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Example sentences for "discourtesy"

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discourses; discourseth; discoursing; discourteous; discourteously; discover; discoverable; discoverd; discovered; discoverer
  1. For my discourtesy to you personally, I offer very sincere apologies, which I am sure your generous mind will accept as an atonement.

  2. It would have been deemed in Virginia a distinct discourtesy in her not to call him “Cousin Arthur.

  3. Although I was subjected to no personal discourtesy at either Temuco or Valdivia, but on the contrary was treated well, I was obliged to listen to much tirade against the United States and the inhabitants of our country in general.

  4. Nowhere in Paraguay or Brazil have I been subjected to the discourtesy and suspicion that greet every traveler in the mountains of Peru or Bolivia.

  5. Just criticism for incompetence was local, and for discourtesy and dishonesty was individual.

  6. With her came one of our captains, who said she was to be his wife, and asked me to spare her discourtesy for his sake.

  7. To refuse thus to recognize them would be a discourtesy like that of the British Commander in Chief, when he addressed General Washington as "Mr. Washington.

  8. Ordination is no more a discourtesy to the other denomination than Baptism is.

  9. He hates to pass another person walking, and will practise some subterfuge to take off what he feels is the discourtesy of it.

  10. This will be a sufficient apology for the seeming discourtesy of my silence.

  11. He addressed McClernand with a curtness amounting almost to discourtesy and Sherman watched his opportunity to get him to go into another room, and there asked him what he meant by it.

  12. As General Sherman travels with a menage (a roll of blankets and haversack full of hard-tack), which is as complete for a life out in the open air as in a palace, this discourtesy of Governor Brown was not a serious inconvenience.

  13. As for Admiral Wilkes, the hero of the Trent, his arbitrary conduct was the subject of continual complaints; he showed marked discourtesy in connection with H.

  14. Of more importance than this act of discourtesy was the apparent preparation for a foreign war on the part of the United States Government.

  15. The most delicate shades of courtesy and discourtesy may be expressed by them.

  16. Recent developments of rudeness and discourtesy among themselves and toward foreigners have emphasized my general contention that these characteristics are not due to inherent race nature, but rather to the social order.

  17. LXX She cries, "I would not thy discourtesy Should make me so forget my courteous vein, But that aforehand I should caution thee Back to thy fortress to return again, Ere on hard earth thy bones shall battered be.

  18. XCII The paynim deems it were discourtesy To accept the proffer by the damsel made.

  19. My unsatisfactory answers seemed to displease Sir Edward Grey, for with true British discourtesy he abruptly began working at something on his desk and without even saying good day, let a commissaire bow me out.

  20. The discourtesy and the irregularity of the proceeding, when it became known, shocked General Scott.

  21. No discourtesy to you, sister; but you seem so far set from Sir Pelleas and myself.

  22. Her interest in Gorlois was no discourtesy to her love for Pelleas.

  23. This always seems a discourtesy to the guests.

  24. The hostess herself rarely, if ever, goes to the station, not because of indifference or discourtesy but because other guests coming by motor might find the house empty.

  25. Then, welcome Fate's discourtesy Whereby it shall appear How in all time of our distress As in our triumph too, The game is more than the player of the game, And the ship is more than the crew!

  26. Then, welcome Fate's discourtesy Whereby it is made clear How in all time of our distress And our deliverance too, The game is more than the player of the game, And the ship is more than the crew!

  27. And might I inquire without discourtesy who Father Michel is?

  28. So from day to day there was growing a hatred for the duke in Danvers by reason of his jealousy and the accumulative discourtesy which he was obliged to endure.

  29. Mrs. Mowbray knew he was shrewd enough to take a hint, and that she could without discourtesy prevent his coming; still, she did not wish to do so.

  30. The professors discoursed only in Latin, as most proper for them; the others in French; and they hold it a discourtesy if a man be not answered in the same language which he speaks.

  31. No doubt they "get used to it," as do eels to skinning; but in this process of accustoming childhood to brutal discourtesy we lose much of the finest, most delicate development of human nature.

  32. Discourtesy to children is practised by the most loving and devoted parents, the most amiable of relatives and visitors.

  33. The telegraphic brevity caused by omitting pronouns and all words not necessary to the sense makes for discourtesy and brusqueness, as: Answering yours of the 21st inst.

  34. It is the height of discourtesy to leave the hostess in doubt either through a tardy answer or through the undecided character of your reply.

  35. I forgive discourtesy sooner than that other thing, my lord.

  36. Never had she been treated with anything like this discourtesy before.

  37. And after the rumpus began and Jimmie and I were safely on the way home didn't you try to find out who was responsible for the discourtesy to me?

  38. Beth filled the glass again, and handed it to him in silence, but no after-thought could atone for the discourtesy of his first refusal, and she looked in another direction, not even troubling herself to see whether he tried the water or not.

  39. It was this last discourtesy that roused her to rebel.

  40. The Prussian minister, an observant and impartial witness, declared that his hair had more than once stood on end to see the rude discourtesy with which the servant repelled the gracious advances of the master.

  41. For a wise man, he seems never to have been sufficiently aware how much offence is given by discourtesy in small things.

  42. This was the one discourtesy that he used.

  43. I pray you, use some rough discourtesy To blunt or break her passion.

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