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Example sentences for "discourteous"

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discourse; discoursed; discourses; discourseth; discoursing; discourteously; discourtesy; discover; discoverable; discoverd
  1. Moreover, a really nice-minded girl would never tolerate a man who was discourteous to her parents, however flattering his attitude might be to herself.

  2. In no way must he be discourteous either to the lady or her friends.

  3. She could not have been discourteous even to Claudius Tiberius, who at this moment was seated in state upon the sofa and purring industriously.

  4. It was not a pleasant person who violently wrenched the door open, but in spite of his annoyance, Harlan could not be discourteous to a lady.

  5. Intoxicated with joy, they vowed a summary vengeance on the discourteous knight who had so vilely entreated him.

  6. For all that, however, he determined to take him, intending to furnish him with a more honourable mount when a chance of it presented itself, by appropriating the horse of the first discourteous knight he encountered.

  7. I had made an appeal to the commander of our man-of-war on the station to see us back to my post, but received a curt and discourteous refusal.

  8. The members of the Council therefore, many of whom were able men of local influence and importance, felt themselves affronted by discourteous usage.

  9. In pursuance of this Mr. Balfour made a very clever speech, in which he contrived to deliver a most damaging criticism of Sir Stafford Northcote's methods without actually mentioning his name or using any discourteous phrase.

  10. I did this on the agreement that the bishop should, on his part, admonish Walter Fitz-Urse against discourteous behaviour and unseemly brawling, and had I known that he had put his hand on his dagger, I would have gone further.

  11. It was therefore to William's interest to treat Conrad's obedience to his orders as if it had been a voluntary submission, and to ignore his discourteous treatment of his captives.

  12. And the muleteer, believing that it would be discourteous if he did not accept the invitation, would stop to satisfy the curiosity of I[~n]igo.

  13. Every body are very kind to her, and not discourteous to me.

  14. Every body is very kind to her, and not discourteous to me.

  15. I repeat, he was in no way discourteous or disobliging to me.

  16. Let it be answered the questioner, with no discourteous adjectives, Thou fool!

  17. But the poor girl gained courage both from the depth and strength of her own feelings, and from the discourteous mockery of the King.

  18. It is this fact and no other which is responsible for the dread that the average young girl feels in facing the ordeal of a ballroom, and for the discourteous unconcern shown by dancing men who under other conditions would be friendly.

  19. A contact which has taken years to build can be broken off by one snippy letter, one pert answer, or one discourteous response over the telephone.

  20. A connection which, perhaps, it has taken us several months to establish, can be terminated by one careless or discourteous act.

  21. An investigation conducted by the publicity man disclosed the fact that they had been driven away by negligent and discourteous service.

  22. Old-fashioned gentlemen held it discourteous to mention money at table, but in this degenerate age no subject is taboo except those that would be taboo in any decent society.

  23. To refrain is selfish in you, and discourteous to both the girl and your hostess.

  24. You will be thought discourteous if you fold your note carelessly, write on soiled or ragged paper, use pencil instead of ink, or delay your reply.

  25. A stronger evidence I cannot give of Southey's trembling apprehensiveness about this child than that the only rude thing I ever knew him to do, the only discourteous thing, was done on his account.

  26. Even to his officers he was arrogant, overbearing, and discourteous to an almost unbearable degree; to the men he was simply an unmitigated tyrant.

  27. Don Luis, who understood English perfectly, "or is it merely the expression of a little bitterness at Captain Calderon's singularly discourteous behaviour?

  28. I did not try to pick a quarrel with him on account of this discourteous manifestation.

  29. If you wish that your discourteous conduct should rest a secret between us, I advise you to get rid of your neuralgia this very day.

  30. With that discourteous answer, the nurse closed the door again.

  31. The instant she had done so, she felt ashamed of the discourteous abruptness of the action, and confused at the alarm and surprise which the manner of the nurse exhibited.

  32. You thereby do them an injustice which is exceedingly discourteous on the part of one who has accepted of hospitality.

  33. It is as discourteous to permit a child thoughtlessly to inconvenience a neighbor, as it is wrong for the child to think that such uninvited visits are permissible.

  34. Clara's face was in a glow, clearly of anger at the discourteous manner in which Charley had spoken.

  35. I would not allow myself to be left in such a discourteous fashion, and gave chase.

  36. For all that, however, he determined to take him; intending to furnish him with a more honorable mount when a chance of it presented itself, by appropriating the horse of the first discourteous knight he encountered.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "discourteous" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    abrupt; blunt; brusque; churlish; derisive; disagreeable; discourteous; disparaging; disrespectful; flippant; harsh; ignorant; ill; impertinent; impolite; impudent; indecorous; insolent; irreverent; offensive; ridiculing; rough; rude; short; surly; tactless; thoughtless; unaccommodating; uncivil; uncouth; ungallant; ungracious; unhandsome; unpolished; unrefined; unthinking