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deportment; depose; deposed; deposes; deposeth; deposit; depositaries; depositary; deposite; deposited
  1. Among the measures employed was one that redounded very little to his credit.

  2. The hour of his doom had struck; but even then, with his forces shattered and crushed, he refused to bow to the inevitable.

  3. The right of the people can be shown, in Hotman's opinion, to extend even to deposing the monarch and electing his successor.

  4. Contrary to the dictates of prudence and the wishes of the greatest Catholic princes, he issued the bull deposing Elizabeth.

  5. To this he sacrificed the punctilios of honour and decorum, in deposing his own father-in-law and uncle; and this he gratified at the expense of the nation that raised him to sovereign authority.

  6. The French ambassador gladly concurred in a project for deposing a princess who was well affected to the house of Austria.

  7. At first England hesitated at deposing her Nawab.

  8. So it may well have been honest disgust which made Clive first consider the possibility of deposing him in favour of Mir-Jaffar.

  9. As these were mostly nobles and officials of high rank, he found no difficulty in deposing Ghiass-ud-din, who had only reigned for six weeks!

  10. At this point the witness, Henchliffe, was thereupon excused from the deposing room.

  11. He says, "How do your enemies say that, in deposing Arnulphus, we should have waited for the judgment of the Roman bishop?

  12. The Montevidean governor and the Buenos Aires Viceroy quarrelled; the former accused the latter of unfaithfulness to Spain and disavowed his authority, and the latter retaliated by issuing a decree deposing Elio.

  13. Lavalleja's partisans organised a conspiracy, and a certain Colonel Garzon took advantage of Rivera's absence from Montevideo to raise a mutiny in the garrison and to issue a pronunciamento deposing the president.

  14. At this point Mrs. Tobias, the wife of the deponent, entered the deposing room.

  15. At this point the witness Barnhorst was excused from the deposing room and returned to same at 2 p.

  16. At this point the witness Hulen left the deposing room, the proceedings of the deposition to be resumed at 2 p.

  17. He was armed with authority from the Roman senate and people, for he had obtained from them a decree deposing Antony from his power.

  18. The act of depriving, dispossessing, or bereaving; the act of deposing or divesting of some dignity.

  19. The act of deposing from office; a removal from the throne.

  20. When he returned to Spain in 1090 it was avowedly for the purpose of deposing the Mahommedan princes and annexing their states.

  21. Napoleon now began to seek precedents in history for the deposing of the Pope.

  22. Gregory issued decrees excommunicating Henry, deposing him, and declaring his subjects free from their obligation of allegiance.

  23. In three German synods held in 1076, the incensed emperor caused empty accusations to be brought against the Pope, and a declaration to be passed deposing him.

  24. The Guelfs, or Hanoverische Rechtspartei, comprise the irreconcilables among the old Hanoverian nobility who refuse to recognize the validity of the extinction of the ancient Hanoverian dynasty by the deposing of George V.

  25. He certainly hoped at this time to succeed to the throne of France, either by deposing the corrupt and feeble Henri III.

  26. Tiberius was deposing the remaining tribunes from office; he was appointing himself to a further tribunate without the formalities of election.

  27. Think of the possibility of a few hundred desperate members of the proletariate gathering on the Capitoline hill and deposing a tribune who represented the interests of the vast outlying population of Rome.

  28. An 'Irade' is merely the Sultan's signature; and that was only given to the telegraphic message deposing Ismail.

  29. The alarm of Wenceslaus was naturally increased by these proceedings; and he began to meet the opposition by deposing the Town Councillors in the different divisions of Prague, and thrusting in their opponents.

  30. It had succeeded in deposing and electing Popes; it had burnt the heretics whom it had condemned; it had found princes ready to enforce its decrees by fire and sword.

  31. The struggle was a sharp one; the rebels succeeded for a time in deposing Wenceslaus and setting up young Ottakar in his stead; but the threats of Innocent IV.

  32. It will be remembered that the Council of Pisa had professed to put an end to the disunion in the Church by deposing the two claimants of the Papacy, and electing Alexander V.

  33. Pope Gregory signalized the beginning of his popedom by deposing John VI.

  34. What he writes against the deposing power in popes, certainly cannot be made a reproach against the Catholics of England, France, Spain, &c.

  35. A decree passed by him in favor of his wife's family roused Wou to action, and she succeeded in deposing him and banishing him and his family, taking up again the supreme power of which she had been so brief a time deprived.

  36. The general who had defeated them, an able prince of the Han family, followed up his victory by seizing the throne itself and deposing the weak emperor.

  37. Great, then, was the popular bewilderment when the council turned from deposing the author of the liturgic revision to hurl its anathemas against those who opposed that revision.

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