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discourseth; discoursing; discourteous; discourteously; discourtesy; discoverable; discoverd; discovered; discoverer; discoverers
  1. But while they point out this circumstance as the only ground of censure which they can discover in the conduct of Dr.

  2. Hare, seeing the woman in this condition, carefully placed a part of the bed-tick over her mouth and nose, and went out to resume his work.

  3. But of course she was cognisant of it all along.

  4. Oxford and Cambridge sent professors to question him, and to discover the imposition, if any.

  5. To his surprise, he could discover nothing to distinguish it from an ordinary natural cave in the rock, upon many of which he had come with the rest of the miners in the progress of their excavations.

  6. After trying in vain for some time to discover an entrance to the place where it was burning, he came at length to a small chamber in which an opening, high in the wall, revealed a glow beyond.

  7. It was some little time before the princess could see well enough to discover that they stood in her own garden, close by the seat on which she and her king-papa had sat that afternoon.

  8. Peering into one of their haunts, a little body of semi-stagnant water, I discover masses of frogs' spawn covering the bottom.

  9. Following the direction in which they fly, I soon discover the nest placed in the fork of a small soft-maple, which stands amid a thick growth of wild cherry-trees and young beeches.

  10. Presently you discover its source skyward, and a quick eye will detect the gay band pushing northward.

  11. The catkins of some alders by a little pool have just swelled perceptibly; and brushing away the dry leaves and debris on a sunny slope, I discover the liverwort just pushing up a fuzzy, tender sprout.

  12. He reposes upon me with a touching uniformity; he quotes me incessantly and with courteous acknowledgment; but I am unable to discover in his whole monograph one grain of fact, or correction of fact, not known to me in 1888.

  13. We cannot rest upon any of his works, though they contain observations which occasionally discover a considerable insight into human nature.

  14. What we now discover from the undergraduate MSS.

  15. We discover that there were persons of cultivation in England at that time who did not hesitate deliberately to pronounce that Rousseau was, "without exception, the greatest genius and the finest writer that ever lived.

  16. I discover no evidence that Butler ever saw Paltock's romance, and he would probably have been scornful of the Glums and Gowries, and of the gentle winged people wrapped in throbbing robes of their own substance.

  17. He says of himself that he is "almost ashamed to avow the truth--he had never been able to feel the interest or discover the merit of the Nouvelle Heloise.

  18. The contrast between these two writers, both honest, laborious and fruitful, both absorbed in and submerged by literature, both eager to discover truth in all directions, was yet greater than their similarity.

  19. To discover the points at which, in a particular composition, this fury of inspiration fell upon him, is to get a little closer to the secret of Swinburne's astonishing virtuosity, and is my excuse for the following observations.

  20. They became so unbearable, that at last we fired a few shot right and left among them; several bit the dust, the rest fled, and we continued our way in peace to Prospect Hill, but only to discover the havoc the wretches had made there.

  21. Did you discover the authors of all this mischief!

  22. This done, I was able to discover the height required, and, to the astonishment of the younger children, announced that we should henceforth live thirty feet above the ground.

  23. On my return I resumed the subject of Jack's lobster, and told him he should have the offending claw all to himself, when it was ready to be eaten, congratulating him on being the first to discover anything useful.

  24. The tide was setting strongly in shore, so that I could not then attempt a passage through it, but examined the crags of the headland, thinking I might perchance discover a second vaulted archway.

  25. You must discover an iron mine next, for iron is what ostriches chiefly live on, is it not?

  26. I am truly thankful to see you all safe and well, and, thank God, our expedition has been very satisfactory, except that we have entirely failed to discover any trace of our shipmates.

  27. My chief object in undertaking this expedition had been to discover some tree from whose bark I could hope to make a useful light boat or canoe.

  28. It has never been exactly ascertained," I replied, "whether the birds discover or produce this curious substance.

  29. Finding everything so satisfactory, we were naturally anxious to discover how our colony and plantations on Whale Island had fared.

  30. Anxious to discover what was in the tree, we all surrounded it, gaping and gazing upward with curious eyes.

  31. The rest followed his example, and they were all soon climbing about like squirrels, peeping into the hole, and tapping the wood to discover by sound how far down the cavity extended.

  32. There was evidently something mysterious about this preparation, and my curiosity at length prompted me to make an attempt to discover the secret.

  33. I desired to discover an opening, if any existed, by which to penetrate the interior of the country, or to ascertain positively that we were walled in and isolated on this portion of the coast.

  34. And not till then did Clee remember that he had a way to discover Xantra's location.

  35. No, I must walk boldly into the bombed area and discover myself as alive in the visors of the planes and make them continue to bomb and throw their search-rays on the scarred plain.

  36. In the morning light, the sector signalling apparatus, at the first sign of renewed activity, would give warning, and the unhuman thing of metal at the controls would discover and wreck our last hope.

  37. It was a desperate undertaking; America changes so that traces of fugitives are very quickly obliterated; and who could detect or discover any after a lapse of nearly twenty years?

  38. If that were the case it would be difficult, if not impossible, ever to get on his track or discover him.

  39. Think how galling it is to a proud and sensitive nature to, discover that it is tied up and bound beyond the possibility of release.

  40. Perhaps her own good fortune and cleverness might enable her to discover the one to whom he was devoted.

  41. I will search over all England and all America till I discover all that you want to know.

  42. How did you discover it--or how did you suspect it?

  43. Secondly, I must put my machinery to work to discover the maid Mathilde, and secure her arrest.

  44. Gudenow was by many suspected, though he endeavored to stifle the report by clamorous expressions of horror and indignation, and by apparently making the most strenuous efforts to discover the murderers.

  45. It would enable her to prepare in the Black Sea an armament of any extent, without its being possible for any power in Europe to interrupt her proceedings, or even to watch or discover her designs.

  46. For he knew that at the merest click of a hoof his mother would bound up and discover that he had left her.

  47. And almost always he would discover Jimmy Rabbit crouching near-by and staring at him.

  48. Bichet, the celebrated professor of anatomy; perhaps he may be able to discover the information in my skull--if it is there!

  49. When you discover the fugitives you will know very well what to do.

  50. It is to the interest of the state to discover your secret.

  51. That is just as far off as ever; for we have yet to discover the principle whence flow necessarily all the phenomena observable in fluids.

  52. Its office is not to discover causes, but to generalize effects.

  53. It is the sole end and the highest ambition of science to discover as many as possible of the relationships which bind facts together, and thus to carry the generalization to the farthest point.

  54. Outside, the Square was beginning to discover its half-bare trees and long straight rows of houses.

  55. I can discover no ground consistent with the principle on which the franchise has been given to all men, upon which it can be denied to women.

  56. I thanked him for his advice and went to find Miss May, whom I was not surprised to discover in an excited state, and bathed in tears.

  57. Had you given me the least chance to discover your excellencies, it might quite as likely have been your fate to accompany me, so you will see how very narrow was your escape.

  58. If I discover that I am again deceived it will not be the paltry cash I shall mind.

  59. This is another riddle which you must discover for yourself.

  60. As he knew your name, having made the inquiries at your club, he would have a double chance to discover us if he saw mine anywhere in print, and "Miss May" was a title he knew I had once before assumed.

  61. If I could get ten minutes alone there I believed I should discover something.

  62. It was much easier, however, for people to discover the remedy I needed than to find the right way to apply it.

  63. Attempt not to discover me, and accept my gratitude.

  64. He has a beautiful statue, already finished, of Goethe's Margaret, pulling a flower to pieces to discover whether Faust loves her; a very type of virginity and simplicity.

  65. Pray heaven the jeweller may not discover his loss before we have time to restore the spoil!

  66. But perhaps future chemists may discover some better means of consuming or dissolving this troublesome mortality of ours.

  67. She bears me children, and I then discover she is not my cousin--is that marriage valid?

  68. When we examine in detail even the simplest architectural decoration, we discover a combination of care, sense of proportion, and reason.

  69. An example of this is furnished by his account of the Ionian revolt, in which he fails to discover the real causes either of the movement or of its result.

  70. These have usually been largely restored, and it is no easy matter to discover their original type.

  71. When we get back to the Scythian expedition, we can discover but few grains of historical truth.

  72. Later inquirers, while refusing to discover so literal a correspondence between things Homeric and things Mycenaean, have not hesitated to accept a general correspondence between the Homeric Age and the Mycenaean.

  73. If they were made in this country, we might be able to discover the maker.

  74. But even with these aids I failed to discover anything unusual in its appearance.

  75. It was exceedingly improbable that we should be able to discover the maker of them, and if we were, it was still more improbable that he would be able to give us any information that would help us.

  76. But I did not discover any inclination to read.

  77. There must be some explanation of that abnormality and it is my business to discover it.

  78. The birds had flown, and we failed to discover whither they had gone.

  79. It was ever a surprise to find these phantoms bleeding red, to discover that their flesh would resist the knife.

  80. Their experience of her power had induced in them a condition of mind when it would not have surprised them to discover the world shaken to its foundations, as their souls had been shaken.

  81. But as the case grew more desperate, he seemed to discover in some unsuspected quality of his spirit, or perhaps merely of his youth, a fitful and wonderful power.

  82. I intimated to my men my intention of retracing my steps, should I not discover any change in it before noon on the morrow.

  83. We could discover where it narrowed and its banks rose, but, as we intended to make a closer examination before we left the neighbourhood, we continued our journey down the principal channel.

  84. Water, I knew, we should find in a swamp at it's base, and we might discover some more encouraging feature than I had observed on my hasty visit to it.

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