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shotte; shotted; shotten; shoud; shoul; shoulde; shoulder; shouldered; shouldering; shoulders
  1. They were having a wild dance and a gay time when who should appear but Kris Kringle!

  2. If a Goblin should continue angry he would take on some visible form.

  3. The corner stitches should be taken so that the needle is pointed at right angles to the cut before the buttonhole is turned.

  4. One should cut truly and exactly, on a thread.

  5. How glad we should be for space and a chance to keep clean.

  6. What should you consider in buying ready-made garments?

  7. People whose habits of living keep them indoors a great deal should be clothed lightly for a warm house and, when going out, should protect themselves with extra clothing.

  8. One should not expect to get bargains in silk.

  9. All woolen garments should be washed and rinsed carefully in lukewarm water only.

  10. The per cent of new wool should be told and the price made accordingly.

  11. If the heat is all carried away quickly because the surfaces of the body are exposed to the cold, then there is a waste of the energy which should go to provide for the necessary workings of the body.

  12. A costume should not be so strong in color or design that one thinks only of that.

  13. Cotton will be fuzzy, linen should be long and lustrous.

  14. If the collar is to be decorated with finishing braid, this decorating should be done before the collar and facing are sewed together.

  15. The needle should come up under the edge and through the loop made by the thread.

  16. On the side towards you, your row of stitches should look like running stitches; on the wrong side, it will be different because of the backstitch.

  17. An immediate deduction from Maxwell's theory was that in transparent dielectrics, the dielectric constant or specific inductive capacity should be numerically equal to the square of the refractive index for very long electric waves.

  18. In order that there should be no change in the states of dissociation on mixing, it is necessary, therefore, that the concentration of the hydrogen ions should be the same in each separate solution.

  19. From the open form of this vibrator we should expect the radiation to be very large and the rate of decay of the amplitude very rapid.

  20. Completely ionized solutions of salts with two ions should give double this number or 3.

  21. That a body carrying a positive electric charge should move against the direction of the electric intensity is contrary to all our notions of electric forces, and we are compelled to seek some other explanation.

  22. For small plants it is safe to reckon that, including water waste, boiler capacity should be provided equal to evaporating 40 lb.

  23. He also traced a connexion between alkalinity, temperature and current-density, and showed that these conditions should be mutually adjusted.

  24. As far as possible all joints in the run of the cable should be avoided by the use of the so-called looping-in system, and after the wiring is complete, careful tests for insulation should be made.

  25. University College, Oxford, that it was ultimately resolved that he should continue the prosecution of his studies.

  26. Why should we be fussy about their street-cleaning department?

  27. When we four get down to business, face to face, there should be some interesting by-products.

  28. And yes, there are dozens of matters--hundreds--that should be discussed before I can even start to work intelligently.

  29. Like Belle Bellamy could be and should be.

  30. You should be discussing brains and ability, not vital statistics.

  31. Probably Deg and I should do the same thing?

  32. You should have turned him inside out and hung him up to dry--especially behind the ears!

  33. We serve neither intoxicants nor drugs, but you should find something there to your taste.

  34. Maybe I should apologize, then, but as a matter of fact I have no idea whatever as to what you wouldn't do.

  35. For your information, when I know what should be done, I give orders.

  36. They should be destroyed because their ideology does not agree with yours.

  37. That should make it clear, even to Miss Bellamy.

  38. I should have studied these minds--particularly his--before jumping at conclusions.

  39. I may never be yours, I shall never love but you; and whom should I trust but him I love?

  40. How strange is the will of God, that of two so beautiful and excellent, Jane should perish on the scaffold, and Catherine waste her best days in prison!

  41. I am even willing to put all the Scotch vermin to death, if need should be.

  42. Arabella, "that men of station and education, from amongst the once famed gentlemen of England, should dip their hands in such foul and horrible things!

  43. How should we ever have got to the bottom of the frightful and diabolical Papist plot, if the prisoners had not criminated themselves?

  44. He engaged she should have an hour clear; and therefore it was I said there would be mistakes enough, and delays enough, before the warrants are ready.

  45. I cannot come," she said; "otherwise nothing should induce me to break my promise, however rash that promise might be.

  46. I should like much to talk with you about it, but have something to do just now.

  47. The moment I did so, I should lose all power and knowledge.

  48. It is intolerable that people of education should be herded six together in a horse’s stall, and in some of the lofts the bunks touch one another.

  49. They informed me that their treatment was good, they were not overworked, and practically the only complaint they had to make was that a more substantial meal to begin the day on should be given them.

  50. I think,’ he said, ‘that America and all of us should realise that there were two Germanies before the war.

  51. For such facts the reader should consult the “Cambridge Magazine.

  52. As one man said to me: “I have my living to get, and if my identity could be traced through any account I gave I should be ruined.

  53. That is why it is a pity—for which it is hard indeed to make reparation—that the German Empire should not have abstained altogether, at the very outset, from the sin .

  54. On speaking of this to the Commandant, he promised at once to arrange so that a more fair division of work should be made in the future.

  55. It seems to me that in this way we should “defeat” not only the foreigner, but the Englishman as well—except the privileged few who could get workmen at low wages without lowering their profits.

  56. Such a consideration should be obvious, but in war the obvious and reasonable are too often vehemently rejected as “unpatriotic”!

  57. We took this matter up with the proper authorities, who assured us that it should have their attention.

  58. An husband should not be inquisitive Of Godde's privity, nor of his wife.

  59. And on the Monday, when it drew to night, He shut his door withoute candle light, And dressed* every thing as it should be.

  60. This miller to the town his daughter send For ale and bread, and roasted them a goose, And bound their horse, he should no more go loose: And them in his own chamber made a bed.

  61. And over all this said he yet much more To this effect, full wisely to exhort The people, that they should them recomfort.

  62. Children of the primary grades should not be required to write with fine pencils or pens which demand delicate finger adjustments, since the brain centers for these finer coördinations are not yet developed.

  63. Could we not form habits we should improve but little in our way of doing things, no matter how many times we did them over.

  64. Geography and nature study should be taught largely out of doors, and the lessons assigned should take the child into the open for observation and investigation.

  65. We should also decide what interests we should cultivate for our own personal development and happiness, and for the service we are to render in a sphere outside our immediate vocation.

  66. The reading lesson should be taken in through both the eye and the ear, and then expressed by means of voice and gesture in as full and complete a way as possible, that it may be associated with motor images.

  67. For these reasons, if for no other, the mood of the schoolroom should be one of happiness and good cheer.

  68. But this, says Whately, "is as reasonable as to wonder that a cistern if filled should not be a perpetual fountain.

  69. The intelligent traveler will at once go to seeking for evidence as to which road he should choose.

  70. Have you observed any instance in which pupils' lack of attention should be blamed on the teacher?

  71. Interest in amusements and recreations should be cultivated, but these should never run counter to the moral and religious.

  72. If we discover ten reasons why we should pursue a certain course of action, and only one or two reasons of equal weight why we should not, then the decision ought not to be hard to make.

  73. This does not mean that the child should not obey rightful authority promptly and explicitly, but that just as little external authority as possible should intervene to take from the child the opportunity for self-compulsion.

  74. But we must have leaders, originators--else we should but imitate each other and the world would be at a standstill.

  75. Make a list of the important sentiments that should be cultivated in youth.

  76. Everything is done that should be done, and I am immediately in a well established house with all my favorite articles in their accustomed places.

  77. The old Wanderobo guide said it was only an hour or so old and that we should soon overtake the elephant.

  78. Aside from looking at the wonderful scene that opened out before me, I believe I thought chiefly about where I should land in case the wire broke.

  79. We felt that if we could go up in a new balloon of a small size it might demonstrate whether we should later go up a tree or stand pat against a charging menagerie.

  80. On our game licenses we were each allowed to kill two rhinos, and as I wanted, one of the Tana River variety it was arranged that I should try to get the first big one with good horns.

  81. He feared to fill the balloon to its capacity lest the expansion of the gas due to the hot sun should explode it.

  82. The success of an expedition should not be measured by the number of trophies, but rather by the quality of them.

  83. The next night there was a spirited contest to see which end of the chain should be last, but a vote was taken and it was decided six to one in favor of continuing in their original formation.

  84. It is a source of passing wonder that these rare animals should be roaming about the suburbs of towns in hundred lots.

  85. Akeley and I were in with the beaters, Stephenson was beyond the patch of grass to intercept the lion should it break forth, from cover.

  86. We expected a charge from the lioness and waited until she should declare herself.

  87. The presumption, therefore, was that we should first shoot the lion at long range with the .

  88. As to the cost of a trip of three or more months in the field I should say that about one thousand dollars a month would amply cover the total expenses from New York back to New York.

  89. In other respects this great hotel, situated at the cross-roads where East and West and North and South meet, is not up to what a good hotel should be.

  90. Porters were instructed to watch the beasts until we should arrive, and now were supposed to be in touch with them.

  91. A man whose memory is normal should be able to give an accurate synopsis of a novel six months after he has read it.

  92. We should laugh if we saw a man apparently dancing in mid-air--until we noticed the rope about his neck.

  93. But I should be greatly surprised if any reader of The Ball and the Cross could tell exactly what it was all about, within a month or two of reading it.

  94. Then you think no one should question at all?

  95. I should say, "My dear friend, your explanation is romantic; I believe in spirits but I do not believe in you.

  96. Why should the Conjuror rehearse his patter out in the wet?

  97. And, if any reader should fail to see the application of these instances to modern fiction, I can only recommend him to read Vanity Fair and find out how many children had the Rev.

  98. So one may say of Chesterton that if he has not selected "Let's all go mad" as a text, he should have done.

  99. Presumably it was due to a Chestertonian theory that there should be at least one good physical fight in each book.

  100. Why should it not make lamp-posts fairer than Greek lamps, and an omnibus-ride like a painted ship?

  101. One of the essentials of an epic is that its men should be decent men, if they cannot be heroes.

  102. The doctors, it should be added, have brought with them a mass of documentary evidence, incriminating Smith.

  103. Perez added that the nuncio was very anxious to know how the affair should best be communicated to the King, without prejudice to his Highness.

  104. Afterwards, the Prince simply repeated his demand that the Ghent treaty should be executed; adding, that after the states-general should have been assembled, it would be time to propose the necessary articles for mutual security.

  105. He implored Perez, in the most urgent language, to procure Philip's consent that his brother should leave the provinces.

  106. Should he be compelled, against his will, to remain, he gave warning that he might do something which would be matter of astonishment to everybody.

  107. I saw a pair of heads against the sky And lost them after, but you are in the right I should not be afraid in County Clare; And should be or should not be have no choice, I have to put myself into your hands, Now that my candle's out.

  108. All that are taken from our sight, they say, Loiter amid the scenery of their lives For certain hours or days, and should he hear He might, being angry drive the changeling out.

  109. In the old days we should have heard a bell Calling the monks before day broke to pray; And when the day has broken on the ridge, The crowing of its cocks.

  110. Why should the heart take fright What sets it beating so?

  111. What dread so great as that he should forget The least chance sight or sound, or scratch or mark On an old door, or frail bird heard and seen In the incredible clear light love cast All round about her some forlorn lost day?

  112. Let the music be adapted to the dishes; and not only should the course of time be considered as it progresses, but also the time of the course.

  113. There should be a mincing minuet-like movement for the entrées, a sparkling air for the champagne, and something robust for the joint.

  114. Now the Silver Knight had sworn--that the Standard so long borne By the Aureate One, in scorn irreducible Should not solitary wave.

  115. Well, you know best, dear; but I should have thought you could have got your boots cleaned for rather less!

  116. Possibly; but I should have lost the story.

  117. She cannot understand why JOE should be so needlessly incensed at so innocent and opportune a suggestion.

  118. The hat is procured, and offered to JOE, who, however, prefers that the collection should be made by deputy.

  119. The old hive and all utensils used about the diseased colony should be disinfected by washing in a solution of corrosive sublimate--one-eighth ounce in one gallon of water--and should afterwards be exposed to the air and sun for some time.

  120. Should any signs of the disease reappear, constant removal of the brood should be followed, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

  121. In this connection the work of the National Bee-Keepers' Association should receive mention.

  122. The hive should not only be substantially built, but should have accurate bee-spaces and a close-fitting, rain-proof cover or roof.

  123. In crossing well-established breeds the males of a gentle race should be used, otherwise the workers of the cross may vary greatly in temper, especially in the first few generations.

  124. So it should be, that none but Antony Should conquer Antony; but woe 'tis so!

  125. The breaking of so great a thing should make A greater crack.

  126. Wars 'twixt you twain would be As if the world should cleave, and that slain men Should solder up the rift.

  127. But I would not be the party that should desire you to touch him, for his biting is immortal; those that do die of it do seldom or never recover.

  128. Why should I think you can be mine and true, Though you in swearing shake the throned gods, Who have been false to Fulvia?

  129. This grief is crown'd with consolation: your old smock brings forth a new petticoat; and indeed the tears live in an onion that should water this sorrow.

  130. Were't twenty of the greatest tributaries That do acknowledge Caesar, should I find them So saucy with the hand of she here- what's her name Since she was Cleopatra?

  131. The man hath seen some majesty, and should know.

  132. O, that his fault should make a knave of thee That art not what th'art sure of!

  133. The round world Should have shook lions into civil streets, And citizens to their dens.

  134. But these offers, Which serve not for his vantage, he shakes off; And so should you.

  135. Provided they would renounce the great object of the contest, he seemed really desirous that they should escape further chastisement; but to admit the worship of God according to the reformed creed, was with him an inconceivable idea.

  136. Fearing that they should be cheated of their rightful share in the plunder, they at once abandoned their post, and set forth after their comrades, as fast as their legs could carry them.

  137. Moreover, in order to prevent the accumulation of provisions in private magazines, it was enacted, that all consumers of grain should be compelled to make their purchases directly from the ships.

  138. Infinite gratitude," wrote Parma to Philip, "should be rendered to the Lord.

  139. And they should have been pledges--more than enough.

  140. It was decreed that the Blaw-garen and the Kowenstyn should be pierced.

  141. The whole is in such condition," said he, "that in opinion of all competent military judges it would stand though all Holland and Zeeland should come to destroy our, palisades.

  142. On the contrary, Alexander gave orders that he should be conducted over every part of the encampment.

  143. Unmindful of his usual hospitality, he insisted that these gentlemen should immediately leave for Antwerp.

  144. With regard to the affair of the river Scheldt," wrote Parma to Philip, "I should like to send your Majesty a drawing of the whole scheme; for the work is too vast to be explained by letters.

  145. Clemence, "should I fear danger, should I fear peril in such a case as this?

  146. I met Clemence upon the stairs just now, and she told me that I should find you here, tasting the morning air upon the ramparts.

  147. Christ foretold, my brethren, that those who followed him faithfully should endure persecution to the end of the earth.

  148. He was not, indeed, without a hope that he should find her alone, and that hope was realised.

  149. Draw down your veil, however, my beloved; it is not necessary that he should see and know you.

  150. It is absolutely necessary, indeed, that I should return to Versailles, but only for a few hours.

  151. Had they known in advance the conditions of success on the North American mainland, it is probable that we should never have been obliged to chronicle the splendid but disastrous expeditions of Narvaez and De Soto.

  152. That immigration might be encouraged, and thus that the colony might be strong from a military point of view, it was ordered that no one should own over five hundred acres of land.

  153. The court decreed that legal papers should thereafter run in the king's name; but all other matters in the royal mandate were referred to a committee which failed to report upon them.

  154. If a detailed study is intended, the following volumes should be added to the foregoing: A.

  155. He demanded that Maine should be delivered up to the Crown, on repayment of the purchase money, and also that all other complaints should at once be satisfied.

  156. In another clause the king declared that all ordinances should be "consonant to the laws of England and the equity thereof.

  157. Why, yes, now that you mention it, I should say there had been a sort of washout or flood here.

  158. At night, to prevent being blown too far off their course, in case a wind should spring up, they descended into a little valley, where they anchored.

  159. But, in that case, I should think he’d tell us.

  160. I should think you would be, Bob,” commented Jerry, with dry sarcasm.

  161. He was not a little worried lest his slight dereliction from duty should be held to be responsible for the surprise.

  162. That we should have brought a lunch along!

  163. But I should like to tell you the whole story.

  164. It should be mentioned, however, that the volume of current in lightning is also small, but we know that it is capable of inflicting terrible injury.

  165. And arrangements are made whereby, should the leader fail, another man steps into his place of authority at once and without question.

  166. So the Mining Association of Great Britain decided to have a series of experiments which should settle once and for all what part the coal-dust played in these catastrophes, and how best they could be prevented.

  167. They will thus form two pendulums, and, to commence with, they should be just the same length.

  168. It was wisely decreed that tests should be made to settle the question.

  169. So if we were to take a photograph through a red screen, we should get on the plate only those parts which were more or less red in colour.

  170. At first sight there seems no reason why any limit should be placed upon this, but in practice there are often limitations in engineering matters which are not apparent on the surface.

  171. Since it is necessary that this fibre should be a conductor, which quartz is not, it is electro-plated with silver.

  172. In that case, it should be stated, the gallery is made double, so that men can go one way and return the other back to their starting-point.

  173. One other feature of the apparatus just described should be mentioned, since it will seem curious to the general reader.

  174. On holding the two up to the light, what should we see?

  175. I should imagine," he said, shaking out a copy of The Times, "that it is your brain which is addled.

  176. He remembered little whispered speeches of hers, so like the Annabel of Paris, so unlike the woman he loved, a hundred little things should have told him long ago.

  177. It is the worst of including in our vocabulary words which have no definite meaning, perhaps I should say of which the meaning varies according to one's personal point of view.

  178. She was chaffing him about being taken for Meysey Hill, and suggested that he should be presented to me as the millionaire.

  179. I should lose every scrap of independence--even my self-respect.

  180. How odd that I should almost spring into your arms just on my doorstep!

  181. In the event of his death we should require you at once to attend at the inquest.

  182. I saw someone in there whom I have always hoped that I should never meet again.

  183. I should like to add that if a certain amount is needed to set you free from any debts you may have contracted, in addition to this annuity, you will not find me unreasonable.

  184. Further than that, I am amazed that you should dare to allude to those few moments, to that single moment of folly.

  185. I should like to speak to you for a few minutes," he said to Anna, dropping his voice a little.

  186. Sir John, if you had presented yourself here an hour ago we should have greeted you in pained silence.

  187. As it is doubtful whether the man will live, we should be glad if you would identify him.

  188. It should perhaps be added that while the boy's action is not consciously intelligent, it is by no means purposeless, and is therefore not quite parallel with the insect's.

  189. This little volume is a model of excellent English, and in every respect it seems to us what a biography should be.

  190. It is indispensable for its development that it should first devour the egg on which it floats; it can at this period be nourished by no other food.

  191. While he was reflecting as to what should be done, the bees, who were more directly interested, had invented several different methods of procedure.

  192. On the opposite side there is another orifice by which the animal can escape if an enemy should invade the principal entrance.

  193. A moment comes when they are glad to make up for want of bread by edible roots; but the search for these is long and troublesome, and should indeed have been thought of during summer.

  194. No sooner is one kid born, and while the mother is yet in labour with the second, than the birds pounce upon it, and should the mother be able to interfere, she is assaulted also.

  195. Pearson, are such as should interest all students of natural science.

  196. They act in such a way that in the case of men we should say, purely and simply, that they were cultivating.

  197. The art of treating the earth with a view of augmenting the products which it yields is certainly of all the manifestations of human activity that which we should least expect to find among animals.

  198. I should think you'd be tickled to death.

  199. The fact that he should have spoken at all was enough to take even the sourness out of M'rye's cakes.

  200. Perhaps it is not surprising that my recollections of what now ensued should lack definiteness and sequence.

  201. It seemed the most natural thing in the world that he should kiss Esther Hagadorn, and that Janey Wilcox should reach up on tiptoes and kiss him.

  202. I knew the fault must be in my ignorance, that our opinions of plain right and plain wrong should be such poles apart.

  203. His face glowed with a strange excitement--which in another man I should have set down to drink.

  204. I don't say I don't think you're wrong, because I do, but I am getting to understand how you should believe yourself to be right.

  205. Our enthusiasm was so great that it was nearly ten o'clock before we went to bed, having first put the fire pretty well out, lest a rising wind during the night should scatter sparks and work mischief.

  206. They were deeply surprised that I should have been down past the Corners, and even beyond the cheese-factory, and seen nothing of these extraordinary martial preparations; and I myself was ashamed of it.

  207. I would not dream of rousing him if he was in truth asleep, but it would be something to be nigh him, in case the fever should take a fatal turn before morning.

  208. For if the one had for its result the prolongation of the war for some four years, the other determined what the end of that war should be.

  209. A valuable book that should be consulted is the more recent volume by P.

  210. Even after the death of Pope John he countersigned the death warrant of his kingdom by an edict, issued with the signature of a Jewish treasury clerk, that all the Catholic churches of Italy should be handed over to the Arians.

  211. Nor should the narthex be forgotten, mere skeleton though it be.

  212. If that should fall upon Ravenna while the Gothic strength was engaged in the defence of Rome, what would be the fate of that principal city, and with that lost, what would become of him in the Catholic capital?

  213. Valentinian and his court were in Rome; no one armed and ready waited in impregnable Ravenna to break the Hun as with a hammer when he should venture to take the road through the narrow pass between the mountains and the sea.

  214. The Gothic army was in a sort of trap; it could not return without the consent of Ravenna, and if it were compelled to remain in Italy it was only a question of time till it should be crushed or gradually wasted away.

  215. These events were the occupation of Ceccano in the duchy of Rome by Aistulf and the appeal of the emperor to the pope that he should go to Pavia and attempt to persuade the Lombard king to give up Ravenna and the cities he had lately taken.

  216. Forthwith he perswaded himselfe, that he might make good use of this womans tormenting, so justly imposed on the Knight to prosecute, if thus it should continue still every Friday.

  217. Why this should have been so we do not know.

  218. In brief, the time is fast approaching, I think, when 'Thorough' should be written on all our banners.

  219. The telegram I received was so urgent, that I suspected some rupture of a blood- vessel in the brain, and that I should hardly reach him alive; and this was the case.

  220. Relating as they often did to public matters, about which he had private sources of information, his anxiety that they should not get into print was perfectly natural.

  221. I think myself, on the contrary, rather stronger, and it is almost impossible for me not to make my visit to America this summer, unless you should absolutely prohibit it.

  222. But we should not have looked for any such antagonism between the Secretary of State and the envoy to Great Britain.

  223. At the same time I thought it would be disloyal on my part not to go to him at once, confer with him on the subject, and if I should find a shadow of dissatisfaction on his mind at my proposition, to abandon my plan altogether.

  224. Flattery from man to woman is expected: it is a part of the courtesy of society; but when the divinity descends from the altar to burn incense to the priest, what wonder if the idolater should feel himself transformed into a god!

  225. The friction along the legs, arms and body should all be towards the heart and should be continued after the patient has been wrapped in blankets or some dry clothing.

  226. The legs should be kept well up to the surface and the whole body as horizontal as possible.

  227. In this, as in the other methods afterwards described, every care should be taken to keep the face of the drowning person above the water.

  228. It is easier to operate a dredge from a steam vessel than a sailing boat, but if the steamer is of any size great care should be taken that the dredge does not move too rapidly.

  229. The conditions laid down for this dredger were that it should float in 18 in.

  230. But under no circumstances, no matter how sluggish the horses may be, should the reins be allowed to lie slack; for if this is done the horse receives no support in the event of a sudden stumble, and no control if he shies unexpectedly.

  231. In the face of such various rivalries it is not strange that comedy, instead of adhering to the narrow path which Steele and others had marked out for her, should have permitted herself some vagaries of her own.

  232. This apparatus is most useful in case of emergency, or for taking weight off the carriage on a really steep descent; but the habit which too many coachmen fall into of using the brake on every trifling decline should be avoided.

  233. While the patient is in the house, care should be taken to let the air circulate freely about the room and all overcrowding should be prevented.

  234. The law of ancient Burgundy ordered that an unfaithful wife should be smothered in mud.

  235. Well-broken carriage horses should always be willing to run into their bits, and those that draw back when lightly held in hand should be kept up to the bit with the whip.

  236. Then the man's arms should be drawn up at right angles to his body and the rescuer should start swimming with the back stroke (fig.

  237. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "should" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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