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Example sentences for "depose"

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deportations; deported; deportees; deporting; deportment; deposed; deposes; deposeth; deposing; deposit
  1. In the house they should be given the same food as the oxeye, accustoming them to it at first by mixing bruised hemp-seed with it.

  2. He therefore formed a conspiracy with several nobles of Norman birth to depose the King, and sent an invitation to Robert to hasten over.

  3. You allege the Canon of Nos Sanctorum to prove it in the Pope's power to depose Princes for some causes; but it never can be proved lawful by any learning or law for this 1600 years.

  4. I am a king, like my brother of England; I should not dare to depose the meanest of my clergy.

  5. They returned to the King, and with difficulty obtained an exemption from concurrence in the sentence; they promised to join in a supplication to the Pope to depose Becket.

  6. I said I thought him to be the Vicar of Christ; and as to his power to depose princes, that I supposed he could do, if he said so.

  7. Then they asked me what I thought of the Pope and his Bull, and whether he can depose princes.

  8. And Mr. Secretary, looking very hard at me asked whether if Philip sent an armament against Elizabeth to depose her, I would fight for him or her grace.

  9. A conspiracy was formed to destroy Mortimer, and to depose the queen-mother from her power, and to place young Edward in possession of the kingdom.

  10. Not being quite sure, after all, that by these means the dethronement of the king was legally complete, the Parliament sent a solemn deputation to Kenilworth Castle to depose the monarch in form.

  11. Every one that resisteth the king, doth not depose him from his throne.

  12. The unholy wish not good to God, for they would all depose him from his Godhead: they would not have him to be a hater of their sin, nor to be their holy and righteous Governor and Judge.

  13. Keep under passions, that they depose not reason from the government of your thoughts.

  14. And if they had attained this, pride would not stop, till it had caused them to aspire to all the prerogatives of God, and to depose him, and dethrone him of his Godhead and majesty, that they might have his place.

  15. Some of the reigning pontiffs were guilty of crimes so revolting that secular rulers endeavored to depose these dignitaries of the church as monsters too vile to be tolerated.

  16. The proud pontiff also claimed the power to depose emperors, and declared that no sentence which he pronounced could be reversed by any one, but that it was his prerogative to reverse the decisions of all others.

  17. This is in harmony with the claims regarding the power of the Roman pontiff, that “it is lawful for him to depose emperors,” and that “he can absolve subjects from their allegiance to unrighteous rulers.

  18. Advise to the Presbyterie to depose Mr. William Edmiston with a Recommendation to the Justice to proceed against him for Adultery.

  19. He may, without synod, depose and absolve bishops.

  20. He alone ought to wear the tokens of imperial dignity; all princes ought to kiss his feet; he has power to depose emperors and kings, and is to be judged by none.

  21. She would now depose the executive of this country, as she did Philip of France, if she dared do so.

  22. If necessary, we shall proceed to depose him.

  23. It was chiefly under his influence that it was agreed by this ecclesiastical body at subsequent meetings to summon to the bar their "Burgher" brethren, and finally to depose and excommunicate them for contumacy.

  24. Rivold, fearing lest the boy should depose him, bribed his guardian, Cerialtan, to murder him.

  25. William, and he ordered Lanfranc, his Norman Archbishop of Canterbury, to depose the plain Saxon Bishop of Worcester, on the charge of ignorance.

  26. Thus, doubt may deny or depose or put to death, but as it is honest it also realizes or restores or revives.

  27. He could not recognize the right of subjects to depose a prince, or support Bohemia in what he looked on as revolt, or Frederick in what he believed to be the usurpation of a crown.

  28. Again a Pope was asserting his right to depose an English sovereign and to loose Englishmen from their bond of allegiance.

  29. The theories of resistance, of a people's right to judge and depose its rulers, which had been heard in the heat of the Marian persecution, had long sunk into silence.

  30. Curse him, if he refuse; and then may we Depose him and elect another king.

  31. Pope, excommunicate, Philip, depose The wicked branch of curs'd Valois his line!

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