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Example sentences for "belittle"

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believest; believeth; believing; believingly; belike; belittled; belittles; belittling; belive; bell
  1. And now I bid thee to kiss me even before all these that are looking on; for there is nought to belittle us therein, since we be troth-plight.

  2. In order to increase our respect for the bible, it became necessary for the priests to exalt and extol that book, and at the same time to decry and belittle the reasoning powers of man.

  3. Shame on the passions which belittle man!

  4. To make Wellington so great is to belittle England.

  5. If they attempt to belittle me to my face, I shall resign my position here.

  6. I cannot allow you to misunderstand or belittle their principles.

  7. And in saying that I do not mean to belittle the beauty of the gardens, but I have to put them in that category to make a place high enough in the scale of comparison for that tree.

  8. It may indeed be that the prosecution or defense may belittle or intensify one or another bit of evidence which the bench might not have thought of; or they may call attention to some reason for severity or mercy.

  9. One gets the impression in these cases that the witnesses under consideration suppose that they belittle themselves and their point of view if they think anything to be impossible.

  10. Mr. Theobald is unfortunate in his selection of the points he raises in Shakespeare’s career in order to belittle the character of the poet.

  11. I do not fear that; but I do regret that any editor of a prominent paper in New York should belittle it and himself, by allowing any of his employes to keep up this boyish pop-gun firing into the air.

  12. If thou art truly the Prophet of Allah, as thou dost assert, thou art so far above me that I dare not argue with thee; and if thou art merely an impostor, it would not be fitting that I belittle myself by replying.

  13. To represent the likenesses of the Prophets is to belittle them inevitably and sacrilegiously.

  14. When the historians of other Prophets cut out of their lives all that they consider may belittle them in the eyes of posterity, the writers set themselves up, in reality, as critics of their heroes' acts.

  15. One exception she made in this policy of self-defence; in one thing she gave him his due, for she never attempted to deny or belittle the validity of his musical passion.

  16. And she must continue to make her mind fight and belittle and criticize him.

  17. Let's not belittle it any more'n we can help.

  18. I don't belittle it," was the quick response.

  19. While trying to belittle the good intentions of jacob, I tried at the same time to belittle my obligation to him, whose authority was fast becoming irksome.

  20. It is easy, after a lapse of forty years, to show the mistakes of our predecessors, and thereby attempt to belittle another's effort; but is it right?

  21. Mr. Peary attempted to belittle the merited applause by saying that Nansen had borrowed the "Peary system.

  22. Those who would belittle this matter may say that the appearance of which we speak is due largely to the fashion of dress--the long unbroken lines which add to the height and encourage the appearance of slenderness.

  23. This sort of inanity takes the place of reading-matter that might be of benefit, and its effect must be to belittle and contract the mind.

  24. You cannot belittle this struggle or its consequences.

  25. He tried to belittle you, my friends, and the cause to which you are devoted.

  26. Nay, they would even go so far as to belittle their practical life if we should show a tendency to despise it--whereto at times we might be urged on by a slightly vindictive feeling.

  27. If you feel great and productive in solitude, society will belittle and isolate you, and vice versa.

  28. Just the fellow to sit on Rawlings if he wishes to belittle the new scheme," Bagshaw had advised.

  29. And on the first occasion, when, imagining Harper to have cause for displeasure with Sturton, he ventured to disparage that fine fellow, and belittle his scheme, Harper turned upon him like a tiger.

  30. And the effect of that is to belittle and corrupt in the child's heart a bigger and deeper conception of love, as a loyal and steadfast thing, with no string attached to it.

  31. Yet he is too impressed by the working of natural economic laws to belittle their influence.

  32. Nor must we belittle the criticism, in its clearest form the work of Fitz James Stephen,[8] that has been levelled at Locke's theory of toleration.

  33. While he did not belittle the value of reason, he was always impressed by the immense part played by prejudice in the determination of policy.

  34. Nor must we belittle what insight De Lolme possessed.

  35. Nor must we belittle the debt he owes to his predecessors.

  36. His object had evidently been to belittle the value of the answer, before it was made, by thus calling attention so prominently to the fact that Dr.

  37. He therefore attempted to belittle the hypothesis.

  38. He recognized morphine poisoning prior to death, but Mr. Bliss attempts to belittle the value of this by the hypothesis that the drug was self-administered.

  39. I am not one of those who belittle the classic; far from wishing to see it eliminated, I would wish to see it cultivated.

  40. But now they put his character in peril and belittle the authors of the gospels.

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