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dealeth; dealing; dealings; deall; deals; deam; deaneries; deanery; deanship; dear
  1. Sheriffs dealt directly with the king instead of through an earl.

  2. The country life of a country squire or gentleman dealt with all the daily affairs of a farm.

  3. Surgeons dealt with skin disease, ulcers, hernia, bladder stones, and broken bones, which they had some skill in setting.

  4. But I perceive they dealt with me like physicians who, ministering a drug, make it more acceptable by giving it a good aromatical savor; or when they give pills, do gild them all over.

  5. She dealt with envoys coming to the court.

  6. All disagreements were to be settled by the company's governor, or his deputy in residence, and those officials dealt with such disputes as arose between members of the company and continental officials and buyers.

  7. The guilds did not restrict themselves to dealing in the goods for which they had a right of inspection, and so many dealt in wine that it was a medium of exchange.

  8. It was supported by the populace because it dealt promptly and summarily with rebellion or some scandalous acquittal of a notorious criminal by bribed or partial jurors, and thereby prevented anarchy.

  9. There were dangerous and explosive words, like Peace, War, and Freedom which the censor dealt with drastically.

  10. She dealt with emphasis on the brighter sides of the Act, i.

  11. You cannot take a face as a serious thing; it is one of nature's jests, and it is most suitably dealt with as the clown and the pierrot deal with theirs.

  12. Anyhow, to room number 13, which was among the many rooms where this vast and intricate subject was dealt with, Ivy Delmer was summoned this Monday morning to take down a letter for Vernon Prideaux.

  13. How clever the people who dealt with such things needed to be.

  14. The Patriot had the personal, homely touch; it dealt faithfully not only with the public misdemeanours of prominent persons, but with the scandals of their private lives.

  15. He boasted of having given the greatest satisfaction to the Spaniards who had dealt with him.

  16. They were, of course, Inquisition prisoners; for other offenders would have been dealt with on the spot.

  17. The hours went on, and still the battle raged, if battle it could be called where the blows were all dealt on one side and the suffering was all on the other.

  18. All the characters in the pictures had to be assigned and dealt out among us, according to seniority, as far as they would go.

  19. Le Sage dealt with men, not with scenery, and no doubt, like Dr Johnson, would have preferred Fleet Street; but Segovia wrings a tiny tribute even from him.

  20. I mean by this that she dealt most with the figures of the great world, but by no means in a grandiloquent, consequential, or Beaconsfieldian sense.

  21. Yet, within two or three days, I was told to help in drafting a marriage settlement which dealt with people at whose house I was going to dance on the very night in question.

  22. Another Surrey chapter might have dealt with my activities as Sheriff and my conceptions of that office.

  23. I have dealt with the problem of publicity, but publicity of course is not the whole of journalism.

  24. A good many, besides those who assumed that republicanism and the rights of man were in their special keeping, believed that an unfortunate class had been dealt with hastily, and even cruelly.

  25. But it was a veil, not a visor, behind which he fought; for everybody knew from whom came the vigorous blows that he dealt about him right and left.

  26. When all was now concluded, my father laughingly said, "If you have dealt unfairly by me, I forgive you.

  27. Gurgoyle's pamphlet; suffice it that he presently dealt with those who say that it is not right of any man to aim at thrusting himself in among the living when he has had his day.

  28. The "American Treaty," however, dealt a blow to piracy in the Western hemisphere; and in due time relieved the inhabitants of Cuba as of other Spanish possessions in America for the nightmare that had threatened them for over a century.

  29. Moreover, the Indians were already there, in the island, and had to be dealt with in some fashion.

  30. Johnson, I believe I have dealt more in notions than facts[165].

  31. Tyranny and servility are to be dealt with after their own fashion: otherwise, they will triumph over those who spare them, and finally pronounce their funeral panegyric, as Antony did that of Brutus.

  32. Johnson's understanding dealt only in round numbers: the fractions were lost upon him.

  33. Besides the matter is not dealt with yet.

  34. Even before His Majesty hath been a week on his throne, and before the matter of religion hath been dealt with, such as I are ejected from our livings and thrown into the gaols.

  35. After speaking thus he dealt with his right to hire men to drive out the usurper.

  36. When dealt with by wise men they can become useful, even as Katharine Harcomb became useful.

  37. If a man sin, let him be dealt with according to the law of God in the Bible, the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants; and then leave him in the hands of God to rebuke, as Michael left the devil.

  38. I have dealt at some length on Professor Beck because he is a person of much importance.

  39. It is a purely empty system of determination where reality should be dealt with.

  40. What is dealt with or made use of without consideration as an aid to daily life, is certainly the unknown to man unless he be informed in Philosophy.

  41. Many philosophers are for the most part important from an historic or literary point of view only, and hence we may limit ourselves to the compilations in which they are dealt with.

  42. With Heraclitus, however, the moment of negativity is immanent, and the Notion of Philosophy as complete is therefore dealt with.

  43. At Heidelberg he composed a short abstract of his subject, giving in a few terse words the main points dealt with in each system of Philosophy.

  44. There were pure Aristotelians like Pomponius: Gassendi later on maintained the Epicurean philosophy, for his philosophy dealt with Physics after the manner of the Epicureans; Lipsius wished to be a Stoic, and so on.

  45. Thus we see that Philosophy is system in development; the history of Philosophy is the same; and this is the main point to be noted and the first principle to be dealt with in this treatise on that history.

  46. The appearance of contingency in time-succession is to be dealt with later on.

  47. In fact we had nothing to say to each other; but we two, strangers as we really were to each other, had dealt with the most intimate and final of subjects, the subject of death.

  48. Everything that happens on board ship on the high seas has got to be dealt with somehow.

  49. All this of course could not but be ruinous to the discipline of the army, and it was an alarming fact to be dealt with.

  50. In the treatment of political and social questions the same deep-seated conviction prevails that progress can and will be made: the conditions and causes of poverty can be ascertained by patient study, and when ascertained can be dealt with.

  51. To the chosen few--the great artists, the moral or religious reformer--a sense of the ideal is dealt in a larger measure than to the rest of men.

  52. Without these assumptions science cannot treat of any subject: no department of knowledge can be dealt with scientifically if these assumptions are not admitted with regard to that department.

  53. Slowly we pressed forward to the crest of the ridges between the Somme and the Ancre, and we know from Ludendorff's own confession that we then dealt a blow at Germany's strength from which she never recovered.

  54. The Russians won great successes in Galicia, and the British and French on the Somme dealt the German armies a blow from which they never really recovered.

  55. So hard do the Mohawks and the Onondagas think this deed, that they have dealt subtly with the Oneidas, and striven to rescue our captive from our hands by the crooked ways of the serpent.

  56. I will send my answer to him who sent thee; for our brethren, the Mohawks, have not dealt well with us in using subtlety.

  57. I have said that she dealt with the things of her own heart.

  58. What every observant foreigner first notices, canvassing the intellectual life of the land, is the shy and gingery manner in which all the larger problems of existence are dealt with.

  59. He went further and exhorted the people to cease smoking, not because tobacco was impure, but because the Koran says that it is unlawful to make use of any article which is not fairly dealt in by all alike.

  60. On the opposite side of the road was the rival merchant who dealt in Russian goods, and he seemed to be doing quite a brisk business.

  61. They dealt with him as if he had been a European prince--at which the Amir seemed much flattered.

  62. Khorassan and Sistan stand on quite a different footing, being severed from the West by the great Salt Desert, and must be set apart for the moment and dealt with specially.

  63. Let Him deal with us, if He see fit, as He dealt with David of old, when He forgave his sin, and yet punished it by the death of his child.

  64. The history of the Jews is, or may be, your history or mine, for good or for evil; as God dealt with them, so is He dealing with you and me.

  65. Never had the good sisters dealt with a girl so adaptable and at the same time so spirited.

  66. He was up to Curly Jim's game, and liked the hands that were being dealt him.

  67. In the primitive trading days he had been a power over his people, and he had dealt profitably with the white trading companies.

  68. These are the objects dealt in by the bankers who are the agents to carry on the work of exchange.

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