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extortioners; extortions; extorts; extra; extracellular; extracted; extracting; extraction; extractions; extractive
  1. That poor, dirty, triple extract of vice and sin?

  2. I can buy a can of good beef extract and dip the point of my knife in the can and get more nourishment on the point of that knife than in 800 gallons of the best beer.

  3. The extract on the point of the knife represents one and three-quarter pounds of good beefsteak.

  4. The following extract from an old translation of Boccaccio, Decam.

  5. This is the last extract from 'the hours.

  6. It is hardly credible that the history as given in the extract from the "Encyclopædia Britannica" is actually derived from "Spadacrene Anglica.

  7. This extract was selected for an entirely different purpose, yet it is clearly not the language of a fellow-physician in practice in York.

  8. These modern accounts cannot be better or more authoritatively exemplified than by taking a short extract from the article "Harrogate" in the "Encyclopædia Britannica.

  9. His personality is fully and finely revealed in his Will, and as this is the only biography, as it were, written by himself, I append an extract from it, so that he may speak for himself.

  10. The following extract of the first recorded visit to Harrogate will, I think, be of interest.

  11. I have made a true statement, and each one may extract from it any moral he chooses.

  12. Kings and nobles don't pull the teeth of Jews any more to extract loans.

  13. In the same manner, to change the water into its solid state of ice it has to be put into a similar bath, not to extract heat from it, because it has not any to extract, but to prevent extraneous heat from getting into it.

  14. Boussingault, the scientific agriculturist, read an extract from his memoir on the extraction of oxygen gas from atmospheric air.

  15. As the above extract will show, there has been a disposition shown at Washington to reward bravery, and reward it at once.

  16. He changed his tone, and exerted all his eloquence in endeavouring to soothe and extract from her the secret cause of such terror.

  17. They expect to extract money from the poor, and exact vengeance with heavy blows when they receive nothing.

  18. One old priest was tortured so cruelly to extract a confession that, believing that the torture would cease and that he would be left alone if he did it, he cried out in his desperation: "We are revolutionists.

  19. Mr. Reisner and the French explorers prefer to publish nothing until they have exhaustively studied the whole of the evidence, and can extract nothing more from it.

  20. From this extract it will be seen that Shalmaneser gives us, in Ushpia or Aushpia, the name of a very early Assyrian viceroy, who in his belief was the founder of the great temple of the god Ashur.

  21. The following account is an extract from a translation made by Professor Willis, of Cambridge.

  22. But, by the law of Conservation of Energy, the liquefied air by expansion can yield no more energy than was required to extract the heat from the air and compress it into the liquid state.

  23. And it is marvellous what success generally attends these efforts to extract bits that are oftentimes two or three hundred feet below the surface.

  24. Indeed, there is scarcely a form of disorganization and of disorder which Jefferson does not extract from some elementary principle or natural right.

  25. Yes, Fantômas meant to torture him, extract from his victim some appeal for pity, for the mercy this monster in human form could never know nor exercise!

  26. Did he manage to extract any information?

  27. An illustration of what is meant by re-telling the old story in a modern way for modern hearers is found in the following characteristic extract from a sermon of Dr.

  28. A good example of this prejudice will be found in an extract from the speech of Senator Ingalls, of Kansas.

  29. It was commonly impossible for anybody to extract it.

  30. The following is an extract from a geographical account of China: "P.

  31. We have already seen, that even the powers and ingenuousness of a Robertson have been unable to extract from them the voice of truth.

  32. When the four ministers of Charenton presented very heavy accusations against the Jesuits to Louis XIII, cardinal Richelieu answered them all: for the sake of brevity, I shall extract only his reply on the charge of regicide.

  33. These extract plenty from the earth; their hands wield the blade of Jemshid with which he clove the ground, and drew forth the treasures of abundance.

  34. I have only to add one more extract from Mr. Lane's Preface.

  35. Mr. Lane has written some of the Oriental words in this extract according to his own mode.

  36. The following extract from a journal which I kept in Cairo during my second visit to Egypt, will convey some idea of this person, who will serve as a picture of many of his fraternity.

  37. Miss Baillie had apologized to him for having sent an extract of one of his letters to her friend at Edgeworthstown.

  38. All that he could extract from their clemency, (or rather from that of the queen alone,) was a hard-wrung permission to visit Louis in his cell.

  39. Louis compared these principles with that of Wharton, I mingle with the dross of the earth, to extract its gold!

  40. Only it is necessary that they should be supplied with a different kind of raw material; as they cannot extract carbon from carbonic acid, they must be furnished with something else that contains carbon.

  41. Here is an extract clipped from its columns shortly after our departure from America: "Pigeon-flying Extraordinary.

  42. It was these, no doubt, which had prevented the ill-fated vessel from going to the bottom, but they were of such a size as to make it impossible for us to extract them.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "extract" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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