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Example sentences for "ambidextrous"

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  1. I¹, that is, ambidextrous or right handed on both sides; which happeneth only unto strong and Athletical bodies, whose heat and spirits are able to afford an ability unto both.

  2. Altogether the proportion of normal left-handed and ambidextrous persons was 6.

  3. It is also interesting to note the ambidextrous tendency among children, savages, and idiots.

  4. Among criminals, on the other hand, with the single exception of highwaymen, the proportion of left-handed and ambidextrous persons was in every case higher.

  5. Our candidate provided the money and a manager, also ambidextrous with instructions to get those votes and incidentally to double the money, as a good and faithful manager should.

  6. The Eminent Person, a Republican for Revenue Only, had been awarded a remunerative Federal position as a tribute to his ambidextrous versatility in the life strenuous, and his known prowess as a "Stand-Patter.

  7. One of his last contributions to the Press was a series of articles in the Daily Telegraph on “Ambidextrous Man.

  8. That curious tale of antiquity which Herodotus has preserved shows us all the obscurity and the inconvenience of allegorical communication in its ambidextrous nature.

  9. It is even conceivable that an ambidextrous person, to avoid suspicion of suicide or to impute murder to another, might inflict a suicidal wound from right to left.

  10. It should be borne in mind in this connection that a given suicide may be ambidextrous and this fact may be unknown to the friends of the deceased.

  11. In point of fact, he was ambidextrous in the use of the razor.

  12. Rather will I pass on,--and after my own fashion will here show my ambidextrous muse in a brace of political unpublished lyrics on either side.

  13. Only ambidextrous people draw so at the present day; and indeed to scrape a figure otherwise with a sharp flint on a piece of bone or tooth or mammoth-tusk would, even for a practised hand, be comparatively difficult.

  14. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "ambidextrous" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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