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fixate; fixated; fixation; fixations; fixe; fixedly; fixedness; fixer; fixers; fixes
  1. Captain St. George Foley, brother of Lord Foley, offered himself to the electors as an advocate of Liberal measures, and of a moderate fixed duty upon corn.

  2. The committee were occupied some days longer in considering the clauses of the Oxford Company’s Bill, and gave the Birmingham and Gloucester Company power to use the loop line at Worcester, at a remuneration to be fixed by umpires.

  3. The salary of the chief constable was fixed at £250 a year; and the Metropolitan Commissioners of Police were requested to nominate a suitable person.

  4. MAY 27—Price of the quartern loaf fixed by the Mayor of Worcester at 1s.

  5. MARCH 27—Colonel Davies voted in a minority of nineteen on an amendment, moved by Mr. Hume, to admit wheat at all times at a fixed duty of 10s.

  6. The evidence fixed the custom of sale by sample to have commenced in the year 1760.

  7. The article first chosen for operation was sugar—Lord John Russell at the same time giving notice that he intended to propose a fixed duty of 8s.

  8. The election was fixed for Wednesday, but on Tuesday evening Sir Thomas was apprised by Lord John Russell of the sudden decease of Sir Nicholas Tindal, and of the intention to elevate Sir Thomas to the chief justiceship of the Common Pleas.

  9. Liberals had been disappointed by the candidate they had fixed upon—a Mr. Rennie.

  10. Whitmore’s motion to substitute a fixed duty on corn for the alterative duties then in force, Mr. G.

  11. She could make up her mind to endure almost any thing, if only it were fixed and settled.

  12. Goslawski was in future to receive a fixed salary, and work with his hands only at those parts of the machinery which required the greatest exactitude.

  13. Having discovered his spectacles in the table drawer and duly fixed them on his nose, the shoemaker pointed to the place where the signature was to be put, and began: "Es, tee.

  14. I was not conscious of those many bent heads, but only of their eyes, which, fixed on the figure of Christ, were addressing a last prayer to Him.

  15. He spent his gigantic strength in hard work, suppressed his dreams, and fixed his thoughts on one thing only, and that was money.

  16. I am fixed here as sure as a Jew comes to a wedding.

  17. Buza kept his eyes fixed straight in front of him, and dropped them when obliged to turn his head in the direction from which he came.

  18. Adler fixed the ladder to the parapet on the roof, and, with surprising skill for a youth so clumsy and heavy, carried the people, who were half dead with fright, one after the other on to the roof.

  19. He sat thus for some minutes, with eyes which seemed fixed on the far distance; he sat motionless as though he were already away in that distant scene which, possibly, was opening before him.

  20. But the Cossack's eyes were fixed on something else.

  21. After the momentary strain of attention there followed a reaction in him, and he began to doze standing, his eyes fixed on the shining surface of the cylinder, on which drops of water were falling.

  22. Her husband was silent; his eyes were fixed upon hers.

  23. He fixed his grey, deep-sunken eyes upon hers, and awaited her answer.

  24. She was silent, standing before him, her beautiful eyes fixed upon the carpet.

  25. The red afterglow from over the sea streamed into the room as she sat with her eyes fixed away on the distant horizon, beyond which lay the wealthy, picturesque kingdom over which she was queen.

  26. She fixed her calm gaze upon him in the pale moonlight.

  27. The procession moved slowly on and at length arrived at the place fixed upon for the burial.

  28. The part which is to be pierced by a spear is fixed for all common crimes, and a native who has incurred this penalty sometimes quietly holds out his leg for the injured party to thrust his spear through.

  29. These snags are however more to be feared at the time of high-water than at any other period, for they have generally become fixed upon shoals as they originally descended the river, and at low water can easily be seen.

  30. The next matter to arrange was what place should be fixed on as the point of rendezvous to which assistance was to be sent to those who were left to follow with Mr. Walker.

  31. She seemed not to hear him; she stood with her eyes fixed straight in front of her.

  32. His eyes were fixed on Sangster's averted face.

  33. But Christine was not looking at him; she was sitting with her eyes fixed straight in front of her, a frozen look of horror on her little face.

  34. He spoke to Jimmy, but his whole attention was fixed on the girl at his side.

  35. And just when we had come to be so comfortably fixed here," groaned one, when the housekeeper had departed.

  36. Well, Mr. Williams's fixed him nice, HE has!

  37. Jake, Sam here and Gertie had fixed it up to run off and git married to-night.

  38. The place wa'n't very big, but 'twas fixed up fancy and there was a kind of blackboard along the end of the room where a boy was markin' up figgers in chalk.

  39. I've fixed you just the same as the Black Rover fixed the mutineers.

  40. And by and by the fog come down and shut us in, and that fixed what little hope I had of bein' seen by the life patrol on shore.

  41. When the tie business begun and Gaius and Dan was bribin' the billiard roomers to jine the club, 'twas him that fixed how they should vote so's to keep the deadlock goin'.

  42. Our Cape winter weather was what fixed him.

  43. With these words he set the prisoners in their midst, fixed them upon crosses, and after copious abuse killed them.

  44. In the course of time the number of the tribunes was fixed at ten, [Sidenote: FRAG.

  45. Some of the prisoners he sent into Hannibal's camp to explain what had happened, and he fixed Hasdrubal's head on a pole nearby.

  46. The hours of labor were long--unquestionably too long--and said to be as a rule fixed by the employer.

  47. He then clasped his hands in prayer, after which he stood with eyes calmly fixed upon the officer.

  48. Following these bare-armed amazons came the housemaid with a great cake of beeswax, which was fixed into a fork of wood at the end of the handle as long and thick as a broomstick.

  49. They come together, unless any sudden and accidental emergency have arisen, on fixed days determined by the new or full moon; for these times they deem the most fortunate for the transaction of business.

  50. You never fixed a scandalous tariff for the sale of his benefits; you chose to take your reward in public esteem, not in riches.

  51. Oh Thou who hast made this starry Whole, Who hast fixed on high Thy throne; Who biddest the Blue above us roll, And whose sway the planets own!

  52. At the request of the people, the words of Theodoric's harangue on his entrance into the City were engraved on a brazen tablet, which was fixed in a place of public resort, perhaps the Roman Forum.

  53. The roots of the tusks were thus exposed to view, and were next attacked with the hatchet, the ends fixed in the jaws being loosened and cut off, by means of a fulcrum made from a large branch of a tree.

  54. Anderson was as if spellbound, his eyes fixed on the child, who stood like a youthful prophetess, her head thrown back, her beautiful face full of solemn light, her arm raised in awful appeal.

  55. Softly the old man played, keeping his eyes fixed on the child, whose glorious voice floated out on the evening air, filling the whole world with sweetest melody.

  56. As he played, he kept his eyes fixed on the bend of the road some rods ahead, as if expecting every moment to see some one appear from the direction of the village.

  57. His eyes are fixed on the child; his face is aglow with wonder and delight, but with something else too,--some passion which strikes a jarring note through the harmony of the summer idyl.

  58. How many plod onward, with eyes fixed on the ground, when they might be raised to the skies, seeing the glory of the Lord, which He has spread abroad over hill and meadow, for all eyes to behold!

  59. Sitting there in her simple cotton dress, her head thrown slightly back, her hands folded, her eyes fixed in their unchanging calm, she made a picture that the stranger never forgot.

  60. Lady Barbara drily; and Kate seeing Mr. Wardour's eyes fixed on her rather anxiously, recollected that hate was not a proper word, and fell into confusion.

  61. Fanny tried kindly to talk to her; but she was too anxious to listen, made a short answer, and kept her eyes fixed on the two heads of the party, who were in close consultation, rendered private by the noise of the train.

  62. Lady Barbara did not say one single word; but that need not have been surprising--only how very straight her back was, how fixed her marble mouth and chin!

  63. So it was fixed that she should live at Caergwent Castle with her uncle and aunt, and be brought up to the care of her own village and poor people, and to learn the duties of her station under their care.

  64. For they run like deer, and have no village or fixed abode.

  65. That is, one of the fixed number of notaries assigned or allowed to Manila.

  66. Thus, on rum of Jamaica proof, the rate fixed was four ninetieths of a dollar, and upon all other spirituous liquors three ninetieths.

  67. Besides the fixed population, there is a constant current of people flowing to and fro between the island and the mainland.

  68. After consultation this amount was fixed at three per cent by volume at 60 deg.

  69. When the State assayer of liquors was first appointed he soon became convinced that some limit must be fixed to the allowable amount of alcohol contained in a liquor.

  70. To the second question, as to what is held to be adulteration, in Massachusetts the only standard fixed by law is that of the United States Pharmacopoeia.

  71. The glance she fixed on me was steady and clear, but there was a sort of waiting expectation in it like she was ready for anything and braced to meet it.

  72. Perfectly," she fixed her eyes on him and kept them there, black and unfathomable.

  73. Anyway I saw them all amazed, their eyes fixed staring on me.

  74. So I fixed up the papers as I found them and left the office.

  75. It was so pat you'd think fate had fixed it, and it worked out as pat as it began.

  76. This fixed the fact that Harland had gone straight from his own office, down the stairs on the Broadway side, into the Azalea Woods Estates, and that he or somebody in there had locked the door.

  77. I whisked round and there he was standing by the table, his eyes fixed hard and almost fierce on me.

  78. They gained access to both offices without any trouble, O'Mally flashing his badge at the nightman, whom he'd already seen and fixed with a story that he was after important papers for the Copper Pool men.

  79. George was leaning forward, his elbows on the table, his eyes on the boy in a fixed stare.

  80. The light fell full on his face and over those clasped hands his eyes stared at me so fixed and steady they looked the eyes of an image.

  81. The evil becomes more fixed by its public recognition.

  82. The rule was granted, and an early day fixed for the trial.

  83. One case in particular fixed the attention of the whole of France, not only on account of the enormity of the offence, but of the rank and high connexions of the criminal.

  84. Public attention was the more fixed upon the proceedings at Covent-Garden, since it was the only patent theatre then in existence, Drury-Lane theatre having also been destroyed by fire in the month of February previous.

  85. They asserted that, by an error (a very slight one) of a little figure, they had fixed the date of this awful inundation a whole century too early.

  86. The cause was fixed for trial in the Court of Common Pleas, on the 5th of December, before Lord Chief-Justice Mansfield.

  87. The capital was fixed at six millions of livres, in twelve thousand shares of five hundred livres each, purchasable one-fourth in specie and the remainder in billets d'etat.

  88. Rows of lighted candles, also, when the air is calm, are fixed outside the windows or along the sides of the streets.

  89. He has also a preference for certain tracks, over which he hunts again and again at fixed seasons, from which circumstance districts and villages in the old Saxon land received the name of Woden's way.

  90. When followed by any individual, he begins to walk backwards, with his eyes fixed full on his pursuer, and vanishes on the slightest momentary inattention.

  91. I nevertheless suspect that the corruption referred to by Mr. Waugh has fixed the precise locality of, at least, one of the stories to which I have referred.

  92. He shows, likewise, that other feasts were originally fixed at the cardinal points of the year.

  93. Ptolemy speaks not only of a people inhabiting the district of which Lancashire forms a part, which he names the Setantii, but of a harbour on the coast, the Portus Setantiorum, which I and others have fixed at the Wyre.

  94. It is my fixed purpose to come, I assure you.

  95. She must look at it again, therefore, and at once; or else the grave would close over the face, and leave the awful fantasy that had connected itself therewith fixed ineffaceably in her brain.

  96. Her faith is fixed on "form;" and to flesh and blood she has linked a truth divine, by seeing God incarnate in the person of Christ.

  97. A more modern marble monument, to one of the Burtons, is fixed on the wall near the pulpit.

  98. For Mr. Ricardo never dreamed of offering a standard or fixed measure of value, or of tolerating any pretended measure of that sort, by whomsoever offered.

  99. It began now to be suggested that a nightly guard should be established, having fixed stations or points of rendezvous, and at intervals parading the streets.

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