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Example sentences for "disregarded"

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disquietudes; disquisition; disquisitions; disrated; disregard; disregardful; disregarding; disregards; disrelish; disremember
  1. The simplicity of his self-effacement almost bewildered the other, on whom the knowledge was forced that, had he raised and pointed the death-dealing weapon, his enemy would have disregarded him.

  2. On June 15th she surrendered at Carberry Hill, and the nobles disregarded a pledge of loyalty to the queen given on condition of her abandoning Bothwell, alleging that she was still in correspondence with him.

  3. In England boys could be married at fourteen and girls at twelve, but these ages were sometimes disregarded and children were married at even younger ages.

  4. For half a century Carlyle had worked his way in disregarded poverty.

  5. The Premier, deceived by the majority which still appeared to support him, disregarded the rising murmurs.

  6. But though comparatively disregarded now, laws unsuspected by most will take effect, and masters of families and rulers will come to him for advice.

  7. The girl disregarded the outstretched hand, and rose wearily, sullenly.

  8. He sat down and lighted a cigar, and opened the letters which had been lying disregarded for weeks, and as he looked through them he saw that he was in a worse mess than he had ever before been.

  9. General Ord accused the commander (General Lauman) of having disregarded his orders, and attributed to him personally the disaster and heavy loss of men.

  10. I can very well conceive that a rule so long disregarded could not, or would not, be restored without the subject being presented, and I now do so respectfully for your consideration.

  11. Could it be that that bowl of flowers had been placed in the window as a signal to him, and that he had disregarded it and come to her?

  12. I disregarded it, only to hear it pattering behind me and its voice: "Mr. Beeson!

  13. I marked his right hand quivering stiffly; and I disregarded him.

  14. I forgot instructions, I disregarded every movement preliminary to the onset, I remembered only the criminations and recriminations culminating here at last.

  15. Special requests for the new style of stamps will be disregarded until the stock of the present issue in possession of the Department is exhausted.

  16. Special requests for the new style of stamps will be disregarded until the stock of the present issue, in possession of the Department, is exhausted.

  17. Those who have attacked, and those who have defended, the character of Constantine, have alike disregarded two very remarkable passages of two orations pronounced under the succeeding reign.

  18. Revenge made them more and more aggressive, and treaties made with Spain were disregarded because, as they said, Spain's inhumanity had forfeited her right to be considered a civilized country.

  19. Another operation had been performed upon Mrs. Rizal's eyes, but she was restive and disregarded the ordinary precautions, and the son was in despair.

  20. The moral is supposed to be obedience, and the young butterfly was burned and died because it disregarded the parental warning not to venture too close to the alluring flame.

  21. The authorities were constantly searching dwellings, often entire neighborhoods, and with a thoroughness which entirely disregarded the possibility of damaging an innocent person's property.

  22. But I do not find that he ever exhausted the public treasury on those temples, and I do find where his war policy was disregarded when disregard meant defeat.

  23. There are few things more commonly disregarded by us in our early years than the brevity of our life through all its successive stages, and the fleeting nature of its opportunities.

  24. They disregarded wholly the advice of the British officers and agents, and treated the men who alone could save them from the consequences of their folly with open contempt.

  25. The generals disregarded alike the orders from the central Junta at Madrid and those of the provincial Juntas, quarrelled among themselves to a point that sometimes approached open hostility, and each acted only for his private ends.

  26. Distinctions of rank are generally disregarded in Italy.

  27. Oswald himself, stunned by the calls for aid around him, had almost disregarded it.

  28. No, what our table displays is the amount that would be raised if all exemptions were disregarded and no penny forborne.

  29. The kittens were hungry and begged a meal, but she disregarded them, and, picking up the youngest, set off at a steady pace across Knockdane.

  30. She disregarded the snow which chilled her from without, and licked him with her warm tongue as tenderly as if he had been a sleepy suckling in the nesting burrow.

  31. I have told you I disregarded omens: I cared not for them, only as they were the soul of Thuggee as far as my men were concerned; and to humour them I feigned to be particular in their observance.

  32. If the Protestant princes disregarded the decisions of the central court, the Emperor was within his rights in treating them as men who had outraged the constitution of the Empire.

  33. But, trusting to Christ as my witness, whom my writings above all would guard, to the judgment of your Holiness, to my own sense of right and the approval of so many distinguished men, I have always disregarded the yelpings of these people.

  34. In the earlier stage kinship with the father was disregarded or unknown.

  35. For he "has practically disregarded the great mass of the uncivilized" peoples, and "ignored the vast array of facts they present at variance with his theory.

  36. The English temporal courts appear to have disregarded the canonical rule that a marriage is absolutely void when formed below the age of seven.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disregarded" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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