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ligulate; ligule; lik; lika; likable; likeable; liked; likee; likelie; likelier
  1. The legend soon absorbed his music, and so it has come to pass that this fiction, begotten of half fact and half mental indolence, has taken root, like the noxious weed it is.

  2. The C minor Funeral March, composed, according to Fontana, in 1829, sounds like Mendelssohn.

  3. There is more genuine pleasure in being the spectator of a soul thrilling dance like that than in taking an active part in the lifeless make-believes performed at society balls in many of the more Western countries of Europe.

  4. It is quite like him to suggest to the panting and ambitious pupil that the performance in F sharp major, with the same fingering as the next study in F, No.

  5. Chopin later, in speaking of it to a pupil, admitted that he saw things he would like to change.

  6. After the cadenza, built on a figure of wavering tonality, a valse-like theme emerges and enjoys a capricious, butterfly existence.

  7. I know no pianist, no composer for the piano like him.

  8. But one thing is to be held fast: it is to be played in that Chopin-like whisper of which, among others, Mendelssohn also affirmed that for him nothing more enchanting existed.

  9. Again the problem is a rhythmical one, and again the composer demonstrates his exhaustless invention and his power of evoking a single mood, viewing all its lovely contours and letting it melt away like dream magic.

  10. De Lenz refers to the opening Bach-like mutations.

  11. The first prelude, which, like the first etude, begins in C, has all the characteristics of an impromptu.

  12. This end rings out like the crack of creation.

  13. It holds richer, warmer, redder blood than the other three and like the A flat Ballade, is beloved of the public.

  14. Heine said--or rather quoted Koreff-- that Kalkbrenner looked like a bonbon that had been in the mud.

  15. It acts like a burn, like heat, cold or a caressing contact, and is the most dependent on physiological conditions.

  16. But we find nothing like this, but that on the contrary they were oblig'd to be instructed by the same means which God had appointed for other Men.

  17. And the like he saw happen'd to the several kinds of Plants.

  18. However, through the Defect of their Nature, they did not search for it after the right manner, nor apprehend it as they should do; but sought the Knowledge of it after the common way, like the rest of the World.

  19. Like many climbing plants, the chayote is very susceptible to injury from the wind, while, unlike many Cucurbitaceae, it does not seem to take kindly to creeping upon the ground, at least in the Tropics.

  20. Like all other hoe crops field beans require frequent, shallow cultivation.

  21. The plants are quite hardy and ornamental, the fruit being no less conspicuous for its odd shape than the large wax-like flowers of whitish color with purple and yellow spots.

  22. This is a small onion-like plant having flat, hollow leaves which are used for flavoring soups.

  23. To accomplish this, long chisel-like knives of various shapes are used.

  24. It is also, like all surface cultivation, of aid in the conservation of moisture in the soil.

  25. They are ready for use when the plant dies down in the autumn, though they may be easily carried over the winter and are prepared for the table like potatoes or other vegetables, or may be eaten raw like radishes.

  26. There is a simple potato coverer constructed somewhat like a triangular snowplow, with the wide end forward and a portion of the point or apex cut away so as to leave a narrow opening at the rear.

  27. The cardoon is a thistle-like plant, very similar in appearance to the Globe artichoke, but is grown as an annual.

  28. Plants are like animals in that they require air, and care should be exercised in putting on the winter covering not to smother them.

  29. This plant (Mesembryanthemum cristallinum) gets its name from the crystalline ice-like covering of the leaves.

  30. In outdoor culture the cucumber is frequently used as a companion crop to other crops, like beans.

  31. Leeks are marketed in bunches like young onions, and they may be stored the same as celery for winter.

  32. In packing tomatoes for the market, those that are symmetrical in form and uniform in size and of a like degree of ripeness should be selected for filling any one receptacle.

  33. Like many other crops, the sweet potato thrives on newly cleared land, but the crop should not be planted continuously in the same place.

  34. It is necessary to "labor more for the future than for the present" and unite together all the nations engaged in the same great task, inspired by a like ideal and professing similar principles.

  35. I find here so many things to remind me of home, so many things that are like our own country, that it seems a little like coming home.

  36. Your words have reverberated like a friendly voice in the depths of the soul of this people, which has acclaimed you without reserve because it has understood you, sir.

  37. Like yours, our fathers fought for their country against savage Indians.

  38. For forty years, in fourteen separate states like our own, the people of Argentina have preserved the sacred right of local self-government.

  39. I should like to see the same kind of friendship between the United States and South America.

  40. This seems to me like imagining that a child or a youth could, in a single day, accomplish a biological evolution and become forthwith an adult.

  41. They are, like the rudimentary organs of the higher species of animals, according to the theory of Darwin, permanent witnesses of past epochs.

  42. But if the eclecticism is a convenient and agreeable attitude for its champions, it is, like hybridism, sterile, and neither life nor science owe anything to it.

  43. Judges, like undertakers, I believe, get hardened to the idea of death.

  44. I saw Henry fluttering round her in London like a blue and pink pigeon, and, depend upon it, he'll suffer no rivalry from a fellow like Ralph.

  45. Into each of these I should like to give my reader an insight, but know not well which to proceed with first.

  46. But come along; you'll like to give him the news yourself, I dare say, for you may get something for your pains.

  47. I do not like to part with my son so soon after his return from college; I do not like to throw a lad like that upon the wide world without any decided prospect before him.

  48. She looked like a person walking in a dream, and that a sad one; and vain was every effort to call her attention, or to awaken her interest.

  49. It was like a dream of the age fading away and ready to give place to a period fresher, stiffer, more practical.

  50. If your worships like to put off the case until I can get the people together who saw it all, I will be 'sponsible that Mr. Ralph will be here at any time you like to-morrow.

  51. The very first sentence called the warm blood rushing into her cheek, like the light of the morning sun kindling the white clouds on the horizon.

  52. Children will quit them, must quit them; and there is no use of going cackling about like a hen after a brood of young ducklings when first she sees them take to the water.

  53. Four-and-twenty hours before, he could not have imagined that he should have felt any thing like satisfaction at saving the life of Ralph Woodhall; but now his feelings had taken a very different turn.

  54. I requested him to give it up, till it should be seen whether the chilliness, that seemed to renew its attacks like the fits of an ague, should again come upon him.

  55. I did not place more reliance on him on account of his devotion, knowing that devotion is but too often another mode of self-deceit: but I thought him incapable of acting like a villain.

  56. All this was pleasant hearing to a man who had embarked his family in an expedition like mine.

  57. It is in form and dimensions exactly like the Pantheon at Rome, without the portico: no timber is employed in its construction; it is built entirely of stone and iron; even the doors are of iron.

  58. Above the mills it began to assume more and more a torrent-like appearance; the rocks approached nearer on each side, and confined us within a still closer valley.

  59. It is curious to find jokes, like our own on Yorkshire honesty and Gloucestershire ingenuity, repeated in a foreign land.

  60. The mischief is, they made the poor man a saint, instead of knighting him, like Sir Richard Arkwright.

  61. We take a willful pleasure in obscurity, though our language, like all others, is only meant to express our thoughts with force and clearness.

  62. Mere simpletons like Machiavelli's Nicia, or Aretino's Messer Maco, furnish another type of irreverent age, unredeemed by the comic humor of Falstaff or the gigantic lusts of Sir Epicure Mammon.

  63. Though a prophet speak with the voice of God, he will not succeed unless, like Moses, he be provided with a sword to ratify his revelation.

  64. When we say that it was their duty to have formed themselves into a nation like the French, we are criticising their conduct from a modern point of view.

  65. The characters Aretino would imitate supremely well, were a page like Giannico in the Marescalco, a footman like Rosso in the Cortigiana, or a woman of the town like Talanta.

  66. The versatility of his mind and his peculiar humor made his miscellanies popular; and like Aretino he wheedled or menaced ducats out of patrons.

  67. Footnote 163: The minute descriptions furnished by Sanudo of these festivals read like the prose letterpress accompanying the Masks of our Ben Jonson.

  68. He therefore made himself the champion of Italian against those exclusive students who, like Ercole Strozzi, still contended that the dead languages were alone worthy of attention.

  69. With a country in a state of revolution and exasperation, the trance, which now seemed to come over the government, was like to be followed by deadly effects.

  70. Let them no longer, in the very wantonness of tyranny, drive us about like a herd of cattle--like a gang of well-tamed slaves.

  71. The tesselated marble pavement, the graceful, cloister-like arcades ran red with blood.

  72. The kindly reader may like to hear that I not only did not die of it, but am in no danger of ever doing so.

  73. I saw it done, and it was no great feat, seeing that the little birds were so thick that their flight at the moment was like the flutter of silver cloth.

  74. I can never think of it without thinking what life would be if men and women loved each other like that.

  75. Like the once ubiquitous 'possum, he seems a vanishing race--at any rate, in this state.

  76. Gates have to be locked and defended by brute force like barricades against besiegers, and the police are welcome when they deign to grace the scene.

  77. Bush fires were pleasing novelties in those days; now the faintest distant scent of them gives me a "turn" like a qualm of sickness.

  78. All those old scenes come back, and the old terror of the nerves, which were strained so long that the effect upon me was something like what in pre-scientific days was called going into a decline.

  79. I saw them stacked in little boxes, like a grocer's stock of tea or candles, half in the new grave, half piled on the brink.

  80. It might have been midnight, for all the daylight or sunlight that we saw during that dreadful passage: we were like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the burning fiery furnace, enveloped in a glare as of the infernal regions.

  81. They are vermin, to be stamped out like rabbits.

  82. Up the steep and miry Bush track, then like any other Bush track, the poor horses strained and struggled, slipped and fell.

  83. The sunrises out of its mists and shimmers, the moonbeams on its breast at night, that I used to step out upon the terrace-like verandah to feast upon--they are pictures of memory that can never fade.

  84. It was the old Philip Sidney touch by way of Australia, and it is not rare among all our fighting men--lawless chaps when they are on a loose end, but great-hearted children at times like this.

  85. They carried lights, and as they flew in the starlit sky they themselves looked like shooting stars until they dropped low, when their planes were diaphanous as butterfly's wings in sunlight.

  86. German reserves hurried up to relieve the shattered battalions and flung straight into the counter-attacks, wandered about in the open, ignorant of our men's whereabouts, like lost sheep.

  87. Some German gunners registered on one of them nearest to Armentieres, and I saw a terrific burst of yellow smoke, so close to it that it seemed like a hit.

  88. They ride silently like shadows, with no clatter of stirrup or chink of bit.

  89. This sky on the salient was a strange vision, and I have seen nothing like it since the war began.

  90. They just sat and trembled like poor, cowed beasts.

  91. When our airman saw these hostile troops advancing, flying low like a great black bat he dropped his frightful thing on the head of the column.

  92. The East Kents were cut off, like other men of other regiments fighting alongside.

  93. But to-day, when I watched the scene of the Canadian attack with heavy shell-fire over all these houses and pit-heads, I thought of another northern town which would look very much like this if the hell of war came to it.

  94. They went for it like tigers, but without avail.

  95. Others cleared trenches of German soldiers, who scuttled like rabbits into their dug-outs.

  96. As he dismounted to go on to the bridge, three of his servants who had been upon it examining the barrier across it, which they did not like the look of, came up to him and again begged him not to risk himself on it, but it was no use.

  97. Burgundian one week and Armagnac the next, he, like his mother, was neither to be trusted by friends nor feared by enemies.

  98. Very long pointed open sleeves were worn, large wide sashes of silk or cloth of silver, and a surcot, which was a sort of garment something like a chasuble.

  99. But, fortunately, we do not meet them as powerful and irresponsible rulers, like Isabeau de Bavière.

  100. He was, like his grandfather, the brother of Charles VI.

  101. They did not like to tell the young Philippe, lest he should find some way of circumventing them, and when a summons arrived for him from the Constable d’Albret, he declared he would go.

  102. In February of 1414, with bitterly cold winds appeared a disease that seems just like the modern influenza.

  103. The English camp contained the same number of tents, but the one that stood in front of it, with the standard bearing the leopards of England, was like a vast round tower.

  104. To the request that their arms should be restored to them, the answer was that they should be treated like other Christians.

  105. Little colonies of Portuguese, like that of Beas, were frequently discovered.

  106. Their cases were referred to the Royal Council and those who did not, within the impossibly brief term of thirty or sixty days, obtain favorable decisions were hunted like wild beasts and forcibly carried off.

  107. Against the barbarity of a case like that of Isabel de Montoya, which had too many parallels, may be set the tendencies of the Toledo tribunal about 1600.

  108. Like majestas, in heresy there were no privileged classes exempt from torture.

  109. In a land like Spain, populated by diverse races, this was an object worth many sacrifices; if it could not be attained, the enforced baptism of a powerful minority only exaggerated divergence and perpetuated discord.

  110. Yet, like all other promises, this was made only to be broken.

  111. I would rise up and answer him like a man, for he is a just God.

  112. He showed him paintings of famous places and many illustrated volumes of travel, and so fired Liot's heart that his imagination, like a bird, flew off in all directions.

  113. Again and again he kissed Nanna farewell, and it was like tearing his life asunder when he put away her clinging arms and left her alone with the terrible problem that separated their lives.

  114. The icy gusts roared past him; the spray was like flying whiplashes; and it was pitiful to see David, with his bleeding hands on the wheel, stolidly shaking his head as the spray cut him.

  115. Barbara saw him reeling and swaying like a tottering pillar.

  116. So there is great hurry in my heart, for I like not to sit in the sunshine and know that Nanna is weeping in the dark.

  117. I like not these Celtic women, with their round black eyes and their red color and black hair.

  118. She would have twitted him about it until he would have raged like a roaring lion, and blackened my good name, and yours also, and most likely made it a cause for the knife he was ever so ready to use.

  119. Is it to-morrow afternoon you would like us to come?

  120. Well, now,' said Kol, 'I should like it back.

  121. The effort, even then so desperate, was ere long complicated by fever and delirium, and when David came to himself it was almost like a new birth.

  122. Its familiar words went into David's ears like music, and he fell sweetly asleep to its promises.

  123. And as for this world, it is at my feet like a cast-off shoe, and all its gold and gear is as the wrack of the sea.

  124. As he approached the town he saw the fishing-boats leaving the harbor, and in the fairy light they looked like living things with outspread wings.

  125. She came running out of the chapel, with her rebozo flying out behind her almost like Jasmin's tail, and she clasped them in her arms and kissed them again and again and called them her lambs, her angels, her precious doves.

  126. You shall see something besides driving other people's cattle--and being driven like cattle yourselves!

  127. Brave fellows like you know well when a blow must be struck, and where is the true Mexican who was ever afraid to strike a blow when he knew that it was needed?

  128. Some of them were made to look like Mexican donkey-boys and some like water-carriers, while others represented priests, or policemen, or cowboys.

  129. There were other great cacti in groups of tall straight spines, and every now and then a palm tree would spread its spiky leaves like giant fingers against the sky.

  130. She has acted just like this all the way from the pasture!

  131. What business have you driving it mad like that?

  132. Now, never you mind, like a sensible woman," said Pablo's mother soothingly.

  133. Giant cacti with their arms reaching out like the arms of a cross loomed up before them.

  134. A Republic where men like you work for a few pence a day, barely enough to keep your body and soul together--and even that pittance you must spend in stores owned by the men for whom you work!

  135. Tonio thought it looked like the Señor Maestro, and he thought it would be very pleasant to see him burn up, and so, though he cost twelve cents, he bought him at once.

  136. Señor Fernandez might say something like this: "Well, my men, do you think you can play fast and loose with your job like that?

  137. When at last they rode into the gate of the hacienda every one was so glad to see them that the Twins felt like heroes.

  138. But she will never see me, for they do not let me out of this shabby stable--a foul and miserable place, with most two wrecks like myself for company.

  139. Well, I don't like to acknowledge it, Dorcas, but I don't see how I can consistently stick to my doubts in the face of such overwhelming proof as this dog is furnishing.

  140. I kissed her--often; I am used to that, and we like it.

  141. Man is not always like that, Mongrel; he is kind enough when he is not excited by religion.

  142. In fact, you can say I know that nothing just like it has happened in our army, therefore I must be guided by European precedents, and must go cautiously and examine them carefully.

  143. You speak my dialect like a native, but you are not a Mexican Plug, you are a gentleman, I can see that; and educated, of course.

  144. All this unseemly rage and row about such a--a-- Dorcas, I never saw you carry on like this before.

  145. They scattered like sheep, too frightened to scream, and he plunged through the open door into the apartment.

  146. They make the Giants look like two-spots," went on our friend, recklessly.

  147. His heart sank like lead, to a far deeper level than it had dropped with the base desertion of Butler.

  148. Well, he's like a gentleman, if you are really interested in curiosities," she said.

  149. With the arrival of the van he set off to pay the bills due the tradespeople in town, returning before noon with all the receipts, and something like $20 left over.

  150. He, too, had been expecting something like this.

  151. And say, I'd like you to know my wife better, Mr. Butler.

  152. But I don't like to think of you as married.

  153. Do you suppose that she can possibly love a man like you?

  154. The fact that Nellie had aided and abetted in his undignified flight down the slippery back steps did not in the least minimise the peril that still hung like a cloud over his wretched head.

  155. Harvey, shaking his fist in the big man's face, "what do you mean by coming here like this?

  156. Well, if I haven't, I'd like to know who has.

  157. Does she think for a minute that I will put my child in a convent so that we may be free to go to Europe and do things like that?

  158. They dressed in white linen from head to foot, like the old gentleman, and wore broad Panama hats.

  159. I never see money hauled in by the wagon-load like that before.

  160. Well, I reckon there's a right smart chance of people HERE that'd like to know who killed him.

  161. He warn't a boy to meeky along up that yard like a sheep; no, he come ca'm and important, like the ram.

  162. No--drownded him in a butt of mamsey, like a cat.

  163. I WOULD just like to know how they're putting in their opportunity.

  164. Everybody clapped their hands and stomped on the floor like a perfect storm, whilst the king held up his head and smiled proud.

  165. Why," said he, "a magician could call up a lot of genies, and they would hash you up like nothing before you could say Jack Robinson.

  166. Pretty soon a splendid young man come galloping down the road, setting his horse easy and looking like a soldier.

  167. Then he weaves along again, perfectly ca'm, and goes to dropping in his funeral orgies again every now and then, just like he done before.

  168. There was sheds made out of poles and roofed over with branches, where they had lemonade and gingerbread to sell, and piles of watermelons and green corn and such-like truck.

  169. To like an estate you must make up your mind to buy it; so long as it is not yours it will seem comfortless and full of defects.

  170. To work and to look as though I were working from nine in the morning till dinner, and from evening tea till bedtime has become a habit with me, and in that respect I am just like a government clerk.

  171. The banks of the Shilka are picturesque like stage scenes but, alas!

  172. The rivers had flooded the meadows and roads, and I was constantly exchanging my trap for a boat and floating like a Venetian on a gondola; the boats, the waiting on the bank for them, the rowing across, etc.

  173. Like me, he is fond of talking about his uncles and aunts.

  174. You will not like Melihovo, at least at first.

  175. Only I don't like the passages in which Napoleon appears.

  176. I saw something like it at Hong Kong when I went up the mountain in the railway.

  177. They are disappearing and dying out like the branches in the Byelovyezhsky forest.

  178. White gulls, looking like the younger Drishka, hover over the water.

  179. They are not like buildings, but like cakes for tea.

  180. It was like the bleat of a sheep or a calf.

  181. And when towards evening I left the town and was crossing the Yenissey, I saw on the other bank mountains that were exactly like the Caucasus, as misty and dreamy.

  182. Each hole was covered on the inside with cloth smeared with grease: they lay a board on the top, and stuck a support upon the latter which pressed against the ceiling like a column.

  183. And like most gossips, he never could tell the exact truth.

  184. He was puffing and blowing and he was so warm that he wished just for a minute, a single little minute, that he could swim like Billy Mink and Jerry Muskrat and Little Joe Otter, so that he could jump into the Smiling Pool and cool off.

  185. He knew that, like all the other little meadow people, there was nothing of which Peter Rabbit was so afraid as Farmer Brown's great dog, Bowser the Hound.

  186. You see it didn't look a bit like Johnny Chuck.

  187. When she came to a stone wall she jumped up on the stone wall and ran along it, just like a squirrel.

  188. All the summer long the little brown packages grew and grew until they looked like little nuts.

  189. When old King Bear was asleep he would go get them and stuff himself like a greedy pig.

  190. Now, like most people who meddle in other folks' affairs, Mr. Rabbit had no time to tend to his own business.

  191. There sat Peter Rabbit with his funny long ears standing straight up, and there right behind him, dressed exactly like him, sat Peter Rabbit's baby brother with his funny little long ears standing straight up.

  192. It looked a whole lot like other little bushes all around it.

  193. Now like old King Bear, every one wanted to appear his very best before old Mother Nature, but as no one knew the exact day she was to come, every one began at once to wear his best suit, and to take the greatest care of it.

  194. People are coming to see that the uncontrolled conflict of forces, like autocratic force itself, is incompatible with the principle of service.

  195. The morale of the Miners' National Association was broken, and like its predecessors it went by the board.

  196. Text-books and "lessons" become spiritually and intellectually empty, like the prayers which certain Eastern cults pin to wheels that spin idly in the wind.

  197. The captains of industry, like the kings of yore, are honestly unable to understand why their personal power should be interfered with.

  198. The getting of coal out of the mines, after it has been picked or blasted down by the miner, like its distribution after it is brought to the surface, is almost entirely a problem of transportation.

  199. The surveyor's diagram of a mine looks like a crushed centipede.

  200. The processes of civilization like all cosmic processes are slow.

  201. This conviction of the operators is a fact that must be weighed without impatience like any fact in chemistry or physics.

  202. Episodes like the use of company scrip tended to even the balance.

  203. Some of their demands, like the six-hour day, five days a week, are socially unwise, but they represent a just protest against the demoralizing intermittency of employment.

  204. But I can't go away and leave you like this, Dad!

  205. Though, indeed, he felt little like a hero just then.

  206. If the animal were going at top speed, and Jack yelled that word, Sunger would brace up with his fore feet, slide with his hind ones, and bring up standing, like a train of cars when the engineer throws on the emergency air brakes.

  207. I don't take much, but I like a little now and then.

  208. But I sure do hate to leave you like this!

  209. The driver said he didn't like to have me carry it, as I'm not supposed to do that.

  210. There's half a moon," he said, "and I know the trail like a book.

  211. What's the matter, don't you like the grub?

  212. I'd like to have you hand them over to the Golden Crossing stage man and--" At that moment a man came running out of the hotel.

  213. I suppose you could have scared up half a dozen more like yourselves," he went on.

  214. But I would like to know what's keeping him.

  215. No, I don't feel like eating," the lad objected.

  216. I'm bad enough all the way through, but I'm not going to do anything like that, and I'll tell the gang so.

  217. As the sun passed, the eyes of two men on a high hill followed it, and the look of one was like a light in a window to a lost traveller.

  218. Twas about the only pleasure I ever had; 'bout the only one I like to remember.

  219. It was deep and full and slow, with an organ-like quality.

  220. To have men like that over me that have been a boss of men--wasn't it that drove me to kill?

  221. This boy was like George, yet not like him.

  222. But his strength was not like that of the man beside him, who was thirty years younger.

  223. A thought had flashed through his mind, a thought which stunned him, which passed like some powerful current through his veins, shocked him, then gave him a palpitating life.

  224. Inside, the old man stared round him in a confused and troubled way, but his motions were quiet and abstracted and he looked like some old viking, his workaday life done, come to pray ere he went hence forever.

  225. They are such funny little fellows, I don't like to give them up.

  226. I like both Cousin Harold and Cousin Grace, and it seems nice that they are married to each other.

  227. And wouldn't you like to see the place where all that is said to have happened?

  228. They have often told me I must try to be like the dear lady relation whose name I bear.

  229. I am going back now to Ion, and mother will go with me in the gig to drive round to the home of each of our relatives and near connections in this neighborhood, and ask them to give what they can or like to give to this good object.

  230. Meantime, she was thinking how very much she would like to give her dear sister Grace a handsome wedding present, and regretting that she had not expected the wedding to come so soon and saved her pocket money for that purpose.

  231. I saw something about him and his drawings the other day, and I should like to know more of him and his wonderful work.

  232. I know you and Brother Chester are very fond of each other, but so are you and papa; and all the rest of us love you dearly; and we won't any of us like to do without you, even for a few weeks.

  233. Well, if you would all like that, I will tell you of Sergeant Jasper and his brave doings.

  234. I believe I should rather like to have one myself if that were not the case," she added laughingly, "for I do dearly love Grandma Elsie, as I have been used to calling her.

  235. I'd like to hear all you can tell us about Braddock's defeat.

  236. A large landholder like his son and successor, Gilbert, Gloucester was the most powerful English baron of his time; he was avaricious and extravagant, but educated and able.

  237. Another water-proof glue which contains no gelatin is obtained by heating linseed oil with five parts of quicklime; when cold it forms a hard mass, which melts on heating like ordinary glue.

  238. Like the Chinese they wear a pigtail, and from them, too, have learnt the art of silk embroidery.

  239. The males of all, like those of the above-mentioned genus Chloephaga, appear to have that curious enlargement at the junction of the bronchial tubes and the trachea which is so characteristic of the ducks or Anatinae.

  240. The scriptores glossematorum were distinguished from the learned glossographers like Aurelius Opilius (cf.

  241. And as the man thus formed was unable to move, but could only crawl like a worm, the supreme Power put into him a spark of life, and man came into existence.

  242. Noll," said Garrick, "wrote like an angel, and talked like poor Poll.

  243. The horns of the male differ from those of the female, being directed vertically and in shape spiral, whilst in the female they have a horizontal tendency, somewhat like those of a ram.

  244. Both British breeds, as well as those from abroad, are frequently ornamented with two tassel-like appendages, hanging near together under the throat.

  245. In size and form the glutton is something like the badger, measuring from 2 to 3 ft.

  246. In this way collections arose like the priscorum verborum cum exemplis, a title given by Fest.

  247. That I'm bringing it back because I don't like it?

  248. You say where you'd like to dine; it doesn't make the slightest difference to me.

  249. Yet the kissing of his sister lifted like the shadow in a dream before her eyes.

  250. If having a heart means wasting one's sorrows on men like Mr. Arthur, I'm glad I haven't.

  251. You can talk like that when you're never going to see me again?

  252. It was all like playing at keeping restaurant, only everything worked without a hitch, which would never have happened if it had really been only a game.

  253. I should like to know what you'd do--I suppose you'd give me in charge of the head waiter?

  254. When the clock at the Law Courts was striking the half-hour after twelve, he came up out of that depth of journalism which lies like a hidden world below the level of Fleet Street and made his way along towards the Strand.

  255. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "like" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    accept; admiration; adoration; adore; affection; agape; akin; alike; ally; analogue; appreciate; approve; approximate; ardor; associate; attachment; bask; brother; care; charity; choose; close; coequal; cognate; commensurate; common; companion; comparable; comparative; complement; coordinate; correlate; correspondent; counterfeit; counterpart; delight; desire; devotion; devour; dig; ditto; dote; drawn; duplicate; either; elect; enjoin; enjoy; equal; equivalent; esteem; even; fake; fancy; favor; favoring; fellow; fervor; flame; following; fondness; get; heart; homogeneous; homologous; identical; identically; idolatry; image; imitated; imitation; indistinguishable; indulge; kindred; knotted; level; libido; like; likeness; likewise; liking; love; lovemaking; luxuriate; match; matching; mate; mind; mock; near; obverse; one; par; parallel; passion; peer; pendant; phony; picture; please; popularity; prefer; proportionate; proximate; quits; reciprocal; regard; rejoice; relish; revel; rival; same; savor; selfsame; sentiment; sex; shine; similar; similarly; similitude; simulacrum; simulated; sister; square; such; suchlike; take; tally; tantamount; taste; thus; tied; twin; uniform; want; way; weakness; will; worship; yearning

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    like animals; like appearance; like base; like bodies; like case; like character; like children; like creatures; like fashion; like her; like herself; like him; like myself; like ourselves; like processes; like sort; like spots; like structure; like surface; like their; like them; like true; like very; like you very much; like your; liked best