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Example sentences for "disregarding"

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disquisitions; disrated; disregard; disregarded; disregardful; disregards; disrelish; disremember; disremembers; disreputable
  1. The patriarch had almost brought on himself the fate of his father through disregarding the equality which reigned amongst the members of the College.

  2. As this command was not communicated to them until late on Friday, they found themselves in the desperate dilemma of undertaking a journey on the Sabbath, or disregarding the imperial summons.

  3. Let us push on,' he replied, disregarding her comment.

  4. There are several among the diggers who'll stand by you,' said Ryder, disregarding Mary's levity.

  5. Bernadotte was accordingly informed; but recalling the Emperor's dissatisfaction with him the previous year for his inactivity, he did not feel justified in disregarding the letter and obeying the spirit of his orders.

  6. Hitherto, superb as had been his achievements, they had been won as a subordinate carrying out one part of a large plan, and securing prominence for his own ideas only by disregarding those of nominal superiors.

  7. Dinwiddie rebuked them for "disregarding the designs of the French, and disputing the rights of the Crown"; and he "prorogued them in some anger.

  8. The baron entered with a cheerful mien, and repeated, in a tone of satisfaction, that Hans Gucklick had been spared from that wild, life-disregarding Paul Talkebarth.

  9. You now see to what you have come by disregarding my advice.

  10. He praises Surrey's blank verse rendering of the fourth book of the AEneid, but regrets that, in disregarding quantity, it falls short of the "perfect and true versifying.

  11. She also joined, at first, with France and Spain in setting up an Austrian prince upon the throne in Mexico, totally disregarding any rights or claims that Mexico had of being treated as an independent power.

  12. This alone you offered to us and the civilized world as an all-sufficient reason for disregarding the laws of God and man.

  13. Nature, who is no tender mother, but a stern step-mother, thus punishes them for disregarding her laws.

  14. Disregarding all these, and singling out that vainest of princes I will fall upon his head, for upon the defeat of that wretch the others will regard themselves as defeated.

  15. Hearing these words of Duryodhana, Karna said, 'Disregarding the preceptor, make all arrangements.

  16. Disregarding learned men that extol the heroism of the foe, make ye such arrangements that the foe may be destroyed.

  17. We then re-crossed the river, and disregarding all native advice, struck into the country, and halted near a small grove of olives close to the new English road to the military station "Mattiati.

  18. Well, you saw his wife,' said the Parnass to Mendel's wife, disregarding his own.

  19. We could call a meeting of marine-dealers,' said Barzinsky, disregarding him.

  20. Among the underground helpers there are a number of notable persons that have admitted with seeming satisfaction their complicity in disregarding the Fugitive Slave Law.

  21. But competition and smuggling are unavoidable features of international commerce; and if they afforded an adequate reason for disregarding a formal agreement, international trade arrangements would not be worth making.

  22. Santa Anna, and hence had not the warrant of a supposed emergency for disregarding his instructions.

  23. Rumors came that Taylor was in danger, but the air was full of rumors about the enemy, and Scott had ample ground for disregarding these, though criticised for doing so.

  24. It was felt that he had shown a deliberate intention to ignore the public interest and feed upon the nation--disregarding all personal rights, threatening all fortunes and contradicting all principles.

  25. Disregarding the summons, the scamp was promptly declared in contumaciam outlawed and cashiered along with the entire host of unclean spirits.

  26. But the dogs soon left the dead body, and came bounding across the marsh, disregarding its difficulties; though their plunges and yells soon made it apparent that even they did not escape altogether with dry feet.

  27. From this river Napoleon advanced to the banks of the Mincio, where the remainder of the Italian campaign was fought out, both sides contemptuously disregarding Venetian neutrality.

  28. I beg you to believe we do not act in a spirit of disregarding merit.

  29. Even in such a case, would not the official oath be broken if the government should be overthrown when it was believed that disregarding the single law would tend to preserve it?

  30. Again and again have I heard Judge Douglas denounce that bank decision and applaud General Jackson for disregarding it.

  31. I have said that I have often heard him approve of Jackson's course in disregarding the decision of the Supreme Court pronouncing a National Bank constitutional.

  32. Any seaman disregarding a challenge was to be shot dead; any tavern-keeper who sold spirits to an American sailor was to have his tavern broken and his stock destroyed.

  33. Scarce a year goes by but what some province is in arms, or sits sulky and menacing, holding parliaments, disregarding the king's proclamations and planting food in the bush, the first step of military preparation.

  34. In these hours of splendid devotion to their disabled comrade these young officers, absolutely disregarding personal considerations, displayed that contempt for external good which Emerson indicates as the true measure of every heroic act.

  35. Gilder tells us of the unusual experience of the native at this time: "The bear disregarding the dogs made a rush for the active young hunter that almost brought his heart into his mouth.

  36. I asked of my cousin, disregarding the old wretch's mockery.

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