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Example sentences for "flippancy"

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flintlock; flintlocks; flints; flinty; flip; flippant; flippantly; flipped; flipper; flippers
  1. The women listened to the cynical flippancy of this good-looking soldier with an undisguised admiration which in turn excited curiosity and envy from his own sex.

  2. His flippancy grated upon her, and she turned from his words to the elusive earnestness which mocked at her from his face.

  3. Imogen, though incensed, was willing that on this low ground of silly flippancy Rose should make her little triumphs.

  4. The young Marquis had all the easy flippancy of a practised narrator, and talked like one who rarely fell upon an unwilling audience.

  5. The conversation changed from its tone of light flippancy to one of more guarded and more commonplace meaning.

  6. She hates her 'former flippancy and forwardness.

  7. I only hate my former flippancy and forwardness.

  8. Betty caught at her flippancy but it evaded her, and all she found to say was, "Oh," and her eyes fell.

  9. Behind the flippancy one had gone to meet were surely the growing features of a solemnity.

  10. But her flippancy was of speech rather than of thought, for her fundamental view of life was serious.

  11. And if ever we are told by the flippancy of scepticism that "Religion is a disease," then we can point to him who, down to the very verge of ninety years, displayed a fulness of vigorous and manly life beyond all that we had ever known.

  12. Such impious and shallow smattering captivates scoffers and libertines; its flippancy and blasphemy, and the strong scent of its loose-reined license works like a charm upon them.

  13. Mrs. Burney thought it better not to reprove her for her flippancy just at that moment.

  14. He almost resented the flippancy with which Pryce spoke, though he knew that this flippancy was but part of a mask that hid something fine.

  15. These are not born in a day; they seldom mark people till middle life, when experiences are wide and feelings deep, when flippancy is not mistaken for wit, nor impertinence for ease.

  16. This celebrated ecclesiastic, though not so famous or able as Anselm of Canterbury, was treated by Abélard with the same arrogance and flippancy as he had bestowed on William of Champeaux.

  17. The flippancy of this last phrase was a measure of her hate.

  18. There was a Nihilist plot to kill the man," she said, speaking with contemptuous flippancy of accent of the dead.

  19. You are a leaven of flippancy in the heavy dough of British righteousness.

  20. Don't you think that flippancy is the best refuge from an uncomfortable position.

  21. The Habit of Seriousness may seem strange to insist upon, but one has only to mark the injury to everything noble, of an atmosphere of flippancy and constant strain after smart language.

  22. There is nothing in flippancy to have awe of--any one can learn the knack of it--but it is foolish and degrading, while seriousness is the color of truth itself.

  23. But Gootes' flippancy reassured me no more than did the bare sunlit office behind the door.

  24. Reality is escaped through one flippancy or another.

  25. Did he imagine the assumption of flippancy made him appear younger than he really was?

  26. It gave sometimes a tone of thoughtless flippancy to his otherwise earnest language.

  27. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flippancy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    banter; carelessness; contempt; disregard; distraction; flippancy; fooling; frivolity; froth; grinning; hissing; humor; impertinence; impudence; inadvertence; indifference; jeering; joshing; leering; levity; lightness; merriment; mockery; mouth; negligence; panning; playfulness; raillery; ridicule; roasting; rudeness; scoffing; shallowness; superficiality; taunting; thoughtlessness; trickery; twitting; volatility; waggery