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  1. In a few minutes the slide of the hatch was thrown back, which let down the noise and tumult of the deck still louder, the loud cry of "All hands, ahoy!

  2. Hatch advanced on Honey Hill with sixteen pieces of artillery.

  3. If Hatch had possessed much artillery he could not have used it at Honey Hill.

  4. Hatch at once began to entrench and get into position for a stay of several weeks.

  5. The move was a partial success for the batteries of Hatch annoyed the rebels and somewhat interfered with railway traffic.

  6. Hatch lost in killed and wounded that day fully eight hundred officers and men and gained nothing.

  7. The forces of Hatch moved off to the right and ascended the rise of ground, where they formed and charged the work.

  8. Hatch moved out a short distance, and rested in a grove of pines.

  9. Where scores of grubs hatch side by side they drive a score of closely parallel tunnels.

  10. In a short time the eggs hatch into grubs, and these at once start to feed upon the inner bark at right angles to the galleries, extending to right and left around the tree.

  11. After the eggs hatch the guarding response probably diminishes and the fish leaves the nest readily.

  12. As a result, a large hatch occurred in the summer of 1957.

  13. Reference has been made to the large hatch of channel catfish in 1957, in a discussion of that species.

  14. He led the way through passages and up ladders to the very top of the ship, to the hatch where the astrogators took their star sights.

  15. Rip smashed at the escape hatch above his head, grabbed propulsion tubes from the rack and called, "Now!

  16. The space officer gave Rip a hand out of the harness, and the young Planeteer went through the hatch to the deck.

  17. Garbage cans must have close-fitting lids, so that there will be no place in which the young may hatch and grow.

  18. These will hatch the next day into little worms, called maggots.

  19. In a day or two the eggs hatch into little white worms which feed on the dirt.

  20. A day or two after the mother lays one or two hundred eggs, they hatch into dark, wriggling objects called wigglers.

  21. Hay" was running the steam winch, "Stump" was pulling the baskets over the hatch coaming as they were hauled up by the winch, and the other five were carrying.

  22. As we reached the hatch I heard the "Kid" ask Tom: "Say, what was it you saw?

  23. Suddenly an order comes out of the gloom near the main hatch and is carried from gun to gun.

  24. The men come tumbling up from below, touching their caps in salute as their heads rise above the hatch coaming.

  25. As we scurried toward the hatch a great shaft of light appeared off the port beam, and began sweeping back and forth across the black of the horizon.

  26. Be careful to close the hatch securely when you come up, signor, or we shall be swamped in less than ten minutes; she will bury herself in the breeze that we are going to have.

  27. You can't hatch thoughts unless you sit on 'em a while," was one of his quaint phrases.

  28. Jim was about to jump in and separate them, when he saw that they were likely to roll off the hatch on to the deck, and then he would not have interfered for anything.

  29. Hatch had a sharp fight with the enemy at Columbus and retreated along the railroad, destroying it at Okalona and Tupelo, and arriving in La Grange April 26.

  30. On the 21st he had detached Colonel Hatch with one regiment to destroy the railroad between Columbus and Macon and then return to La Grange.

  31. If you hatch some chickens by heat, miles away from any other fowls, the hens will cackle, and the cocks will crow, all the same, although no one has taught them.

  32. Over the gate I stepped, waded my way through the straw, and, leaning over the hatch of one of his outhouses, who should I see but the farmer himself.

  33. They live in the ground, are harmless, feed on vegetable matter, and deposit their eggs in the earth, which hatch out little creatures at first resembling crickets.

  34. The eggs are laid in the autumn, and hatch in the early spring, the young then appearing as wingless little creatures which in turn produce not eggs but winged or wingless Aphidæ (Fig.

  35. These hatch out and become little creatures resembling the ant lion, with huge jaws.

  36. They lay eggs which are deposited in the ground, or in special cavities made in wood, which hatch into larvæ (Fig.

  37. The eggs hatch out into singular little objects, having very little resemblance to the parent.

  38. They hatch very promptly in six weeks or so, and we might conclude that the young cicadas would soon appear.

  39. They are still cared for with the greatest solicitude by the nurses, which stand by when they finally hatch out and aid them in their entrance into the world.

  40. The eggs of beetles hatch into larvæ (Fig.

  41. The girdler beetle bores holes in tender limbs of the hickory, then systematically girdles the limb below the eggs, so that by the time the young hatch they have soft, dead wood to feed upon.

  42. The little eggs soon hatch into white grubs which are carefully fed by the workers with digested honey and pollen.

  43. The eggs are deposited on leaves and various places, and soon hatch into caterpillars (Fig.

  44. However, I'm not particularly hankering after the experience, so please don't try to hatch up any wild scheme looking to that end.

  45. Two were to watch the hatch and break the first head to appear, while the others returned to work.

  46. A man had climbed out of the after hatch and was walking rapidly towards them, a rifle in his hands, while at his thigh swung a Colt.

  47. Those Owls always make their nests on the ground, generally lay from three to four eggs, but seldom hatch more than two; and in the extreme North the young ones do not fly till September.

  48. They build their nests in trees, sometimes not far from the ground; lay four white eggs, and always hatch them in June.

  49. We could not visit each other, since we had no boat, but we lay so nearly alongside that we were able, Stephan and I, to talk from hatch to hatch and so make our plans.

  50. I stopped the engines, brought her to the surface, and opened the conning-tower, while all my excited crew came crowding to the hatch to know what had happened.

  51. There was a rolling sea and the wind was freshening, so I did not think it safe to keep my hatch open long, for so small is the margin of buoyancy that one must run no risks.

  52. I had freed the hatch of my tower, and was looking at the boats of the Virginia with Vornal near me, when there was a swish and a terrific splash in the water beside us, which covered us both with spray.

  53. The night was come, the moon would not be up for hours; a lamp was set on the main hatch to light Amalu as he washed down decks; and the galley lantern was taken to guide the others in their graveyard business.

  54. The decks were washed down, the main hatch removed, and a gun-tackle purchase rigged before the boat arrived with breakfast.

  55. It was a feeble, shivering lot of mortals who crawled through the hatch at the end of the trip.

  56. It was roofed over, and its cargo was received through a hatch which was securely covered, but little openings in the top admitted the air.

  57. If the eggs hatch well from the start, a large grower may have his houses full by December, but usually it takes until January to complete hatching, and sometimes it takes longer.

  58. The egg farmers grow their own pullets but, as a rule, do not breed or hatch them.

  59. A fowl will hatch the eggs just as well as a turkey hen, and may make as good a mother for a few turkeys grown on a small place.

  60. Usually twenty or thirty hens are set at the same time, and it is expected that they will hatch eight or ten chickens each.

  61. The large flocks of hens in this district give an abundance of sitters to hatch the early goslings.

  62. Hens' eggs have been known to hatch as early as the seventeenth day and as late as the twenty-fourth, but as a rule chickens that come before the nineteenth day or after the twenty-second are weakly.

  63. Perhaps the best general rule is to have the first chicks hatch when the grass is beginning to grow.

  64. When a pair of ostriches hatch their own eggs, the hen sits during the day and the cock at night.

  65. His eggs do not hatch well, because his chickens, while nominally on free range on a farm, have really been no better off than chickens reared under ordinary conditions in town.

  66. Hens with little chicks should be left in the nests until all the eggs that will hatch have hatched and the chicks are dry and begin to show an inclination to run about.

  67. Some poultry keepers who have observed them closely say that while one or more extra females may associate with a pair, the eggs of the extra females do not usually hatch well.

  68. To allow for losses, for an excess of males, and for inferior pullets which are not worth keeping for layers, it is necessary to hatch about four times as many chickens as are to be reserved.

  69. The hatch was closed, and the servant's footsteps were heard to retreat.

  70. Or is it reasonable to conjecture that the same degree of Heat is necessary to enliven an Insect as is required to hatch the Egg of a Pullet?

  71. Some perhaps may object, that the East Wind is too cold to hatch these Creatures; how comes it then that we find them hatch'd when those Winds reign?

  72. Hatch, Organization of Early Christian Churches,--both Jacob and Hatch belonging to the Church of England.

  73. We regard this statement of Hatch as erroneous, in that it attributes to the earliest disciples no larger faith than that of their Jewish brethren.

  74. Tom reached into a near-by locker, and pulling out a small, rectangular box with a round hornlike grid in its face, plunged out of the hatch with Major Connel and blasted across the fifty-foot gap to the stabilizer fin of the Polaris.

  75. Neutralizing all controls, he leaped for the hatch leading below.

  76. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hatch" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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