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comporting; comportment; comports; compos; compose; composedly; composedness; composee; composent; composer
  1. That is to say, the power of their gods is better adapted to preserve multitudes than individuals,--as if a multitude were not composed of individuals.

  2. Of these things many have written: among others Apuleius, the Platonist of Madaura, who composed a whole work on the subject, entitled, Concerning the God of Socrates.

  3. These (your bodies) are indestructible so long as I will it; although all that is composed can be destroyed.

  4. They say, Already he had a soul, else he would not be called a man; for man is not a body alone, nor a soul alone, but a being composed of both.

  5. He thinks that the poets themselves, because they have composed songs so unworthy of the majesty and goodness of the gods, ought to be banished from the state.

  6. Varro's distribution of his book which he composed concerning the antiquities of human and divine things.

  7. Of the perfection of the number six, which is the first of the numbers which is composed of its aliquot parts.

  8. Of the authority of the canonical Scriptures composed by the Divine Spirit.

  9. The rest came into use very soon after "measured music" began to be composed and we soon find rests corresponding with the various denominations of notes in use, viz.

  10. Scales, major and minor are composed of a definite selection from the many tones of the key, and all scales extend through at least one octave of pitch.

  11. Many of the poems incorporated in this epic date back some three thousand years, and the epic itself is composed in alliterative verse, although it also contains rhythm of line and sound, as the following introductory lines prove.

  12. Although some authorities declare it dates back as far as the fifth century, most affirm it must have been composed in the seventh.

  13. In the second century of our own era Quintius Curtius composed an epic on Alexander, and in the third century Juvencus penned the first Christian epic, using the Life of Christ as his theme.

  14. His poet son, Oisin (the Ossian of later Romance), is said to have composed at least one of the poems in the famous Book of Leinster.

  15. From this poem Tulsi Das has composed a play known as the "Ram Charit Manas," which serves as Bible to a hundred million worshippers in northern India, and is always played at the yearly festivals in the presence of countless admirers.

  16. Danish literature boasts of some five hundred chivalric ballads (Kjaempeviser), on partly historical and partly mythical themes, which were composed between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries.

  17. Besides the Chansons de Geste pertaining to various phases of this theme, the Breton cycle includes many shorter works termed lais, which also treat of love, and were composed by Marie de France or her successors.

  18. The Servian dramatist Palmotitch later composed the Christiad, or life of Christ, and in the nineteenth century Milutinovitch wrote a Servian epic, while Mazuranie and Bogovitch penned similar poems in Croatian.

  19. These composed poems possessing epic qualities, wherein mention is made of some of the characters of the Arthurian Cycle.

  20. Thus Mary pondering oft, and oft to mind Recalling what remarkably had passed Since first her salutation heard, with thoughts Meekly composed awaited fulfilling.

  21. In several of them he took a special interest, on account of the beauty of their voices; and as both himself and his friend Yelagine were versifiers, they composed songs which the children sung.

  22. I had verses composed by the Italian poet of the court, and set to music by the chapel-master, Araja.

  23. Enumerate: He played snatches of Bach on the violin, on the piano, and on the organ; he composed fragments for all three instruments.

  24. The Pilgrim was composed of sixteen columns of paragraphs in which society, art, and letters were dealt with--the form of expression preferred being the most exaggerated.

  25. He had also a brother who composed somewhat unsuccessful waltz tunes, who borrowed money, and James thought that his brother caused him some anxiety of mind.

  26. That slime we shall find in most cases composed of clay (or brickdust, which is burnt clay), mixed with soot, a little sand and water.

  27. It is of an unusual form, and one which it might seem very difficult to build--a pyramid with convex sides, composed of other minor pyramids.

  28. Next day she set to work at sunrise to sew, and I composed my carmen the while.

  29. It was composed of men from the infantry, selected for their daring and gallantry.

  30. It seems composed by skeletons and intended for readers who are content to disown their good flesh and blood, and be moved by some ghastly mechanism.

  31. I take you at your word and send you some more sheets--only, to get something pithy and real, I go back to some practical remarks at the end of a chapter on Habit, composed with a view of benefiting the young.

  32. You speak sometimes of our natural life as our whole conscious life; sometimes of our consciousness as composed of both elements, finite and infinite.

  33. Grimm has just been studying the question and thinks that the poems of Homer must have been composed in a written language.

  34. The houses are all four stories high and composed of separate flats, as in Paris.

  35. The elder Henry James left an autobiographical fragment which was published in a volume of his "Literary Remains," but it was composed purely as a religious record.

  36. As for the remaining matter of your somewhat illegible letter, what is this mythological and poetical talk about psychology and Psyche and keeping back a manuscript composed during a honeymoon?

  37. When I get home let's establish a philosophical society to have regular meetings and discuss none but the very tallest and broadest questions--to be composed of none but the very topmost cream of Boston manhood.

  38. Here is a poet who pretends that his poems have been composed according to technique or principle.

  39. The first hundred was composed of those first put into the stockade; and then, as new or fresh prisoners arrived the second and other hundreds were added.

  40. In order to throw the blood hounds off their tracks they would besmear their feet, hands and clothing with a mixture composed partly of brimstone.

  41. These Home Guards were composed of those who were either too old or too young to go into service at the front.

  42. The fourth class is composed of sundry ambitious persons in the service of the State and of liberals of various shades of opinion.

  43. The second category must be composed of people to whom we concede life provisionally, in order that by a series of monstrous acts they may drive the people into inevitable revolt.

  44. A revolutionary government was immediately established, namely the Commune, composed in part of workmen belonging to the International, in part of bourgeois radical republicans.

  45. The fifth category is composed of doctrinaires, conspirators, revolutionists, and of those who babble at meetings and on paper.

  46. Since the 4th of September a Committee of Public Safety had been installed at the Hotel de Ville composed of republicans, radicals, and some militants of the International.

  47. Spies, full of rage, hurried to the office of Arbeiter Zeitung, the anarchist paper, and composed the proclamation to the workingmen of Chicago which has since become famous as "the revenge circular.

  48. An executive committee composed of eight members signed the following proclamation, drawn up by Gaspard Blanc, which was printed during the night and posted early the next morning: "The people of Lyons .

  49. All this unclean society must be divided into several categories, the first composed of those who are condemned to death without delay.

  50. The Garde Nationale, as a regular institution, had been in a great measure suppressed since the summer of 1793, and those who composed it gradually disarmed.

  51. The present government is composed of such discordant elements, that their very union betrays that they are in fact actuated by no principle, except the general one of retaining their authority.

  52. The most celebrated members of the Convention are only readers of speeches, composed with great labour, either by themselves or others; and I think it is distinguishable, that many are manufactured by the same hand.

  53. France is at this moment looking for the decision of its fate in the quarrels of two miserable clubs, composed of individuals who are either despised or detested.

  54. The greater part of the French troops are now composed of young men taken indiscriminately from all classes, and forced into the service by the first requisition.

  55. But no word of hers gave him any clue to the real state of her feelings, until one day he received a letter almost entirely composed of descriptions of the appearance, mode of speech, method of thought and expression of one "Jerry.

  56. She played everything he composed exactly the same.

  57. Footnote: Needless to say, this is impossible French, composed chiefly of distorted Danish words.

  58. I composed a few short tunes, which I myself thought very pretty, but which my young master made great fun of, and with good reason.

  59. The lower part of the altar is composed of Italian marble, with a representation of Christ's sufferings in the garden of Gethsemane; and the organ is considered the finest in Copenhagen.

  60. The chains are parallel from end to end, and are composed of identical and interchangeable malleable cast links.

  61. The metal band or belt conveyor, a modification of the rubber or canvas band conveyors, is an endless belt composed of iron plates connected to endless chains, usually of malleable cast iron, running under the plates.

  62. The first water-jacketed cupola which came into general use was a circular inverted cone, with a slight taper, of 36 inches diameter at the tuyeres, and composed of an outer and an inner metal shell, between which water circulated.

  63. Wordsworth had injurious habits of composition; he dictated his prose to an amanuensis, and he composed his poems in the fields as he walked.

  64. On this hint the author composed his elegy and epitaph.

  65. I composed this song as I conveyed my chest so far on my road to Greenock, where I was to embark in a few days for Jamaica.

  66. Song Composed In August Tune--"I had a horse, I had nae mair.

  67. And Burl floated downstream, perched, weaponless and alone, frightened and in constant danger, upon a flimsy raft composed of a degenerate fungus floating soggily in the water.

  68. It seemed as though a miniature whirlwind kept pace with the little pink-skinned man, a whirlwind composed of winged bodies and multi-faceted eyes.

  69. At that height it was composed of a mass of loose fragments of black slate, perfectly moveable, and so steep, that it was difficult to progress in an upward direction.

  70. The road for the remainder of the march lay along its left bank, over boulders and gravel, ascending now and then a little way on steep sloping banks, entirely composed of transported materials.

  71. On the opposite and shady side of the valley, the forest seemed to be chiefly composed of pines.

  72. Just beyond Kalatze, a large stream had cut a deep ravine through the platform, showing it to be composed of large incoherent water-worn stones, mixed with gravel and clay.

  73. This plain was partly grassy, but mostly composed of hard dry clay.

  74. The stream had cut for itself a narrow channel, nearly a hundred feet in depth, the walls of which were entirely composed of huge incoherent masses of rock, all more or less angular.

  75. The Executive Committee was composed of Gerrit Smith, Judge Jay, John G.

  76. A pure church composed of fallible and sinful men is a figment of the imagination.

  77. It went so far as persistently to infringe its own laws by shutting the doors of its conventions upon legally chosen delegates of congregations composed of free coloured men.

  78. At the sixth anniversary of the Massachusetts Antislavery Society, held in January, 1838, the business committee, composed of Messrs.

  79. It was composed of a large figure of Hercules contending with the Hydra with seven heads.

  80. I am sorry to say, that the members who composed it did not choose, in the face of the unpopularity which it occasioned, to take any further step in it.

  81. New English Canaan, or New Canaan containing an abstract of New England, composed in three bookes.

  82. Reserve= Composed by Eleazar, an Indian youth who was then a student at Harvard.

  83. This collection was almost entirely composed by members of the family of President Stiles, and Dr.

  84. NBHD= =Verses=, composed and sung at Trenton, on the delivery of the funeral eulogium in honor of the memory of General George Washington.

  85. The =Columbian= naval melody; a collection of songs and odes, composed on the late naval victories and other occasions.

  86. Composed at the request of the Mechanics Association of Boston.

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    Other words:
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