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correctors; corrects; corredor; corregidor; corregidors; correlated; correlates; correlating; correlation; correlations
  1. In order to know that it is between us and the objects seen through it, we must know how to correlate the space of touch with the space of sight.

  2. The space of sight is quite different from the space of touch: it is only by experience in infancy that we learn to correlate them.

  3. If there is an aspect of a given thing in a certain private space, then we correlate the place where this aspect is in the private space with the place where the thing is in perspective space.

  4. Experience teaches us to obtain one space from these by correlation, and experience, together with instinctive theorising, teaches us to correlate our spaces with those which we believe to exist in the sensible worlds of other people.

  5. It may be well, in order to correlate our knowledge of social evolution with knowledge in general, to note the different well-marked phases of universal evolution.

  6. The intermediatist accepts that which seems to correlate with something that he has accepted as a dominant.

  7. If they are, Darwinism is mere jesuitism, in attempting to correlate them.

  8. Poltergeists do not assimilate with our own present quasi-system, which is an attempt to correlate denied or disregarded data as phenomena of extra-telluric forces, expressed in physical terms.

  9. Note the need for a dominant to correlate to.

  10. So our pseudo-standard is Inclusionism, and, if a datum be a correlate to a more widely inclusive outlook as to this earth and its externality and relations with externality, its harmony with Inclusionism admits it.

  11. Because of the nearby view this is perhaps the most remarkable of the new correlates, but the correlate now coming is extraordinary because of the great number of recorded observations upon it.

  12. The attempt to correlate is--that the fishes "are supposed to have been lifted out of the river and dashed against the stones.

  13. Phosphorescent jellyfish correlate with the Old Dominant: in one of the most heroic compositions of disregards in our experience, it was agreed, in the discussion of Capt.

  14. Bishop Michaud attempts to correlate it with meteorological observations.

  15. I'm a soulless and selfless correlate to the New Dominant, myself: I see what I have to see.

  16. His paper, at any rate, is a genuine contribution as well as an encouragement to those who seek to correlate the normal with the abnormal.

  17. An attempt was made to correlate the illusion with the momentum of the day's activity.

  18. To rationalise an interest is simply to correlate it with every other interest which it at all affects.

  19. Synthetic power is then at its height; the mind can survey its experience and correlate all the motions it suggests.

  20. The state of being a woman or of possessing full womanly powers; womanhood; -- correlate of virility.

  21. Defn: The actual existence supposed to correspond with an idea; the correlate in real existence to the idea as a thought or existence.

  22. If, as we maintain, right is the correlate of a self confronting a world of other persons conceived as all related in an order, the vital question is whether this order is a fixed or a moving order.

  23. Here again a complex mode of response must be assumed, having as its correlate an experience describable only in terms of its functioning, which is such as to enable the organism to act intelligently, i.

  24. The psychic correlate is permitted to tag along, but the explanations of response remain the same in kind as they were before they reached the level of consciousness.

  25. Psychologically, the correlate of the system of relations is the set of instincts and emotions, of capacity for stimulation and response, which presuppose society for their exercise and in turn make society possible.

  26. It is true, of course, that we are able, as a matter of fact, to correlate stimulus and response.

  27. It is often a synonym for cause; it stands alike for matter and energy;[18] it is the objective correlate of our subjective sense of effort.

  28. We have seen that Spencer believed that the task of psychology is to investigate the correlation of external and internal relations, and, in that sense, itself to correlate them within a scientific interpretation.

  29. Divest the conceived unit of matter of the objective correlate to our subjective sense of effort and the entire fabric of physical conceptions disappears.

  30. He had to correlate and concentrate the various departments, and make them complete by making a place for effective graduate work.

  31. By means of their fossils we can correlate the formations of widely separated regions from the beginning of the Paleozoic on, and can therefore trace some outline of the history of the continents.

  32. In the same way we correlate the earlier geological formations.

  33. The Santa Fe and the Southern Pacific complain of the competition of the motor-bus along their lines that parallel the Pacific coast, yet have done nothing to meet such competition or to correlate with it.

  34. He does not relate and correlate the ever growing field of knowledge; he merely adds--by the introduction of his own mass of facts--to the isolation which characterizes the parts of college curricula.

  35. Effort should be made to correlate the biological work with these departments of instruction.

  36. Students' Army Training Corps were established at many of the higher institutions of the country, and the academic studies were made to correlate with the military work as a nucleus.

  37. In that it enables the technical student to correlate his work with that of past and present workers, it aids in the preparation for professional studies.

  38. It is only an application of the specialization which is so common in high schools and by which each subject has its own teacher who may or may not try to correlate his own work with that of his colleagues.

  39. The subjects taught fall into three groups, cultural, technical and professional, with strong emphasis on the first and an effort to correlate the first two quite closely.

  40. In this same way a few, perhaps many, conceive of religion: they look upon it as something bequeathed and inherited, and not therefore as the fruit of our own untiring faith and the correlate of our actual personality.

  41. He does not completely neglect the question of the behaviour of man towards physical nature; he could not, since his very dualism is possible only on condition that he correlate the two terms of the opposition.

  42. This conception is, of course, a logical correlate of the conceptions of the external relation of stimulus and response, considered in the last chapter, and of the negative conceptions of immaturity and plasticity noted in this chapter.

  43. This private world contains its own space, or rather spaces, for it would seem that only experience teaches us to correlate the space of sight with the space of touch and with the various other spaces of other senses.

  44. We have now to correlate the times in the different biographies.

  45. Geologists devoting their attention solely to field work often complain that they do not have time to digest and correlate their results, nor to keep up with what others are doing.

  46. With this recognition there should follow naturally an attempt to correlate and direct the many government agencies, legislative and administrative, now concerned with different aspects of the problem.

  47. In drilling for water, it is essential to know the nature, succession, and structure of the rocks beneath the surface in order to be able to identify and correlate them from drill samples.

  48. If the Deluge is to be accepted as historical, and if a similar great break interrupts the geological history of man, separating extinct races from those which still survive, why may we not correlate the two?

  49. We are now in a position to correlate the historical Deluge with the great geographical changes which closed the palanthropic age.

  50. The League aims to correlate the findings of scientists, statisticians, investigators, and social agencies in all fields.

  51. With the rise and spread throughout Europe and America of machine production, it is now possible to correlate the expansion of the "proletariat.

  52. But prior to this new approach, no attempt had been made to correlate the effects of the blind and irresponsible play of the sexual instinct with its deep-rooted causes.

  53. He is led to correlate the markings of the one with the markings of the other.

  54. For the correlate of co-operation is talent for organization, and with this the Teutons are plentifully gifted.

  55. Correlate with art, by requiring drawings and models of the nest and its surroundings, and with language, by having pupils write the history of the nest and family.

  56. Correlate with the interpretation of "The Seed" in Nature in Verse.

  57. Correlate with lessons in Household Management on preserving and canning.

  58. Especially should prospective teachers constantly correlate the lessons of the book with the observation of children at work in the school.

  59. The same observation, however, applies equally well to many other of the Binet tests, some of which correlate more closely with true mental age than this one.

  60. These results correlate perfectly with the steadiness and predictability of the former's responses and the irregularity and erraticness of the latter's.

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