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Example sentences for "grindstone"

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  1. But when the cyclone came it picked up those angle worms and drove them head first through his new grindstone without injuring the worms or impairing the grindstone.

  2. He would have had the grindstone photographed, he said, if the angle worms could have been kept still long enough.

  3. To-day it is the American husband who turns the grindstone all the year round, and it is his pretty tyrant who enjoys the elegant leisure that a century ago was considered a masculine luxury.

  4. If people would only learn what they can and what they can’t do, and leave the latter feats alone, a vast amount of unnecessary annoyance would be avoided and the tiresome old grindstone turn to a more cheerful tune.

  5. After rough-grinding the tool, it is advisable to finish sharpening the cutting edge on a grindstone or with an oilstone for fine work, as a keen edge is very essential.

  6. It is important to have a keen edge, and a grindstone is recommended for sharpening copper turning tools.

  7. The bride decorates a small grindstone with a cloth and ornaments, and takes it round to all her relations who are present, and who bless her with a hope that she will have many children.

  8. Beside this a grindstone is placed, on which the bride sits, with the bridegroom seated on her thighs.

  9. Peter," said I, "get the grindstone ready.

  10. He told those in the mansion that he was Groa, the old Enchantress who was drawing out of Thor's head the fragments of a grindstone that a Giant's throw had embedded in it.

  11. Many fragments of the great grindstone have I taken out of Thor's head by the charms I know," said the pretended Groa.

  12. The mowers came, one after the other, and he had to turn the grindstone for them to grind their scythes in succession.

  13. At that moment a groaning was heard behind the shed, under the tree where the grindstone stood.

  14. The tempest of her temper scattered them; inexorable fate controlled the hour; and Sam hopped from the grindstone to the "pounding-barrel" with despair and discontent in his soul.

  15. As most of the tools require a grindstone for sharpening purposes, an illustration is given as a guide, with a diagram to show the proper grinding angle.

  16. An experienced workman is known by the condition of his tools, and the grindstone is the best friend he has among his tools.

  17. It is necessary to exercise the greatest care in the washing between the application of successive grades of emery, and this will be facilitated if the edges of the glass squares were dressed on a grindstone before they were mounted.

  18. The grindstone employed for sharpening the knife should be "quick," so as to leave a rough edge.

  19. The slices are dressed on a grindstone according to instructions already given for small lenses.

  20. The pottery when cold may be dressed on a grindstone if necessary.

  21. So important are these conditions--especially the latter that the writer has even occasionally used the grindstone to get the end of A into a proper condition, an admission which will probably earn the contempt of the expert glass-worker.

  22. Suddenly the thought popped into his head, "Why shouldn't I make that old water-wheel turn this grindstone for us?

  23. He was turning the grindstone one day for Deacon Plummer to sharpen up his axes.

  24. They were all too busy watching the grindstone and water-wheel.

  25. Holding it surely and firmly in her strong grasp, she carried it to where the grindstone stood, and carefully laid the edge of the blade to the shoulder of the stone wheel, while she worked the treadle with her foot.

  26. He had been turning a grindstone ever since six o'clock.

  27. And the screaming of the grindstone formed an appropriate accompaniment to the melody.

  28. Oh, it was nothing to do, just turn the grindstone a few minutes for this and that one before breakfast; any "hired man" was authorized to order the boy to turn the grindstone.

  29. If he does it by jerks and in a fitful manner, the "hired men" will be very apt to dispense with his services and turn the grindstone for each other.

  30. But it is, and one of the certain marks that second childhood has come to a man on a farm is, that he is asked to turn the grindstone as if he were a boy again.

  31. Well, they thought it would be good to have a turning lathe, but could not think of anything else unless it might be a grindstone run by power.

  32. The fifth machine was a big grindstone and the sixth was an emery wheel.

  33. Then he asked her to judge how much larger the pulley on the grindstone was than the corresponding one on the counter shaft.

  34. What, that old grindstone that was broken in two, and that you fastened together with concrete?

  35. How about the fellow you traded the cracked grindstone to, Rad?

  36. Yo' see, I done traded mah ole grindstone off for dis yeah lawn-moah, an' I got stuck.

  37. Sharpening Scissors [419] When sharpening scissors on a grindstone it is very difficult to procure a straight edge.

  38. The saw teeth are ground off on an emery wheel or grindstone to a smooth edge parallel with the back edge.

  39. I'll pay some one to watch at Grindstone for the next year, so if Chip reaches there, we can learn it.

  40. I've advertised in dozens of papers, have kept Levi on watch for you at Grindstone ever since, and now I hope you will return with me to Greenvale.

  41. You need to get away from the grindstone once in a while.

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