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  1. The Freedmen's bank, however, took the place of these military banks, and had the confidence of the soldiers who continued to deposit in its various branches throughout the south.

  2. It belongs to the Oolite formation below the chalk; it is the uppermost member of that formation, and was a deposit of sands and clays in a tropical climate, as is abundantly evident from animal and vegetable remains found there.

  3. The deposit of carbon on the inside edges of the U-shaped separator often is so fine and clings so tightly as not to fall out.

  4. In special forms of carbon arresters an attempt has been made to limit this danger of grounding by the deposit of carbon dust.

  5. This line is called the blue line and care should be taken that it does not reach the zinc and cause a deposit of copper to be placed thereon.

  6. Here good repute and the possession of a considerable savings bank deposit were to be particularly considered.

  7. Long-continued savings-bank deposit speaks well for the parties' competency to support a family, because it bears testimony to an excellent economic disposition.

  8. Very different was the deposit of Nile sediment, which was blown in from the sea by the western winds, leaving a wide border of yellow sand along the coast of Palestine.

  9. On its top the western showers first deposit their waters, so that in the Old Testament Carmel is a synonym for superlative fertility.

  10. At many points on this eastern slope lava streams have left their bold deposit of trap-rock.

  11. The west winds from the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea come laden with moisture, which they deposit in the winter and spring in drenching rains, and throughout the year in heavy dews at night.

  12. The clouds, chilled by the mountains, deposit their rains here, while mountain streams make it possible by irrigation to transform this part of Arabia into a rich agricultural land.

  13. Up-stairs, the arrangement would be much the same, the deposit being made to fall clear of every wall.

  14. Into this the deposit and earth fall, and may remain there three, six, or twelve months, and continue perfectly inodorous and innoxious, merely requiring to be occasionally leveled by a rake or hoe.

  15. This is remedied in a measure by boiling, which secures a deposit of the lime on the vessel used.

  16. There are more than four hundred families in this ward whose homes can only be reached by wading through a disgusting deposit of filthy refuse.

  17. But it would still seem to me--I speak as a layman--that nothing could be simpler or safer than to deposit an infernal machine and retire to an adjacent county to await the painful consequences.

  18. It is then removed and placed over the blanks, and a slight blow serves to deposit a small portion of the cap mixture into each cap.

  19. That the deposit left in the barrel after firing axite cartridges reduces the friction between the bullet and the barrel.

  20. The glycerine, when diluted one-half, should give no deposit or separation of fatty acids when nitric peroxide gas is passed through it.

  21. At certain periods they remain on vast plains or on fertile mountains; where, elongating the extremity of their bodies in the form of a gimblet, they pierce the earth to the depth of an inch and upwards to deposit their eggs.

  22. Every tree, white with the guano which they deposit there, is covered with birds'-nests, full of eggs and birds of every size and age.

  23. The amount of this deposit varies very much with the metal.

  24. In addition to the cathode rays, portions of metal start normally from the cathode and form a metallic deposit on the walls of the tube.

  25. In air there is very little deposit from an Al cathode, but it is abundant in tubes filled with the monatomic gases, mercury vapour, argon or helium.

  26. From that time they began to deposit at its foot, an offering of small green twigs and boughs, whenever they passed the path, so that, in process of time, a high pile of these offerings of the forest was accumulated.

  27. She felt very anxious to know who it was that supplied her, and watching one morning, very early, she saw a handsome young man deposit the meat.

  28. Under these circumstances the mistress of the lodge and her train, sally out of the lodge into the cornfield, and with the light pemidge-ag akwut, or small hoe, open up the soft ground and deposit their treasured mondamin.

  29. Faites votre jeu, mesdames et messieurs," said the automatic voice of destiny from between the mustache and imperial of the croupier: and Gwendolen's arm was stretched to deposit her last poor heap of napoleons.

  30. Only I will not wear a cravat and a heavy ring there," he ended emphatically, pausing to take off those superfluities and deposit them on a small table behind Ezra, who had the table in front of him covered with books and papers.

  31. Can a fresh-made garment of citizenship weave itself straightway into the flesh and change the slow deposit of eighteen centuries?

  32. Wait before you, answer, that I may deposit the implements of my art and be ready to uproot my hair.

  33. He wished to deposit the precious chest with Mordecai, who would study its contents, both in his absence and in company with him; and that he should pay this visit without pause would gratify Mordecai's heart.

  34. Gillian opened it and saw that it was a bank deposit book.

  35. Mr. Peters would have striven to extricate the dollar bill from its deposit vault, but his arms were bound to his sides.

  36. There is always a chorion formed as a cuticular deposit of the follicle cells, which is frequently sculptured, finely perforated, etc.

  37. Here they become enclosed in a granular deposit from the surrounding tissues, which becomes in its turn enclosed in a connective-tissue coat.

  38. The hypoblast cells in the succeeding stage arrange themselves round a central archenteric cavity, and at the same time rapidly increase in size and become filled with a secondary deposit of food-yolk.

  39. The cells which compose the sack give rise to a secondary deposit of food-yolk.

  40. A calcareous deposit is formed round the opening of the water-vascular canal, which becomes the madreporic tubercle[221].

  41. B); and in front of them the anterior or outer segment of the lens becomes formed as a cuticular deposit (fig.

  42. It flattens out and on its surface is formed the shell, which appears usually to have the form of an unpaired saddle-shaped cuticle, on the two sides of which the valves are subsequently formed by a deposit of calcareous salts.

  43. Certain of the Hymenopterous forms, which deposit their eggs in the eggs or larvae of other Insects, present very peculiar modifications in their development.

  44. In Convoluta paradoxa a special vitellarium is stated to be absent; though a deposit of yolk is formed round the ovum (Claparede).

  45. They enlarge, and in each of them a deposit of food material appears, which is often at any rate derived from the absorption of the albumen in which the embryo floats.

  46. One species must occupy sufficient ground to enable it to secure food for its young; another requires sufficient, but no more, upon which to deposit its egg; and a third must secure a position for its nest within the community.

  47. Orontides looked us over, approved us, required a deposit of twenty gold pieces, counted them, said we might pay the rest of his charges at Antioch, and we shook hands on the bargain.

  48. But he also stated that he did not hire costumes except to his regular customers; strangers must not only make a deposit but produce as vouchers two Romans in good standing and well known.

  49. We have said that when the girl changes to a woman, a similar deposit of fat takes place (though less in amount), which commences at the loins.

  50. An enlargement of the abdomen takes place at this time, from a deposit of fatty matter.

  51. The earliest sign of approaching puberty is a deposit of fat in the loose cellular tissue under the skin.

  52. By a winding path he had pushed his cart full of luggage up the hill, and now expressed his willingness to deposit the goods where they belonged.

  53. Again sitting on the east veranda, one afternoon, she found herself wishing that another buggy would drive up and deposit two more such people as the Faulkners at her hotel office.

  54. Mr. John Holt, I had no deposit of money, and I did not feel justified in issuing cheques on him, knowing also he could not feel amiable towards wandering scientists, after what he had recently gone through with one.

  55. When passing the residence of one of these beings, the traveller must go by silently, or with some cabalistic invocation, with bowed or bared head, and deposit some symbol of an offering or tribute even if it be only a pebble.

  56. I asked for a certificate of deposit for $2,000, and had the money to pay for it, but I had to be identified.

  57. It is a good thing to talk at and murmur into and deposit profanity in, but to take up a conversation and keep it up and follow a man out through the front door with it, the telephone has still much to learn from woman.

  58. Our rules are that a man who makes a deposit here must be identified.

  59. I was then permitted to deposit in the bank.

  60. Now, let those who would deny the fusion of this siliceous body explain how water could dissolve these three different bodies, and deposit them in their present shape.

  61. Those strata are evidently a deposit of inflammable substances which all come originally from vegetable bodies.

  62. It was placed on deposit in a building and excellent treatment is being given to the Siamese.

  63. I know that it will be impossible for the royal officials to collect personally; but they can authorize some one to collect and deposit the money in the royal treasury every night.

  64. It is the custom among these Indians to burn their dead; but I suppose for these occasions they take care to deposit a corpse somewhere, in order to satisfy these inhuman wretches.

  65. He now appeared in the doorway with his arms full of Peter Pan and his family, all of which he proceeded to solemnly deposit in the middle of the floor.

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