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youe; youer; youh; youle; youll; younge; younger; youngest; youngish; youngling
  1. A colony of martins makes great inroads upon the insect population, as the birds not only feed upon insects but rear their young on the same diet.

  2. Feeding the pigeons in city parks is an old custom, particularly for the young and old.

  3. As usual in such cases, its epithet is applicable to none more than itself, as neighboring nest holders know to their sorrow; for during the breeding season the jay lays heavy toll upon the eggs and young of other birds.

  4. Nighthawks build no nest, the two young being raised on the bare ground, or flat roofs.

  5. In some towns young men were treated as menials before they had performed some daring deeds on the battle-field or acquired a war title.

  6. The young warriors, anxious to obtain fame and war-titles, joined the war-parties on the call of a leader.

  7. After the young man had passed through the hardships of his initiation, the career of distinction stood open before him, for he was now a tassikáya or brave.

  8. While the young people of both sexes were occupied at the agricultural work, the old ones were smoking their calumets.

  9. To each great house belonged a black drink cook, and from the young warriors two or three men were appointed to attend to those who took this liquid every morning; they called the townspeople to this ceremony by beating drums (C.

  10. Bartram states, that the Cheroki men had a lighter and more olive complexion than the contiguous Creek tribes, adding that some of their young girls were nearly as fair and blooming as European women.

  11. Then four other young men came forward in the same manner, each holding an ear of the newly-ripened Indian corn, which the conjurer took from them and with formalities threw into the fire.

  12. This small tribe is known only through its connection with the young British colony of Savannah and the protection which its chief, Tomochichi, extended over it.

  13. In 1799 the thirty young men of this place had joined Tálisi town.

  14. Crosby, and brought up in the Market Street church, was the first president of the Young Men's Christian Association.

  15. When two of the young men came to the trustees for permission for a literary society to meet weekly, it was questioned whether anything but religious meetings might be held in the building.

  16. Charles Briggs was another young member, and around him later raged the bitterest theological controversy of the century.

  17. One, a young Irish boy, Robert McBurney, became the great secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association.

  18. Mr. Jelliffe did fundamental work with the Young People's Society, that has been a staunch support of the church ever since.

  19. In a day when the young people had no outlet whatever for their active spirits the Lylian Association became a training school for the church.

  20. Illustration: Andrew Beattie] The school was flourishing with many young people as officers and teachers, all the activities of the church being centered on its nursery.

  21. Illustration: Theodore Ledyard Cuyler] The galleries were packed with young men.

  22. Not only did money flow in readily, but it was quite the thing for young ministers and theological students to spend a year, a summer or a winter at Sea and Land, and they did not study books: they worked on men and women at all hours.

  23. Cuyler: "I looked around me and saw there were a good many substantial families that could support a church and East Broadway swarmed with young men.

  24. Shaw] Another breach was made in the conservatism of the old church when one of the young trustees proposed to let the New York Kindergarten Association use the room rent free for a kindergarten, then new in the neighborhood.

  25. The excursions gave rise to a committee of young people who started to provide amusements other than dancing: swings, songs, and so on.

  26. Among the men working under Mr. Denison was Horace Day, a young theological student who gave his life after a brief but intense period of work.

  27. It was a happy combination this, and the little boys became strong men in the memory of the young Colonel who gave his life at Fort Wagner at the head of the First Colored Regiment.

  28. It was a young man who, in October, 1894, reported to the Sunday school superintendent as coming from Madison Square.

  29. This occurs when a young man dies, in which case his father or mother may be accepted as a substitute.

  30. The roots of young plants are steeped in hot water and the liquid applied to sore eyes.

  31. No young pilot should be allowed out in 'bumps' until he has done fifteen hours' piloting.

  32. In another entry he records how he reproved a young lieutenant, telling him that 'he must take his work seriously and make himself older in character'.

  33. The dangerous work of trying conclusions with the air fell to the young men of the factory.

  34. A young man, called Gabriel Voisin, who heard Captain Ferber lecture at Lyons, came on to the platform after the lecture and declared that he wished to devote his life to the cause of aviation.

  35. When the rapier was introduced into England in the sixteenth century, it found no friends among the masters of the broadsword; its vogue was gained among young gentlemen educated in France and Italy.

  36. Harvey-Kelly, one of the lightest hearted and highest spirited of the young pilots who gave their lives in the war.

  37. Pilâtre de Rozier, a young native of Metz, determined to attempt an aerial voyage.

  38. Born in 1873, the son of a prosperous coffee-planter of San Paulo in Brazil, Santos Dumont was a young and wealthy amateur, gifted with mechanical genius, and insensible to danger.

  39. A young druggist called Foust, a friend of the Wrights, was present at the flight of the 5th of October.

  40. Thousands of young men were eager to enter the service as pilots, but the training accommodation was wholly inadequate.

  41. The value of the airship for distant reconnaissance at sea is now fully recognized, but airship building is not a possible hobby for a young naval officer.

  42. Hear me, young Mordaunt," said Norna, "and depart from this house.

  43. Serving it was a young woman he had not seen for long, a young woman minus the slightest trace of listlessness, with a dash of red ribbon at belt and throat, and a reflection of the same colour burning on either cheek.

  44. Leaving the tent for a moment, he returned with a young grouse, and, dressing it skilfully, put it in a skillet to fry.

  45. He was a mild-featured young man of the name of Mitchell, recently graduated from a school of theology, and for that reason selected as a sacrifice to the frontier.

  46. At the parsonage the young minister still sat scowling in his study.

  47. Very, very young he looked at this time; fairly boyish.

  48. She looked very young that moment--and very old.

  49. You are young and can live any life you wish.

  50. I haven't seen the young folks for ten years, and I haven't even heard anything of them for six months now.

  51. The young woman flew with alacrity to do her bidding.

  52. All this was said at the door of the Commodore's office, and while he was shaking the hand of the young man with great cordiality.

  53. You remember, my dear, the young man who so kindly assisted us at the time of the accident to our carriage.

  54. The young Lieutenant was not, as may well be supposed, an unconcerned spectator of the passing scene.

  55. Carriages of various kinds are landing groups of young and old, and then driving off with speed.

  56. Young men, the former companions of our boys, are now engaged at their trades, or preparing to man the different vessels when ready for a voyage.

  57. Mary Oakum was in personal appearance a lovely young creature, and an equally lovely spirit breathed forth in every word, sparkled from every look, and shone forth embodied in her whole conduct.

  58. But, as Billy Bloodgood was the principal man to whom Mr. Cutter looked for aid in sustaining and encouraging the young man, the fact that he wished to teach a young school among them, must be communicated to him.

  59. She feared that her conduct towards this young man had not been sufficiently guarded.

  60. Marry, do I, sir: tis my intent, young Gentleman.

  61. A young deer mouse claimed to have overheard a rancher talking--the rancher that lived about a mile from Benny Badger's home.

  62. The young men of intelligence, of vim, of nerve became disgusted with the farms.

  63. For instance, here is a young man, and he is industrious.

  64. And let me implore all the young men here not to join that party.

  65. Do not go with the Democratic party, young man.

  66. While the soldier were passing in review the citizens and young people filled all the seats in the park and crowded around the speaker's stand, so as to occupy all available space.

  67. And to every young man within the sound of my voice I say, do not tie your bright and shining prospects to that old corpse of Democracy.

  68. You feel the dewy grass beneath your bare feet once again, and you go back in your mind until the dear old woman on the porch is once more young and fair.

  69. Jays are most easily discovered in the morning about sunrise on the tops of young live oaks.

  70. He makes no nest, but rears his young in a hole in the sand, generally on the side of a hill.

  71. He eats the rich, succulent, milky young corn with voracity.

  72. It eagerly scans the shoal of young trout sporting in the pool below, when suddenly it drops down into the water, and, almost before the observer is aware of the fact, is back again to its perch with a struggling fish in its beak.

  73. When the corn is young, the farmer cannot see the grubs which are eating the young plants.

  74. The color of the first plumage of the young is still unsettled.

  75. He is omniverous but is especially fond of eggs and young birds.

  76. The young from the first resemble their parents closely, but are a trifle less brilliantly colored.

  77. The young appear about the first of June.

  78. The amount of food which the young robin is capable of absorbing is enormous.

  79. It rears its young in a hole, which is made in the banks of the stream it frequents.

  80. Robineau knew the Petites-Affiches by heart when the two young men returned from their ride.

  81. While they ate, the young men frequently glanced at the girl.

  82. The young men agreed with him, and they lost themselves in innumerable conjectures.

  83. All the young ladies were silent and looked at the ground.

  84. The door opened at last, and a man clad in a goatskin jacket, like the Swiss shepherds, came out and gazed stupidly at the three young men.

  85. There is no harm in that, but you must realize that it is not to see this valley or to gaze into the lovely eyes of your goats, that these two young men from Paris rise so early in the morning!

  86. The two young men walked a long while at random and without speaking; their hearts were too heavily burdened for them to be able to exchange their thoughts.

  87. After walking another quarter of an hour, the young men overtook two young peasants who were driving a laden ass.

  88. I took my way along the bank, I glided among the bushes, ran after a young fox whose sharp nose I spied pointed up a tree, but without catching him, and finally returned to my new home by the opposite direction.

  89. Two of them were of the common class, about the size and weight of Job; the other was a young puppy of good family, whose tastes had unfortunately led him into such low society.

  90. But the puppy's grief had been too real to allow me to believe, young as he was, that he could be acting a part; so with a stout resolution I went forward.

  91. I had an idea in my own mind that the sun rested there all night, only I could not imagine how it came up again in the morning in quite an opposite quarter; but then I was such a young and ignorant puppy!

  92. I was not born in this city of Caneville, but was brought here at so young an age, that I have no recollection of any other place.

  93. The very room in which these meetings were held comes as strongly to my recollection as the various young and old dogs who were wont to assemble there.

  94. Why is Mrs. Lilly showing the young Princes like an affected ladies'-maid?

  95. I know not what mysterious chain unites the heart of a young lover to that of the woman whom he loves.

  96. Even that was turned against me; and prudent fathers shook their heads, and sagely cautioned their own young scapegraces "to take care of me.

  97. O how I envied the reckless laughter of the gleeful urchins whose unmindful parents left them to the happy utterance of their own and participation in their young companions' thoughts!

  98. But the season of boyhood passes--the youth of sixteen becomes a young man of twenty, and smiles at the innocent emotions of his uneducated heart.

  99. But what are the sensations which enter the heart of a young and innocent girl when she first confesses the passion that fills her heart?

  100. Now in general it was not difficult to command a supply of smooth-faced young ensigns to personate the heroines, waiting-maids, and old women, of the comedies and farces to which our performances had been hitherto restricted.

  101. Young and inexperienced, I entered wildly into all the follies wealth can purchase or fashion justify; but I was still to be the victim of the phrase.

  102. He is a young man of fine fancies, and possesses the amiable quality of being invariably passionately in earnest.

  103. She is not like the young girls I have known.

  104. At twenty, one should be as plump as a young capon.

  105. He has before him a long journey in the East, and he is young enough to have a fancy for firearms.

  106. I, too, have been a beautiful young girl.

  107. It was weeks before she saw her young friend again.

  108. He had purchased a wonderful pair of pistols as a gift for a young friend.

  109. It was to make that speech that the client had employed the young lawyer, and, in Judge Taylor's opinion he "got his money's worth of gall and vitriol.

  110. But did you ever hear an English grande dame crush the life out of a sweet and innocent young girl by calling her 'that young person'?

  111. The way of it was this: When I was a young man trying to get into a law practice out in Ohio, and eager to advertise myself by appearing in court, a fellow was indicted for arson.

  112. My pulses were calm, my imagination no more active than a young man's must be, and my brain distinctly sleepy.

  113. On these week-end visits it was my delight to tell of the queer experiences of the week, and Edward's delight to listen to them while he fought against the maladies that were then threatening his brave young life with early extinction.

  114. I may add that I think the young women of that time in Virginia were altogether the best educated young women I have ever encountered in any time or country.

  115. The young women who kept house--and it was usually the young women who did so--were up and at it before the dawn.

  116. I recently sold the Harpers a serial story of my own for their Young People.

  117. Doubtless the philosopher meant that a young woman destitute of physical beauty, with all its temptations, is sure to cultivate those spiritual qualities which give beauty and more than beauty to the countenance in later years.

  118. In the West I had gone to school with all the young women I knew.

  119. So young they are, so desolate-- Of all save thee.

  120. Of late years a number of young men, some of whom came long distances, had been in the habit of attending these Sunday evening meetings.

  121. She remembered what a young girl she was, and how full of fancies, which made it easy for people to deceive her.

  122. She does n't know what Evan is yet: a handsome young raskill, as all the girls make much of.

  123. In one of the many letters written on this subject we get a pitiable instance of such a case as this: A young man, living with a lady and her daughters, became ill with small-pox.

  124. Why,' said the young woman, 'I wanted to propose to you to accompany me as far as Main Street; that was all.

  125. Day and night, he pictured some man, young and handsome, kneeling at Deborah Fleming's feet, and then he shook with the maddening thought.

  126. Young Paul Ferrand, whom I frequently met at the café, and who had served as a captain at Waterloo, was sure that the Little Corporal would come back again soon.

  127. Equally unhappy in interpreting a lady's meaning was a timid young man of Titusville.

  128. Again, riding with a gay cavalcade in the streets of Granta, when a young fop whispered Deborah, and she laughed (was it at him?

  129. This worthy was a young man, aged about three-and twenty, and dressed in the very extreme of fashion.

  130. The young spring joyously over his scythe, and he pelts them with flowers, and loves them for their daring and content; they fear him not.

  131. A young married man of limited but not straitened means was seized with illness at home about a week before the 'flitting term,' at which time he was to remove his household goods to another town.

  132. Brigham Young succeeded to the post of "prophet.

  133. The comparatively modern and local custom of young men and women going home to visit their parents on this day is probably a survival of the older practice.

  134. I gave him a bit of line, that young Munster.

  135. I was talking to one in London—a young girl not more than eighteen or nineteen.

  136. As I write these lines I think of one dear boy, a young sergeant, a Public-School boy.

  137. The young man sprung from the lowest stratum of Southern society, and the young woman from the highest.

  138. The two chief characters of the story are a young man and a young woman.

  139. The stout boy had vanished but in his place stood a tall, manly, handsome young man, with a cheery, thoughtful face.

  140. The carriage door was closed, and the young couple drove away for Claremont in a little shower of white slippers, accompanied, according to Highland tradition, by a new broom, which was sure to bring happiness to the new household.

  141. For half a century England had been ruled by elderly men; how would it fare in the hands of a young girl?

  142. She went through the rest of the paper with her usual clear, sweet voice, and one of the Councilors wrote of the event: "Certainly she did look as interesting and as handsome as any young lady I ever saw.

  143. Throughout the land there was talk about the quiet young girl at Kensington.

  144. After she had studied this book with the hard name for two years, it seems a great intellectual downfall to find her "promoted" to "Elements of Geography for the Use of Young Children.

  145. There were rockets and bonfires and salutes from vessels and forts, and, fascinated as she was, the young girl was thoroughly tired before she was safe at Windsor Castle.

  146. Then she remembered that she had two cousinly guests and added, "The young men are very amiable, delightful companions, and I am very glad to have them here.

  147. A book that will be most valuable to the library of the young boy.

  148. Some months after the death of Prince Albert, the two met again; next followed the little visit to Queen Victoria, and the loving welcome to the young girl who then became the betrothed of the Prince of Wales.

  149. To the young Queen the sight of the Archbishop brought no thought of the glories of the throne, but rather of those solemn words that he had spoken to her in the chapel of St. James' two years before.

  150. A few years before, the young girl had walked to the milliner's and home again, carrying her new bonnet in her hand; but now she seated herself in the royal carriage and was drawn by eight cream-colored horses.

  151. It so happened that to a reception of the Abbé Scarron was brought one day the young lady destined to play so important a part in the history of her country.

  152. She lived in the ducal household as a playmate of the Princess Anne, and was a beautiful, bright, and witty young lady, though not well educated.

  153. In proportion to the hatred of orthodox ecclesiastics like Anselme of Laon and Saint Bernard, was the admiration of young men and of the infant universities.

  154. The young girl was thus introduced to the dangerous circle which surrounded the Duke of York, and she passed her time, not in profitable studies, but in amusements and revels.

  155. And what young woman with such a nature and under such circumstances could resist the influence of such a teacher?

  156. With us a young lady who loves one man can easily repel another suitor; but here it was very different, for how could I repel Layelah?

  157. Captain Bennet made some objections, but he was old and cautious, and we were young and venturesome, so we laughed away his scruples and set forth.

  158. The Kohen was accompanied by a young female, richly attired, who, I afterward learned, was his daughter.

  159. She felt as I did, and this despair of soul might wreck her young life if there were no alleviation.

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