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  1. Alone the cries Of the night sentinels arise And from the Millionaya afar(19) The sudden rattling of a car.

  2. To the theatre he repairs Where each young critic ready stands, Capers applauds with clap of hands, With hisses Cleopatra scares, Moina recalls for this alone That all may hear his voice's tone.

  3. III Or, heedless of the leaves' return Which Autumn late to earth consigned, Do we alone our losses mourn Of which the rustling woods remind?

  4. XI Since Eugene in that solitude Gifts such as these alone could prize, A scant attendance Lenski showed At neighbouring hospitalities.

  5. Alone he doth his claret drink, A lady's hand doth never kiss.

  6. Alone the princess sitteth there, Pallid and with dishevelled hair, Gazing upon a note below.

  7. Alone beneath your rooftree stay And read De Pradt or Walter Scott!

  8. During an interview which took place it is said that the Tsar promised the poet that he alone would in future be the censor of his productions.

  9. Greyfriars alone was silent in that babblement, for it had lost tower and bell in an explosion of gunpowder.

  10. In the double row of little dens this one alone was silent, and the offending dog was not located.

  11. Sleep alone goes far to revive a little dog, and fasting sharpens the wits.

  12. Had the sergeant gone alone and called in familiar speech, "Come awa' oot, Bobby!

  13. That's jes' what Bill thought, but they didn't have no tar, let alone feathers.

  14. Being governor of Virginia is enough for one man, let alone all he's doing for national affairs and for education.

  15. He wanted to start right off alone to bring ye back, an' would, but we told him thar were others in his family to think about.

  16. Rodney by this time concluded his pursuers had lost his trail and he felt as though he were alone in the great forest.

  17. He told himself that he had nourished impossible expectations, considering their short acquaintance, and that the remnant of their time together could be better employed than by indulging alone his wounded pride.

  18. It seems strange that in the management of our cities alone our form of government has been a failure.

  19. Last winter she even sailed off to Europe as cool as a cucumber, and left me alone to work out my salvation, as she called it.

  20. It was pleasant to sit alone in his pew against the wall above the tiers of students, to watch the morning sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows, and to listen to the antiphonal singing of a fine old Rouen meditation.

  21. Leigh suspected that a wish to avoid a possible recognition from some passenger had influenced her in taking this seat, and he dared to hope also that she shared his appreciation of the further opportunity to be alone together.

  22. It is as if you and I were walking alone in the world, and who can tell when we shall be alone again?

  23. No one would rise up indignantly and take his part; no one would care what became of him, except Felicity, and pride alone would keep him from appealing to her.

  24. She was a rich woman, and was now alone in the world.

  25. Had she been a Catholic, that shape alone would have made the ring a talisman, but her people were Congregationalists, to whom religious symbols were anathema, and she herself had seldom gone to church.

  26. Her actual situation at the moment, shut out from him and standing alone in the night, gave her longing an intensity which she had not hitherto experienced.

  27. Leigh might champion the West in the presence of the bishop, but now, alone with his own thoughts, he paid tribute to the land in which the liberties of his country had been cradled.

  28. His grey hair alone suggested years; he held his shoulders like a man of forty.

  29. The night watchman had just called out two o'clock when the solitary guest found himself, still giddy from the heavy wine, alone in the great dark hall in front of the mysterious door.

  30. Hermann stood at the table, and prepared to play alone against the pale, but still smiling Chekalinsky.

  31. The prince complied with his request, and appearing at the appointed time found Count Kallash alone with his host.

  32. The princess dismissed her maid, and remained alone with her son.

  33. Tomsky was left alone with the young lady.

  34. A merciful fate alone saved me from becoming a murderer then.

  35. A queer little mixture this child who has himself alone to look to for livelihood and care, the typical race of the Paris streets, the modified gamin from 'Les Miserables.

  36. One thought alone occupied his whole mind--to make a profitable use of the secret which he had purchased so dearly.

  37. I had wished to have a moment alone with the rector to prepare him for what was coming.

  38. Lieutenant Flemming Wolff remained alone in the room, having hidden himself in a dark corner where he had not been seen by the servants, who had extinguished the lights and locked the door.

  39. When they were alone he stood erect before the bear-leader and looked fixedly into his eyes.

  40. He made the lad try to walk, but the unusual exercise caused him such pain that he fainted; and when he recovered his senses he found himself alone by the city gates, where he was discovered.

  41. No sooner was Ojardias left alone with the dauphin than he extricated the sleeping mute from his prison-place and deposited him on the chair recently occupied by the prince.

  42. He does not reclaim the throne of his father; it belongs to the nation, which alone possesses the right to dispose of it.

  43. He assuredly did much for the free-state cause; meek politics were not alone sufficient in those years in Kansas.

  44. The mind or self appears as though it were endowed with a complex machinery by which alone it could act upon the material supplied to it.

  45. But in the summer of 1817 he suddenly and secretly left Russia and reappeared quite alone in Servia in the neighbourhood of Semendria (Smederevo) on the Danube.

  46. He alone constitutes the world of pure spirit, and is the garment of Shaddai, i.

  47. The ego or self is the central unity in reference to which alone is any part of experience cognizable.

  48. Formal logic thus yields to Kant the list of the general notions, pure intellectual predicates, or categories, through which alone experience is possible for a conscious subject.

  49. The two last-named editors alone give the newly discovered lines of Satire vi.

  50. Of these the chief are the Mandal, the Kamah (these two alone have been explored by a European traveller), the Kti, the Kulam and the Ramgal passes.

  51. To obtain these heavenly mysteries, which alone make the Torah superior to profane codes, definite hermeneutical rules are employed, of which the following are the most important.

  52. The first conditions of such combination are found by Kant in the universal forms under which alone sense-phenomena manifest themselves in experience.

  53. Kabul was formerly walled; the old wall had seven gates, of which two alone remain, the Lahori and the Sirdar.

  54. They always hunted in couples, and if they met The Boy alone they asked him to which of the organizations he himself belonged.

  55. The very first time he went out alone he got lost!

  56. He had often been left alone before during the family's frequent journeyings about the world, the entire establishment being kept running purely on his account.

  57. Stafford's fall and death would alone have rendered this year, 1641, a memorable one in Irish history.

  58. Alone amongst the Irishmen of his day, he possessed all the necessary qualifications of a leader.

  59. They alone had seats in Parliament, they alone, until near the end of the century, were competent to vote.

  60. The fall of such a ruler as Strafford--one under whose iron will it had for years lain as in a vice--would alone have produced a considerable amount of upheaval and confusion.

  61. Desmond alone escaped, time after time, and month after month.

  62. The seaport towns alone kept up some little semblance of order and self-government, and seem to have shown some slight capacity for self-defence.

  63. One house alone was not represented, and that the greatest of them all.

  64. Blood and blood alone could satisfy the popular craving, and victim after victim was hurried, innocent but unpitied, to his doom.

  65. Had the extent of territory which personally belonged to the two exiles alone been confiscated, the proceeding, no doubt, would have been perfectly legitimate.

  66. No prayers, no masses, will ever do it, although they may strengthen her with that strength by which alone acts of deepest love and purest self-devotion may be performed.

  67. I'm alone in the world, and helpless; the more do the saints in heaven hear my prayers.

  68. And the girl who truly loves nature and the wide outdoors will not be frightened at being alone in the woods at night.

  69. Katherine was still sitting all alone on the rock some time later when a very wide shadow fell across it, and Slim came puffing along and dropped down beside her, his moon face red with exertion and suppressed emotion.

  70. So Katherine went out alone to pay the oven bird's nest a visit and on the way found a chipmunk with a broken leg, hopping around on the other three and cheeping shrilly in distress.

  71. But very often the rain alone which traverses the smoke of Vesuvius, or is produced by condensation from it, gives manifest acid reactions, and destroys the grass and the tops of the trees.

  72. We gain nothing absolutely from the knowledge of the so-called "ancients" as to Volcanoes in Europe at least, where alone historic records likely to refer to them exist.

  73. In an elastic wave propagated from a centre of impulse in an infinitely extended volume of a perfect gas, normal vibrations are alone propagated--as is the case with sound in air.

  74. And then at last, alone in the State-house attic, Henry Ludlow, eminent lobbyist, sat down on a box and nursed his fury.

  75. It was different when they were alone--and they were alone a good deal.

  76. After all, it was not he alone who leaned to the softer side.

  77. He wanted to be all alone for a minute, to dwell in solitude upon the fact that it was he, Freckles McGrath, who had won this great victory for reform.

  78. A hundred nights, alone in his room, he had gone over it.

  79. It was of the United States Senate his Excellency was thinking as he sat there alone moodily deploring the gubernatorial shoes.

  80. But when she reached the end of the alcove she glanced back, and the sight of that shabby, bent figure, all alone before the Denver paper, was not to be withstood.

  81. And it was raining--raining as in Chicago alone it knows how to rain.

  82. She turned away, and for just a minute it seemed to leave him alone and helpless.

  83. Then, he said, his heart was very much distressed, so that he could not live among the Indians, but got away into the woods, and lived alone for some months.

  84. The sheriff and his posse fortunately took a different route, which alone prevented riot and bloodshed.

  85. Accordingly he sold all of his barrels or kegs of rum, packed up the balance of his goods, and started his pack-horse train to Aughwick, himself and horse alone remaining behind.

  86. A second religious performance consisted of a sacred dance, in which the men alone appeared, in almost a state of nudity, with their bodies covered with pipe-clay.

  87. The lower end of it is a grain-growing region, the upper an iron-producing country; and it is owing to the mineral resources alone that the valley maintains the position it does and boasts of the wealth and population it now possesses.

  88. We have endeavored to give a succinct account of the trials and sufferings of many of them; but, doubtless, much remains untold, which the recording angel alone has possession of.

  89. Alone she was, and did communicate to herself her own words to her own ears; she thought, I dare vow for her, they touch'd not any stranger sense.

  90. He will assuredly agree to this, so as soon as thou art alone with her, discover thyself to her; and when she seeth thee, she will recover strength and her madness will cease from her and she will be made whole in one night.

  91. When Budur found herself alone with the Princess Hayat al-Nufus, she called to mind her beloved Kamar al-Zaman and grief was sore upon her.

  92. I hope that my enemy, the wolf, who maketh my life miserable, will fall into it; so will the vineyard be left to me and I shall enjoy it alone and dwell therein at peace.

  93. Thenceforward the aforesaid fox abode alone in the vineyard unto the hour of his death secure and fearing no hurt.

  94. So she and Taj al- Muluk abode alone together and ceased not kissing and embracing and twining leg with leg till dawn.

  95. And did not these by gospel texts alone Condemn our doctrine, and maintain their own?

  96. Wrong conscience, or no conscience, may deserve To thrive, but ours alone is privileged to starve.

  97. O teach me to believe thee, thus concealed, And search no farther than thyself revealed; But her alone for my director take, Whom thou hast promised never to forsake!

  98. Blest sure are you above all mortal kind, If to your fortunes you can suit your mind; Content to see, and shun, those ills we show, And crimes on theatres alone to know.

  99. Amidst the great toleration which was then granted to all sects, and even encouragement given to all innovations, this sect alone suffered persecution.

  100. Shadwell alone my perfect image bears, Mature in dulness from his tender years.

  101. Oh, you've been alone all that time, have you?

  102. It strikes me that, at your time of life, if you kept alone a little longer it would be no great punishment; but you ought to know best about that.

  103. Nearly eight years, sir, and I've been alone all that time.

  104. Upon my life, in such a place as that, to go alone is simply to throw your life away.

  105. Where all earth's myriad harps shall meet In choral praise and prayer, Shall Zion's harp, of old so sweet, Alone be wanting there?

  106. I alone am to blame for transgressing your command, for such we should consider it, as you are for the present our guardian.

  107. Miss Bobbet and the rest turned to go back, and the minute we were alone he said: "Can't you bring 40 or 50 more wimmen up here?

  108. Thus also shalt thou find thy greatest bliss; To lead where the elect shall follow--this And this alone is worth a hero's choice.

  109. What God would outwardly alone control, And on His finger whirl the mighty Whole?

  110. Not gold alone and jewels rare, Essence of noblest wines are there, In night and horror veiled.

  111. When all alone I creep, I weep, I weep, I weep, Alas!

  112. Then at the last shalt thou achieve thy quest, And in one final, firm conviction rest: What bears for thee true fruit alone is true.

  113. I alone may come creeping Over that path to the house, and ne'er again tread it with gladness.

  114. Of suns and worlds I nothing have to say, I see alone mankind's self-torturing pains.

  115. Early a woman should learn to serve, for that is her calling; Since through service alone she finally comes to the headship, Comes to the due command that is hers of right in the household.

  116. Hath not the goddess who protected me Alone a right to my devoted head?

  117. Bad as he is, he may have had some notion of doing Paul the only good turn he alone could do, by putting him wise to this thing.

  118. Let us alone for being able to get the best of you Busters whenever we want to.

  119. You let us alone and we'll let you alone.

  120. It must be something very important to bring you 'way over here alone at night.

  121. This was a real adventure--out in her canoe alone in the dark.

  122. Nor do I believe you ought to leave your father alone up there for so long.

  123. Wyn had been down to the boatkeeper's house several times alone to see Polly; but the backwoods girl would not be shaken from her attitude.

  124. Social science alone will not protect men from the dangers that surround them.

  125. They are manifesting themselves in unrest, disillusionment, the abandonment of ideals, opportunism, and a tragic concentration on the life of the moment, which alone seems sure.

  126. Again, the United States and Spain are alone among the principal countries producing a surplus of copper.

  127. What volume of production constitutes a maximum of return under a given set of circumstances, experiment alone will decide, but the individual and the social effort to secure this return must be unremitting.

  128. Alone against forty or fifty men, he could do nothing, either to rescue his friend or to save the aeroplane.

  129. I dare not leave you here, and I fear some harm will befall you if you go alone through the streets.

  130. It is well that I go alone and spy out the land, Aga," said the man who had first smelt the smoke.

  131. And later, when Rejeb and Burnet were alone together, the Arab thanked the Englishman with all the fervour of a generous nature.

  132. Burnet took leave of the Arabs, confided his horse to their care, and went alone on foot across the plain.

  133. The government alone served as the connecting link between the ideologically unified Chinese world as a whole and its many separate parts.

  134. Unable to hold the country by their own force alone and, after putting down serious rebellions, unwilling to depend on the Chinese, they arranged a method of dual garrisoning.

  135. Military men began to come to the fore, as the army units alone were in a position of unchallengeable power.

  136. Inexperienced even in the elementary requirements of parliamentary practice, let alone the conduct of government, the legislative branch was destined to be sheer ornament.

  137. A great achievement was the introduction of a managed paper currency in a country where specie alone had been respected for ages.

  138. An attempt to explain modern China in terms of constitutional legal development alone would lead to exasperation or frustration; the ideological and institutional context which might convey meaning would be lost.

  139. If Confucianism were to be considered alone on the strength of the movements featuring the password "Back to Confucius!

  140. It was odd thus to be left alone in this wild region, and the chums looked in each other's face with smiles.

  141. It seemed to Hank that one or both would make their way to the prison of the youth, for it was unlikely that he would be left alone through the night.

  142. It happened that me and the boys was several miles off when we heerd the news, and knowing that Huber was alone at the ranch, we rid like all mad fur the place.

  143. It would not have been alone the weight of the weapon, but its interference with the free use of his hands.

  144. Mingled with his feeling of despair was a dread of being alone in the gloom.

  145. And standing alone in the midst of that wild, rugged scene, he silently lifted his heart to the only One who could protect and save them from the hundreds of perils that beset them.

  146. Nothing could be clearer than that Motoza had not hesitated to leave his prisoner alone in the cavern for the reason that he was certain he could not effect his escape therefrom.

  147. The dusky vagrant was alone and walking at a moderate pace from the youth.

  148. You can't stand it to be alone with yourself, so you can come with me, though I hain't no idee that you'll be able to give any help.

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