is much to give plausibility to their opinion.

  62. This fact I should not have thought it worth while to mention, had he not taken the sole merit of the invention to himself; at least I cannot hear that in his numerous public notices he has ever mentioned my name.

  63. This fact I should not have thought it worth while to mention, had he not taken the sole merit of the invention to himself, at least I cannot hear that in his numerous public notices he has ever mentioned my name.

  64. I endeavoured also, to collect such articles as I thought would be most curious and rare in my own country, and most likely to produce conviction with those who might be disposed to question the fact of my voyage.

  65. We have however one quite natural fact on our earth which serves to illustrate one of these two features, the direction of the downward fissure.

  66. It has in fact been usually considered as (strictly speaking) insoluble, and only to be estimated by a more or less rough approximation, or by the method of general analogy from certain known facts.

  67. We have assumed, in our little calculation, that the entire contents of a polar hood turn to water; but in actual fact a considerable proportion of them must pass directly into vapour, omitting the intermediate stage.

  68. Mr. Very explains this difference as being due to the fact that the full-moon to its very edges is fully illuminated, all the shadows of the ridges and mountains being thrown vertically or obliquely behind them.

  69. This effect is further intensified by the fact that a less dense cannot absorb and transmit so much heat as a more dense atmosphere.

  70. This fact gave the impulse to that idea of similarity in the conditions of Mars and the earth, which the recognition of many large dusky patches and streaks as water, and the more ruddy and brighter portions as land, further increased.

  71. Apart from the fact that he thought the old scoundrel should suffer for his dastardly crime in killing an inoffensive woman, he wished to learn what Forge could reveal of his father's death.

  72. It was, in fact what you might call ancestral worship; only I looked upon Kwang-ho as one who could control my destiny.

  73. Rupert and Olivia lived rather a lonely life at the Abbey, but being very much in love, this did not disturb them: in fact it was rather a pleasure.

  74. In fact so large was the town, and so many the visitors, that it might be said to be quite risen, though the inhabitants insisted that it had not yet attained the height it yet would reach.

  75. Then it appeared that the whole of the case turned on the fact that the scarf had been removed from the pocket.

  76. But I guessed they did, from the fact of that letter asking after the fan," said Tidman, pacing his room, much agitated.

  77. As a matter of fact I write their foreign letters for them.

  78. In some way, the fact of my trying to learn the truth about Markham's death got about.

  79. In fact on more than one occasion I became delirious.

  80. No," said Burgh throwing himself indolently back on the cushions, "fact is, I need you and you need me.

  81. In fact Markham only waited till there was a male Ainsleigh to carry on the succession and to inherit what remained of the estates, and then steamed to the Far East to seek fortune.

  82. I cannot establish the fact and the universality of this institution better than by the following letter addressed by Dr.

  83. This arises from the fact of the more distant tribes who visit Europeans stations, frequently leaving their younger wives, or little children at home, with aged relatives, whilst they themselves go to a distance.

  84. If her father had ever encouraged her confidence she might then have thrown herself on his breast and told him all that she felt, but to Mr. Gradgrind marriage was only a cold fact with no romance in it, and his manner chilled her.

  85. This gentleman was a Mr. Pocket, a relative (as Pip discovered) of Miss Havisham, which fact made him all the more certain that she was his unknown friend.

  86. The fact was that Charles Darnay was not his true name.

  87. Mrs. Jarley was kind, and but for the fact that her grandfather's mind failed more and more every day little Nell would have been quite happy.

  88. Now, it is a curious fact that when a great mass of inflammable material is heaped together, sometimes it will suddenly burst into flame and burn up all in a minute, without anything or anybody setting fire to it.

  89. But he thought the fact that he himself had refused to be one of them, and had given his sympathy rather to the people they oppressed, would make it possible for him to obtain Gabelle's release.

  90. The son had never seen Bella in his life, and in fact the old man himself had seen her only a few times--and that was a long, long time before, when she was a very little girl.

  91. And they believed it the more because Neville made no secret of the fact that he had fallen in love, too, with Rosebud, and in this they thought they saw a reason for his hating Edwin Drood.

  92. The fact that he has a number of sleeping-places and also that in summer he frequently changes his bedding, indicates that these efforts in sanitation are essential for avoiding parasites and disease.

  93. The unfortunate fact is that our scenery has never had a standing.

  94. Cricket fought her way through in the most matter-of-fact manner, notwithstanding her head and neck were all that showed above the snow.

  95. Perhaps the farmer is the one most benefited; he furnishes the beef, fruit, butter, chickens, and in fact all the food consumed by the traveling multitude.

  96. This variation commonly shows in the same litter of cubs; in fact it is the exception and not the rule for cubs of the same litter to be of one color.

  97. That a grizzly bear cannot climb a tree is a fact in natural history which gave me immense satisfaction.

  98. That is something that we cannot tell; but it is a fact that he was destined never to see him again.

  99. It was in fact the tutor, who wore a hat so shiny that it looked as if it were varnished, with his hair carefully oiled beneath it; his gloves were glazed and his handkerchief drenched with Portugal water, but his nose was redder than ever.

  100. Madame Celival was more amiable with him than with any other man; which fact seemed to annoy several gentlemen, among others, the colonel who resembled a cat, and the young dandy who had the look of a Roman.

  101. Monsieur Darena alighted first, dressed even more shabbily than on the previous day; which fact did not deter him from exhibiting the most distinguished manners, as he assisted his companions to alight.

  102. The fact is that he has them in all quarters; he is a downright villain with the women already.

  103. It is a fact that it would be a pity to waste that at his foster-father's.

  104. The fact is that Louise had grown too, and that she had improved even more rapidly.

  105. It is a question impossible to answer, but the fact is indubitable.

  106. It is not my custom to fear anything," replied the major; "I tell you a fact of which you were ignorant, that is all.

  107. These and other similar remarks I heard near me, just as a feeling of utter misery came over me as I realised the fact that it was impossible I could ever be a cadet.

  108. The way we used to race up the hill and back again revealed to me a fact about myself that I was before unacquainted with, viz, that I was a very fast runner for about one hundred and fifty yards.

  109. Then, you see, the fact of your having been here was known at the Academy, and no doubt that helped you on.

  110. I now began to realise it as a fact that I was utterly ignorant on nearly every subject that was likely to be of use to me at Mr Hostler's.

  111. This might be explained from the fact that so much individual and personal instruction is required in order to teach languages, and there was only one professor to about thirty-five cadets.

  112. I stood last but one in my batch--a fact due to my having done so very badly in mathematics and geometry at the last two examinations.

  113. I then carefully read over each of my answers, and corrected some errors that I discovered in the working, and in fact re-did the questions that were wrong.

  114. The entire boundary was not surveyed then, in fact it was a good many years later before it was necessary to have a clear limit between the two colonies for the entire area.

  115. The tender feeling for the homeland is evidenced by the fact that six out of the "eight original shires," as they are generally called, bore names reminiscent of England.

  116. He is more often called "Light Horse Harry Lee" from the fact that he commanded, during the Revolution, light horse cavalry.

  117. Despite the fact that the colonists were in a region where rivers and numerous streams afforded easy transportation interrupted only for short periods by ice in winter, attendance at court in Jamestown was burdensome.

  118. That there could not have been anything very serious in the rumour, may be inferred from the fact that no church court took any notice of the matter, though these were days when the reins of discipline were not held with a slack hand.

  119. There is a fact not unlike the above in the history of the district where Samuel Rutherford laboured so lovingly.

  120. It is a curious fact that only in Letter cccxxv.

  121. Provisions had become very scarce and barrels of eggs and boxes of crackers and barrels of hams, in fact almost everything eatable was rolled out on the land and sold at once.

  122. In fact the only clear remembrance of anything there, is of a large sign upon a building directly across the street from the little inn or tavern where we stopped for the night.

  123. My knowledge of this fact came from mother being all alone at night.

  124. One of the things about this same trip of the old Nominee was the fact that almost every citizen of St. Paul came down to see this welcome messenger of spring.

  125. In fact it is a delightful place, and I don't know to what good fortune we are indebted for an invitation.

  126. He believes in being good to himself and generous to others; values money only for what it will buy, and every day illustrates the fact that it is easier for him to earn ten dollars than to save one by being "close.

  127. After 5 years of work the castillo was a defense in fact as well as name, and the people of the presidio could breathe more freely.

  128. Forgotten was the fact that boot and rack, pincers and bar were in London Tower as well as in the Inquisitorial Chamber.

  129. The fact that they did not leave the town in ashes lent credence to this report.

  130. Yet the fact remained that while the officials in Spain recognized the shocking conditions of neglect, St. Augustine was still far from succor.

  131. I regretted having blurted forth the fact that I had known them in Palermo, for in the interests of justice--though terribly afraid of being recognised myself--I was compelled to identify Madame and Wilkinson at Bow Street next day.

  132. The fact is that he's just as much puzzled as the wily Italian himself.

  133. At Downing Street they did not conceal that fact from me.

  134. Curious though it is, yet it is nevertheless a fact that women delight in a faster pace in a car than men, when once the first sensation of danger has passed.

  135. During our brief friendship I had, I admit, grown to admire her immensely, and were it not for the fact that a very urgent appointment called me to Roumania, I would have gladly remained.

  136. Or was it really a fact that he, Prince Albert of Hesse-Holstein, had, for a few moments, held her hand tenderly?

  137. He continued to flatter her, and with that cunning innate within him he slowly drew from her the fact that she would not be averse to a second marriage.

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