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Example sentences for "depreciate"

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  1. They contain the history of a great revolution related by the principal actor in it; but no effort can be traced to set his own side in a favorable light, or to abuse or depreciate his adversaries.

  2. It shows a strong tendency to depreciate human nature, and to leave the salvation of man entirely to God's mercy: in emphasising man's redemption from evil it is apt to forget the elevation of his nature toward the good.

  3. To assert this does not mean to depreciate the significance of the facts which the social tendency has made us conscious of and the tasks which it has imposed upon us.

  4. I would not depreciate it; so you may hear me patiently, Guy.

  5. I'm afraid he'll depreciate me to his friend; and really with Mr. Thorndale, I was no more foolish than a ball requires.

  6. I would not depreciate that merit; it is considerable; for they might, if they pleased, spend their money in France: but the difference between their spending it here and at home is not so great.

  7. With very firm varieties, this may be done without serious damage, but the bruising that necessarily ensues will be very prejudicial to all the more delicate fruits, and will materially depreciate the value of such as are also of a pale color.

  8. It did not fully answer his end, to exaggerate her burdens, to depreciate her successes, and to vilify her character.

  9. Such rational indifference is ill adapted to the character of a fanatic; nor is it probable that a messenger from heaven should depreciate the value and necessity of his own revelation.

  10. To restore this book to credit was the cause that induced me to engage in this disagreeable controversy, rather than any design to depreciate the just reputation of Milton.

  11. Examples: Persons who invite others to defraud and show how it can be accomplished, theatres where irreligious plays are staged, books that aim to depreciate virtue, etc.

  12. But it is not humility but ingratitude and sloth to depreciate and grieve over the good which one has received from God, such as the gift of faith, membership in the Church, etc.

  13. It has been the habit to depreciate the style of Faguet, which indeed does not set out to be exquisite, and cannot compare with those of several of his great predecessors.

  14. He did not deny the charm of Rousseau's writing, or pretend to depreciate his incomparable talents, but he pronounced him to be deranged and eccentric, and to have gloried in the illumination of the obscure and vulgar vices.

  15. I greatly fear it is in the nature of man to depreciate the advantages he actually enjoys and to exaggerate those which are denied him.

  16. But, my lord, does it not depreciate the value of property?

  17. For the rest, our words are by no means intended to depreciate the nature of the lower animals.

  18. It is not right, it is not worthy of us, in this manner to depreciate the value, to degrade the majesty, of this grave deliberation of policy and empire.

  19. Persons otherwise pious carry to excess the esteem and affection they have for their spiritual directors, exalt without measure their wisdom and holiness, and do not scruple to depreciate all others.

  20. To depreciate the merits of some in order to exalt those of others at their expense is a sort of slander, that ought to be all the more feared because it is generally so little recognized.

  21. Personal pique, however, may have done as much as a differing taste to depreciate the Spectator in the eyes of the author of the Tale of a Tub, for he elsewhere acknowledges its merits.

  22. Thus he was inclined for a time to depreciate infant baptism, without however declaring it absolutely unallowable.

  23. Every means was used to crush the independent operators and depreciate the selling value of their property.

  24. Tsze- sze, writing in Sung, should not depreciate it as Confucius had done out of it!

  25. Under the present dynasty, the tendency has been to depreciate the labors of Chu Hsi.

  26. He may hardly venture to depreciate the work, for it would not seem quite right to depreciate the work of a man who had endeavoured to depict, however inadequately, a sacred subject.

  27. As no taxes were laid by the States, the sums they expended were procured partly from the continental treasury and partly by the emission of State currency, which tended to depreciate the continental paper, and impede its circulation.

  28. Many causes have conspired to depreciate the certificates, notwithstanding the interest is so well secured, and has been punctually paid.

  29. Or it may be covered with trees that want stumping out, or the good surface soil may be very shallow and ten years of cropping will exhaust it, or there may be a dozen other things that will depreciate the value of the land.

  30. It sets its face against drunkenness and other vices that depreciate the value of its human assets.

  31. In the meantime, and while the new-comer is gaining experience and paying by his labour for a piece of land that can never depreciate in value, he is not precluded from selecting and acquiring his homestead.

  32. The vision of Constantine maintained an honorable place in the legend of superstition, till the bold and sagacious spirit of criticism presumed to depreciate the triumph, and to arraign the truth, of the first Christian emperor.

  33. I shall copy the words of Eutropius, who wrote his abridgment about fifteen years after the death of Gallus, when there was no longer any motive either to flatter or to depreciate his character.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "depreciate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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