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Example sentences for "ambiguities"

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  1. Each success or failure will probably be decisive in certain respects, and will remove one or more existing conflicts of interest or ambiguities of position.

  2. But the principle of equal rights, like the principle of ultimate popular political responsibility, is not sufficient; and because of its insufficiency results in certain dangerous ambiguities and self-contradictions.

  3. Indeed, there seems to have been no little perplexity and confusion of conception on this subject, arising from the extreme subtlety of our mental processes, as well as from the ambiguities of language.

  4. It is the necessitarian, who is always talking about the ambiguities of language, that is continually building upon them.

  5. He would have seen, that, aside from the ambiguities of language, there was but one real point in dispute.

  6. When we see the same consequent, we should infer the existence of the same antecedent; and not suffer our minds to be confused and misled by the manifold ambiguities of language, as well as by the innumerable illusions of the fancy.

  7. But in the treacherous ambiguities of Pierre, Melville himself hovers on the verge of this insight.

  8. Incidentally, Melville undertakes to show, in the tortuous ambiguities of Pierre, that even the purest impulses of Pierre were, in reality, tainted of clay.

  9. All manner of ambiguities result from neglecting this consideration.

  10. This last example is (like others which have been cited) a case of fallacy within fallacy; it involves not only the second of the two ambiguities pointed out, but the first likewise.

  11. But what appeared in the course of investigation was that the woman concerned and all her kindred were now just as anxious--aided by the ambiguities of the Scotch marriage law--to cover up and conceal the affair as was Meryon himself.

  12. In causing all ambiguities of expression to be precisely explained.

  13. This nomenclature is old and familiar, and will probably always persist on that account, but it is not of itself of the happiest, and it gives birth to some ambiguities and many fallacies.

  14. Thus, they might perhaps be called natural methods rationalised; because men commonly seem to guide themselves by a mixture of different methods, more or less disguised under ambiguities of language.

  15. The disputes over mental versus written arithmetic are also confused by ambiguities in the use of 'mental.

  16. Consider the ambiguities and false reasoning of these problems.

  17. Analogous to this are some of the ambiguities in the free-will controversy; which, as they will come under special consideration in the concluding Book, I only mention memoriae causa.

  18. Ambiguities of the Expressions, "Increase in Demand," etc.

  19. A diagram is not exposed to similar ambiguities of emphasis.

  20. There seem to me inherent ambiguities and self-contradictions lurking beneath their scientific splendor.

  21. The more I have examined these writings and their fundamental assumptions, the more manifest have ambiguities and contradictions in the use of terms become.

  22. For it was purged of all the ambiguities of a dual position and of divided responsibilities.

  23. The proposal made at first was only to elucidate a law which had been regularly observed for fifty years, and to remove such ambiguities as tended only to embarrass the innholders, not to relieve them.

  24. It is easy to anticipate what would be the practical result of that Bill's ambiguities if it passed into an Act.

  25. The high and all-important enquiry as to the authority of the British Parliament sitting at Westminster would come to turn upon the studied ambiguities of one ill-drawn section of an Act of Parliament.

  26. The second substitute amendment smoothed out the ambiguities and the alleged ambiguities of the Constitution, of which the machine legislators made so much during the session, and of which it is feared the courts may make much later on.

  27. Where, to the common sense mind, no ambiguities exist, machine claquers and Southern Pacific attorneys can read them into the Constitution very easily, as in the dispute as to whether the absolute or the minimum rate is constitutional.

  28. Curiously enough the machine Senators who had been so much exercised over the alleged ambiguities of the Constitution when the Stetson bill was under consideration were found opposed to the submission of the amendment to the people.

  29. To condemn Racine on the score of his ambiguities and his pomposities is to complain of the hastily dashed-in column and curtain in the background of a portrait, and not to mention the face.

  30. Who can affirm that the wild ambiguities of our hearts and the gross impediments of our physical existence are less real than the most pointed of our feelings and 'thoughts beyond the reaches of our souls'?

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