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Example sentences for "disregards"

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disrated; disregard; disregarded; disregardful; disregarding; disrelish; disremember; disremembers; disreputable; disrepute
  1. Rossetti's popular translation of Villon's "Ballade of Fair Ladies" may almost be considered an original poem, especially as it entirely disregards the metrical rules of the ballades.

  2. There is such an order in experience that we find our desires doubly dependent on something which, because it disregards our will, we call an external power.

  3. Repetition marks some progress on mere continuity, since it preserves form and disregards time and matter.

  4. Hence, if a rich man turns a deaf ear to an appeal for charity made in the name of God, he violates charity but not religion; if a child disregards a command urged upon him for the love of God, he violates obedience but not religion.

  5. In the abuse of an act a lesser evil is that which observes the natural fundamentals, but disregards what right reason teaches about things secondary, in the manner of performing the act.

  6. Thus, a person who through experience and practice has become prudent in overcoming past vices, loses this prudence if he disregards the lessons of the past and exposes himself to the old dangers of mortal sin (see 138).

  7. Catholic faith or who disregards its requirements.

  8. The same is true, if a child wilfully disregards the wishes of his parents by stubbornly marrying when for a good reason they disapprove.

  9. Titus expects to be saved on the strength of wearing scapulars, practising certain devotions, or giving alms, while he wholly disregards church duties and important Commandments (Pharisaic presumption).

  10. He who disregards citation offends legal justice, since the summons to appear has a claim on his obedience.

  11. God is just and cannot favor a system which disregards all the principles of justice.

  12. But slavery, true to its leading principle, utterly disregards and ruthlessly tramples upon the parental and filial relations.

  13. How great the contrast between this system and American slavery which utterly disregards the will of slaves.

  14. It is justice that renders to each one what is his, and claims not another's property; it disregards its own profit in order to preserve the common equity.

  15. On the other hand, cruelty disregards this order altogether.

  16. Because it disregards the relative and goes and finds the antecedent, and accommodates its number to that.

  17. Impudence disregards what is due to superiors; shamelessness defies decency.

  18. Hardihood defies and disregards the rational judgment of men.

  19. He disregards you entirely because he is afraid of you!

  20. You must study the rules for makes and never under any circumstances give your partner misinformation; this is the most vital rule there is, and any one who disregards it is detested at the bridge table.

  21. Sidenote: He disregards the cautions of Erasmus.

  22. If the king becomes mild, everybody disregards him On the other hand, if he becomes fierce, his subjects then become troubled.

  23. Something rarer still, O sire, is the person that never disregards an applicant.

  24. He, on the other hand, who disregards these three, falls to obtain any merit from any of his acts.

  25. That king who disregards righteousness and desires to act with brute force, soon falls away from righteousness and loses both Righteousness and Profit.

  26. He, on the other hand, who disregards wholesome food and takes that which is injurious without an eye to consequences, soon meets with death.

  27. That Reciter who insults and disregards others has to go to hell.

  28. He never disregards or shows hatred for any kind of science.

  29. He is a great renouncer and he never disregards any one.

  30. He who always disregards these three seniors never obtains fame either here or hereafter.

  31. One becomes chargeable with atheism if one disregards the Vedas by not doing the acts they direct.

  32. That man who, having attained to the status of humanity that is so difficult of attainment, indulges in malice, disregards righteousness and yields himself up to desire, is certainly betrayed by his desires.

  33. But for the married shirk who disregards her divinely-ordained duty, we have nothing but contempt, even if she be the lordly woman of fashion, clothed in purple and fine linen.

  34. Such a view disregards the values and duties of domestic, civic, and industrial life, and creates an inseparable gulf between sacred and profane, between religion and culture.

  35. He who wishes to put on the yellow dress without having cleansed himself from sin, who disregards also temperance and truth, is unworthy of the yellow dress.

  36. Whoever neglects right consideration about his present life, and because he hopes to escape in the end, therefore disregards all precautions in the present: on this man comes the inevitable doom of death.

  37. But nothing can ever be gained by the sort of simplification which disregards existent and relevant facts.

  38. And yet Milton, while preserving the rime scheme, generally disregards the thought divisions, and in half of his sonnets has the pause, not after the eighth line but within the ninth.

  39. The American Colonization Society, in making the banishment of the slaves the condition of their emancipation, inflicts upon them an aggravated wrong, perpetuates their thraldom, and disregards the claims of everlasting and immutable justice.

  40. Side-note: Plato disregards and disapproves the poetic or emotional working.

  41. Ion both reciter and expositor--Homer was considered more as an instructor than as a poet 126 Plato disregards and disapproves the poetic or emotional working ib.

  42. Besides, the objection we have briefly summarized disregards some very essential considerations, e.

  43. Another weighty objection against the Lutheran theory of justification is that it disregards the law of causation.

  44. I shall never really forsake sin through shame or fear; one gets used to those emotions after a little and disregards them.

  45. The non-Catholic Christian world has the Bible, and boasts of its adherence to it as the sole guide of life; but in the matter of divorced persons it utterly disregards its teachings.

  46. It is unlawful, in that it disregards the truth of God; and it is related to that which is physical, because it magnifies the finite being and its resources.

  47. Add to this the radical fault that it does not place morality on a universal basis, the happiness of all, that it disregards the happiness of the minority, and its unsatisfactory nature is seen.

  48. If a man disregards it, either ignorantly or wilfully, he suffers.

  49. He who listens to you listens to me; and he who disregards you disregards me, and he who disregards me disregards Him who sent me.

  50. Whoever consults or has to do with mediums or any who profess to receive instruction or communications from the spirits of the dead, disregards this plain instruction, and places himself upon the enemy's ground.

  51. To obtain its ends, it disregards the rights, the welfare, and even the lives of those affected by its merciless schemes and intrigues.

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