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Example sentences for "grinning"

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grindstone; grindstones; gringo; gringos; grinned; grins; grip; gripe; griped; gripes
  1. He might be an idiot, or he might not, but he gave us no information, and kept grinning at us, and listening to our foreign dialect with evident marks of horror and astonishment.

  2. Fiends and foul shapes where grinning at him in the air.

  3. When the jack-o'-lantern was finished, Antone lighted the candle just for one second so that she might see it grinning in the light.

  4. In the moonlight the jack-o'-lantern was grinning broadly to greet them.

  5. Pumpkin, his grinning features all aglow, went flying past and made Antone feel proud.

  6. It is comical to see the jack-o'-lanterns bobbing up and down with their faces grinning in the candle light.

  7. They triumph in the torture of their kind, Their grinning honour must be stain'd with blood; 'Tis their religion to be feelingless.

  8. What he could clearly recollect was, that he had dug up the Grinning Sailor, and that the Saint had helped to throw him into the river again.

  9. It was soon discovered by the retainers, and dragged from its oozy bed, grinning worse than ever.

  10. The six or eight hundred years of weird memories grinning at him from the skulls in this desecrated tomb filled him with awe.

  11. With a paste of mud he added them, one to each bird, for a flaunting tail, grinning to think how surprised the children would be when they noticed this addition to their art-gallery.

  12. Not like you think, Sally," said Mike, grinning a little.

  13. He brought himself to a stop precisely at a hand-hold, grinning triumphantly at the nearly helpless Chief and Haney.

  14. Turning like a flash, he saw the five Indian warriors from whom, up to that moment, he had believed he was free, standing within a rod, and all grinning to an extent that seemed to take the corners of their mouths around to their ears.

  15. The others, grinning queerly through their grease and paint, watched him as did the group on the outside of the circle, while he, fully alive to the fact that he was the center of attention, went to work as if resolved to do or die.

  16. The two Indians were dexterous throwers, and they and half a dozen were grinning over the result.

  17. And, quick as a flash, he drove his fist straight into the grinning visage with all the force he could concentrate in his good right arm.

  18. He looked in the grinning faces of the homely youths, and made quite a successful effort to join their laughter (though precious little mirth was there in the essay), and then started back toward the lodge of Ogallah.

  19. With an exclamation of affright, Jack Carleton whirled on his heel and found the broad, grinning face of one of the warriors almost against his own.

  20. It was the face of the priest Domenico, livid, distorted, grinning down at me.

  21. For my part, while congratulating him upon them and upon his despatch, I admired more the faces of Mike Halliday and Roger Wearne, grinning welcome to me over the bulwarks.

  22. The face grinning from the chandelier was scarcely less horrible.

  23. The harmonica stopped and the men glanced in grinning expectation at the two figures.

  24. He leaned his ear close to the grinning head, pretending to listen a moment.

  25. The drawer tipped a wink to the grinning pot-boy on the cask, and then bustled over to Droop's table, which he proceeded to wipe vigorously with his apron.

  26. She saw the grinning faces turn toward her at sound of her voice, and she shrank back into the hallway to evade their gaze.

  27. Hawksworth studied the half-starved, almost toothless man who stood before him barefoot, grinning happily.

  28. I heard old Barb Doubleday is grinning like a hangman today.

  29. For months after that Martha woke in the night and tried to forget the nightmare of a terrible figure that led her to an amphitheatre of grinning enemies, and leered at her: It's what we call an Immature Hand!

  30. Indeed, I had drawn a crowd of grinning varlets to the door before my performance was over.

  31. With Lucas's own knife the grinning Jules slashed his doublet from throat to thigh, to extract a folded paper the size of your palm.

  32. Sir John dictated a letter to Miss Taft, and before the letter was finished the grinning Chung had laid a place for Edward Henry, and Snip had inspected him and passed him for one of the right sort.

  33. The hold is empty, and Jake Tonkin, young Pendry, Pennycomequick, and half a dozen more are grinning their heads off.

  34. Jake, the foremost, was at once overcome by his habitual sheepishness, and stood as though glued to the floor, twisting his hat between his hands, and grinning vacantly.

  35. They heard the rattle of her anchor; she swung broadside to the village, and the spectators on shore saw a formidable row of guns grinning from her portholes.

  36. Mr. Allison and the boys watched him until he joined his command and with it disappeared down the road, and then Mark said: "What do you reckon he meant by grinning at me in that fashion?

  37. Marcy saw at a glance that some of the crowd were very much shocked, while others were grinning broadly, and nodding now and then as if to say that the speaker was expressing their sentiments exactly.

  38. Here the monster, finding that he could not escape from his opponent, turned bravely to bay, and grinning with his large, strong teeth, made fiercely at him.

  39. Gibraltar I thought a wonderful place, with the face of its high rock, which stands out into the sea, cut full of galleries, and ports with heavy guns grinning from them in every direction.

  40. Mr. Nixon couldn’t give a real compliment to save his soul, Joan thought, but Tim was grinning understandingly, and promised to remember about street and Avenue.

  41. Tim was eating and grinning all at the same time.

  42. I shall sleep well to-night," he thought, grinning grimly at his present uncomfortable plight.

  43. I don't want to meet that grinning bearded oaf.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "grinning" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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