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Example sentences for "ambergris"

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  1. He is called Tin-Back because he never sells that sort of crab, and he hopes he can find a lump of ambergris in a dead whale some day.

  2. All his life he has dreamed of finding treasure, or ambergris or something, and here we come along and take it right from under his eyes.

  3. Essence of ambergris is used as a perfume, and is added in small quantities to sweet-scented spirits and wines, to improve their flavour and aroma.

  4. Thus, were it desired to form an essence of ambergris or of myrrh, and no formulae could be found for these preparations, the tyro would consider in what menstruum the active principles of these substances were most soluble.

  5. To the last add, of essences of ambergris and bergamotte (oil), of each 1 fl.

  6. This is extracted from ambergris by digestion with alcohol of 0.

  7. If there was a lump of ambergris in it we all be millionaires!

  8. So I brought out to him some of the pearls and balls of musk and ambergris and saffron, in which latter there was still some sweet savour; but the pearls were grown yellow and had lost pearly colour.

  9. And the door-leaves in the pavilions were like those of the castle for beauty; and their floors were strewn with great pearls and balls, no smaller than hazel nuts, of musk and ambergris and saffron.

  10. Mu'awiyah answered, 'Wottest thou of any city founded by man which is builded of gold and silver, the pillars whereof are of chrysolite and rubies and its gravel pearls and balls of musk and ambergris and saffron?

  11. Again, of things black and excellent is ink, wherewith is written Allah's word; and were it not for black ambergris and black musk, there would be no perfumes to carry to Kings.

  12. The Moors of Delisa affirm that pieces of ambergris are some years found weighing 20 quintals, and so large that many men may take shelter under their sides without being seen.

  13. Footnote 140: Ambergris is assuredly meant in the text.

  14. We sent commodities to their king, to barter for ambergris and the horns of the abath, the trade in both of which articles is monopolized by the king of this country.

  15. I could not learn of any merchandize produced in this island, except aloes and dragon's blood; and some black ambergris is said to be got on the shores of Abba del Curia.

  16. Then there was a packet of ambergris and Marston knew ambergris was worth much.

  17. The leaves of their doors were even as those of the citadel for beauty and their floors strewn with great pearls and balls, as they were hazel-nuts, of musk and ambergris and saffron.

  18. Kaab, and Muawiyeh said, "Wottest thou of a city builded of gold and silver, the pillars whereof are of rubies and chrysolites and its gravel pearls and balls of musk and ambergris and saffron?

  19. So I brought out to him some of the pearls and balls of musk and ambergris and saffron, in which latter there was still some sweet smell; but the pearls were grown yellow and discoloured.

  20. Ambergris is the petrified gall-stones of crocodiles.

  21. Ambergris is found both on land and at sea.

  22. Know, then, my lord, that Farnoo is more like ambergris than amber.

  23. Listen, old Mohi; ambergris is a morbid secretion of the Spermaceti whale; for like you mortals, the whale is at times a sort of hypochondriac and dyspeptic.

  24. For in those days, as now, a quarter-quintal of ambergris was more valuable than a whole ton of spermaceti.

  25. Moran had taken the lump of ambergris from out Kitchell's old hammock, and had slung the hammock itself in the schooner's waist, and Charlie was made as comfortable as possible therein.

  26. Even in the confusion of the moment it occurred to Wilbur that it was quite possible that at least two-thirds of the ambergris did belong to the beach-combers by right of discovery.

  27. We triced a sperm whale for the beach-combers, and when they thought they had everything out of him we found a lump of ambergris in him that will weigh close to two hundred pounds.

  28. The ambergris had been cut into two lumps, and would be found in a couple of old flour-sacks in the stern of the boat in which he and his men had come ashore.

  29. But the ambergris is mine--is mine," she answered, never taking her eyes from the confronting coolies.

  30. Charlie, ask him if they saved the ambergris when the junk went down--if they've got it now?

  31. How have we the right to take the ambergris away from them any more than the sperm and the oil and the bone?

  32. Commercially these animals are of importance on account of the oil yielded by the blubber of all of them; while whalebone, spermaceti and ambergris are still more valuable products yielded by certain species.

  33. Take of Wood of Aloes five drams, Ambergris three drams, Musk one dram, with mussilage of Gum Tragacanth made in Rose Water, make it into troches according to art.

  34. We may introduce here a few remarks respecting ambergris: Ambergris is a substance, which has a peculiar fragrance, and for that reason is used as a perfume, and may be employed like similar substances in odoriferous fire.

  35. I was cook on a whaleship fo' five years, and have handled little bits of ambergris two or three times, but no one in de world, I believe, ever see such a lump like dis.

  36. Mrs. Lester had never heard of ambergris to her recollection, but Manuel now enlightened her as to its uses--the principal being as a developer of the strength of all other perfumes.

  37. Ambergris is often found floating about the shores of the Coral Sea and throughout the region known as Australasia, having been ejected by the many whales frequenting these latitudes.

  38. You're foolish to sink us," I says, "till you take off the ambergris and the sealskins.

  39. The hatches were off her hold and our sealskins and our ambergris gone from below.

  40. By this time, with the ambergris back and five thousand extra sealskins below, all hands were willing to take a moderate chance on almost anything.

  41. They have probably retired from this part of the coast in consequence of being persecuted, as ambergris was formerly found in great abundance on these shores, but is now very rare.

  42. If possible I shall leave to-night," Neal and Teddy heard him say to the sailing master, "therefore it will be well to get your ambergris on shore before noon.

  43. Ambergris is believed to be the product of a sort of ulcer or cancer which has formed in the bowels of a whale.

  44. Mr. Walters thinks he can find ambergris which has been washed up on the rocks, and that is quoted at ten dollars per ounce.

  45. His cheekdown writeth on his cheek with ambergris on pearl, ii.

  46. The whiskers write upon his cheek with ambergris on pearl, vii.

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