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Example sentences for "adaptable"

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adamant; adamantine; adan; adapt; adaptability; adaptation; adaptational; adaptations; adapted; adaptedness
  1. She had no innate irresistibility, but was a shrewd and adaptable human girl.

  2. Large areas are adaptable to the production of rubber.

  3. Their physical features, the undeveloped state of their transportation, make an air service especially adaptable to their usage.

  4. This is particularly adaptable where simple steel is used.

  5. This idea is especially adaptable when long, narrow pots are desired.

  6. These lexicons are adaptable for use in schools, academies and colleges, and for all persons desirous of obtaining a correct knowledge of these languages.

  7. Ah, yes, that amatory lyre of his is an uncommonly adaptable instrument.

  8. Nevertheless, he has few equals as a house dog, being naturally cleanly in his habits, affectionate in his disposition, an admirable watch, and an extraordinarily adaptable companion.

  9. One or two species are annuals which are adaptable to cultivation in the open garden, and their little, ladyslipper-like flowers are attractive.

  10. Of Shrubs which are generally adaptable for the North, the following are excellent: Barberries.

  11. But Patty was adaptable by nature, and when in Rome she was quite ready to do as the Romans did.

  12. I remember what an adaptable little thing you were when you were with us down in the country, and really, you did us quite a lot of good that summer.

  13. Man is such an adaptable creature that we are not sure what he subsisted on before he became civilized and are therefore unable to say what his natural food is.

  14. El Montanes Juan Pascal and El castigo de la miseria, reprinted in the Biblioteca de Autores Espanoles, give a just idea of his adaptable talent.

  15. Covers of this kind, made of leather and provided with a label on the back, are especially adaptable to paper-covered books which, for any reason, one may wish to preserve in their original wrappers without rebinding.

  16. Red glass verging toward the orange is equally effective, but less adaptable to the purpose.

  17. Sidenote: Influence of Tools and Materials] Clay may readily stand as the most adaptable material for appendages, with metal ranking second, and wood third.

  18. What decorative process will be adaptable to service, the material, and the contemplated design?

  19. That was my particular line, the various nuts, especially those adaptable to California, but also along with that the nuts of the United States and the nuts of North America.

  20. It appears, however, that the possibilities are great and well worth striving for, and it is our sincere hope that some day a variety may be developed which will prove adaptable to eastern conditions.

  21. Shafto was adaptable and soon found his feet.

  22. We probably make lots of mistakes with the animals we have domesticated but the more adaptable of them have grown accustomed to civilized food, and thrive.

  23. The view is magnificent, and the place is easily adaptable to some charming bits of landscape gardening which good taste and personal supervision can accomplish without expensive gardener's fees.

  24. No doubt in New York she would relate her summer adventures as something very amusing, but for the moment this adaptable woman seemed to herself in a very ingenuous, receptive, and sympathetic state of mind.

  25. Philip was impressed with the ready talent, the adaptable talent, and the facility of this accomplished journalist, and as their acquaintance improved he was let into many of the secrets of success in the profession.

  26. Your psych profile, though, says you're adaptable enough that you could accept both, given adequate motivation.

  27. Adaptable as we have to be, it's quite a shock going from cadet-candidate to Ranger; it'll take you a couple of days to get back to normal.

  28. Unless the library is a very large one, say, ten to twenty thousand volumes, with ample and adaptable shelving, it is not to be desired.

  29. Some parts of the skeleton, obviously, are more adaptable or plastic than others.

  30. The beak seems to be the most adaptable part.

  31. We may have been greenhorns at the trade wherein Germans were experts by training and education; still we fancy ourselves as a reasonably adaptable breed.

  32. If there exists a more adaptable creature than the American soldier he has not yet been tagged, classified and marked Exhibit A for identification.

  33. None of these models, however, are more adaptable to our ways than the country houses of France.

  34. This part of the country is therefore not adaptable for factories; its sole use is for the growing of grain and stock-raising.

  35. There are no beet-sugar factories, but much of the land, especially that in Entre Rios and Corrientes, is adaptable for beet culture, so there is no reason why an establishment of that kind could not be made to pay.

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