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Example sentences for "hope that"

  • Yes, I follow the last star left in my sky and if it sets I hope that I may set also, at any rate to this world.

  • He only wrung my hand warmly, said that it was a pleasure to have known such a "real gentleman" as myself, and expressed a hope that I might get out of this hell and live to a green old age amongst Christians.

  • Almost did I hope that I might be killed at once.

  • One thing alone puzzles me; but I hope that after a short explanation, you will relieve me from that difficulty.

  • I assure you, that you never looked so well before; and I hope that, from this moment, you will wear your hair in this way.

  • I do hope that in his history he will couple his Thor and Tzernebock together.

  • Well," said the old man, "let us hope that all is for the best.

  • He had always regarded the winning of a beautiful and intellectual wife as the crown of a successful literary career, but he had not dared to hope that such a triumph would be his.

  • I have no hope that he will change,' she said sadly.

  • Though he might not say what he thought, there was very legible upon his countenance a hope that he would again be privileged to meet Miss Dora Milvain.

  • Is there ever so small a hope that I might win some love from you again?

  • I hope that my recognition of the fact will not seem like boasting, but that the reader will regard it as a special confidence from the author and will let it go no farther.

  • When the sun went down it would be cool enough; and they turned their thoughts to supper, not venturing to hope that, as it proved, the handsome clerk was the sole blemish of the house.

  • March was inclined to hope that if the first number had been made too good for the country at large, the more enlightened taste of metropolitan journalism would invite a compensating favor for it in New York.

  • In the face of considerable opposition I set this system in motion at Cornell; and its success leads me to hope that it will be further developed, not only there, but elsewhere.

  • My suspicions were unjust, I confess it frankly, and I hope that in consideration of the motives which prompted me you will forget the warmth of my attacks.

  • Tychonides was his name, and the inscription presses the modest hope that when he does appear he will be worthy of his great predecessor.

  • I knew him very early; he was one of the first friends that literature procured me, and I hope that, at least, my gratitude made me worthy of his notice.

  • Well, I hope that in another world the sexes will be equal.

  • When a man is the aggressor, and by ill-usage forces on a duel in which he is killed, have we not little ground to hope that he is gone into a state of happiness?

  • The justice which he does Mr. Harte, in his panegyrics of him, makes me hope that there is likewise a great deal of truth in his encomiums of you.

  • I hope that, when this edition of my works shall be opened and read, the best judges will find connection, consistency, solidity, and spirit in it.

  • The former I now enjoy; and I hope that my conduct and character entitle me to some share of the latter.

  • I hope that before we get to Strasba we may see them.

  • I do hope that my darling will not run any chance of danger, more than need be, but we are in God's hands.

  • It is a hope that makes me sick, for it may deceive us.

  • I fear he is not to be reclaimed; there is scarcely a hope that anything in his character or fortunes is reparable now.

  • The only ray of hope that Mr. Lorry could discover, was, that he sometimes furtively looked up without being asked.

  • In the fair city of this vision, there were airy galleries from which the loves and graces looked upon him, gardens in which the fruits of life hung ripening, waters of Hope that sparkled in his sight.

  • Coming out of church that day she looked round in hope that Oak, whose bass voice she had heard rolling out from the gallery overhead in a most unconcerned manner, might chance to linger in her path in the old way.

  • I was so fearful of this at first, that I humbled myself to intimate to him, in private, my apprehensions of Arthur's proneness to these excesses, and to express a hope that he would not encourage it.

  • Heaven knows I have had torment enough at the bare possibility of that; it was for joy to find that you had some depth of soul and feeling after all, and to hope that I had not been utterly mistaken in your worth.

  • He has been quieter since; and now Hattersley has left him, expressing a hope that he shall find him better when he calls to-morrow.

  • I hope that yesterday's intrusion has not prejudiced you against me.

  • I hope that I am not presuming too much in cherishing these expectations.

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