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  1. No doubt the Galway Home Rulers invent and circulate these falsehoods to discount the effect of the good work of a Conservative Government, and it is, therefore, well that the facts should be placed on record.

  2. The royal bank, which the regent himself hastened to foster when he saw the profits of the first private bank of circulation and discount France had ever known, issued notes against which Law entered immediately his firm protest.

  3. He asked them the discount for cash, and their special figures to compare with those of other agencies.

  4. These they would discount and settle on presentation.

  5. Jackson said he would do better for Bates on a cash discount than he would for anybody.

  6. Snarleyyow was at a sad discount just then, but he very wisely again sought protection with his master, and this time he was not noticed.

  7. After some cogitation, it occurred to him that, for Vanslyperken's sake, he might be well received at the Lust Haus by Widow Vandersloosh, little imagining how much at a discount was his lieutenant in that quarter.

  8. He can roughly discount these creatures' habits, in so far as they touch him at all, without deciphering their fantastic minds.

  9. Our conceptions of many things on which we have been given information apparently full and accurate have been proved time and again to be quite wrong; experience enables us to discount our anticipations, but it only comes with years.

  10. A large percentage of this had been employed to discount foreign, and in especial German bills, so that the paper remained in Great Britain and the gold was transferred to Germany, where it plays its part against us.

  11. And this discount by the Bank of England will continue until one year after the close of the campaign.

  12. The Discount Bank in Berlin has a vast cellar filled with Roumanian bonds, shares and other securities.

  13. This company was to have authority to issue promissory notes, discount bills of Exchange, and to deal in bullion and foreign securities.

  14. This gives practically unlimited opportunity to expand credit both by the issue of bank notes and by discount and deposit in periods of financial crises.

  15. The process of discount and deposit is the purchase of the promissory note of a customer,[6] the price being a credit in the form of a demand deposit on the books of the bank.

  16. Fix the rate of discount it shall charge on each class of paper (subject to review by the Federal Reserve Board).

  17. But in discount and deposit the depositor brings no money, and the credit paper that he gives is his own promise to pay whereby he becomes the bank's debtor.

  18. Then the circulation might be doubled with the same reserves, the proportion thus falling to 20 per cent of outstanding notes, and the rate of discount to customers rising to 13.

  19. The flow of money out of a country causes the loan market of a country to tighten (interest and discount rates to rise) in proportion as the reserves of the banks are reduced.

  20. This tax must be paid by the reserve bank, but it must add an amount equal to the tax to the rates of interest and discount charged to member banks.

  21. While these notes were at a discount coin did not and could not circulate as money.

  22. United States notes, universally called greenbacks, were so much better as money than the bank notes were before the war, that the people were entirely content with them, even if they were quoted at a discount in coin.

  23. We must contemplate the time when the national banks will not issue their notes, but become banks of discount and deposit.

  24. This, also, is objectionable to many persons, from the idea that it compels us to enter the money markets of the world to discount our own paper.

  25. Many banks were embarrassed and refused to discount notes, while several failed, and their circulating notes became worthless.

  26. As long as these notes were at a discount for coin they could circulate only in the United States, and until they were at par with coin, coin would not circulate as money in the United States, except to pay coin liabilities.

  27. It is just as much repudiation for the federal government to compel its bondholders to accept the payment of their interest in silver, which is at a discount of ten per cent.

  28. Artists of course; were notoriously Hamlet-like, and to this extent one must discount for one's father, even if one loved him.

  29. She felt that her sort of woman was at a discount in these days, and being sensitive, she was never content either with her appearance, or her habits.

  30. In wickedness they could discount her, giving her the first innings.

  31. Every one knows, that in order that a bank of discount should carry on business profitably for itself and for the commerce it is intended to assist, it must deal only in genuine commercial bills.

  32. Then the greenbacks were exchanged for railroad bonds at 20 per cent discount on the bonds.

  33. These profits were promptly invested in railroad bonds at a discount of from 5 to 25 per cent.

  34. Browning's optimism is not based on any discount of the sufferings of life, nor any attempt to overlook such gross realities as sin and pain.

  35. A liberal discount to booksellers, news agents, and canvassers.

  36. Was he, whose necessities had compelled him to part with the government's note of hand at a large discount when full payment was impossible, to receive nothing now when at last government was able to pay in full?

  37. The large companies, for the most part, were paying without discount or delay, and the line of claimants at the Boston offices and adjustment bureaus never ceased.

  38. No discount on tuition was made on 18 higher classes, because their first classes furnished students with the means of paying for their tuition in the higher instruction, and of doing charity work besides.

  39. No discount will be allowed on orders for twelve books which include both Science and Health and Miscellaneous Writings.

  40. Yes, sir; I was working for 1 year in Ward's Discount House, 708 Canal Street.

  41. Pollio was one who had a word of mockery for every one, we may discount the story of the tears.

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